What’s a widget?

Widgets, huh. Really. Blogging is a beautiful thing. My husband rolled his eyes at me when he saw me start up this new account. Oh, how I love to annoy that man. Yes, honey, I am actually blogging. Blog, blog, blog. Blah, blah, blah. Words being typed and sent out into the endless blogosphere to be read by maybe one person (Hi, Lisa!) Women like to talk, what can I say? Now if I could just get to the actual blogging, I’d be set…

But, first I have to pick out a “theme”. Oh, and I see there are over 90 of them to choose from! Lovely. I just have tons of time to carefully pick one out. (Julia, your sippy is on the bathroom floor and Christian yes, you can get on the computer to play farmville in just one sec, okay?)  I picked a “relaxing” theme, but once I saw it my eyes glazed over and I fell asleep so I went with this one. Now if I could find something meaningful and clever to say I’d be set. Stay tuned, it might be awhile.

16 thoughts on “What’s a widget?

  1. Kim

    I definitely had to comment on your blog to let you know that:

    1. you have more than one reader
    2. I think you need more than a comment from “Mr. WordPress” with a very basic tutorial of what a comment is and how to edit and/or delete it.
    3. I wish you lived closer because I think we’d get along fabulously.

    1. Yippee! A reader? Hi Kim, so sorry you had to be sucked into my endless ramblings. But, so good to have you anyway! Yes, I see that Mr. WordPress is quite the commentator. How dare he tell me what to do with my comments?! The nerve. Off to delete, delete….

  2. Lately, I’ve been given a trip down memory lane with Google Reader and your blog. For some reason it keeps marking random posts as new, and the other day there were three. I thought you were really on a roll blogging! Oh well, it’s fun to click-thru and see where the Maineiac all began!

    1. That is weird! I was just recategorizing my posts, getting rid of some categories to make things simpler and it must have posted them as “new”. ha!! I am so sorry you had to be exposed to the earlier posts. 😉

  3. I love my widgets! They make all my empty space so very, very pretty. I have grass, mountains, a place for MY favorite links (stuff everyone else), and pics of my kids to gaze at when I get bored. So nice of WP to give me that flexibility.

    By the way, what’s a widget anyway?

      1. Shannon

        Noooooooo! My first spam!!! I feel honored that it was on your site, Dar. First widgets, then spam, then who knows? Maybe I’ll start selling Viagra and PharmX!!

    1. I had to laugh at this post because I actually had no clue just anybody could read my blog. I really thought my blog was private…kinda like a diary. How naive I was back then, Shannon! And now so very very jaded…..

      1. Shannon

        And you can clearly see why I didn’t attempt to post a third time. There might have been slightly worse than PG language in there…

        PS – my blog IS private (search engines blocked). That’s why I will never, ever, EVER be Fresh Pressed. Guaranteed (further affirmation than the fact that I write like crap). But I’m DIRTY!

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