I am Not a Number

Currently how friendly I am. Could change any minute.

Who am I kidding? I am nothing but a number. Numbers rule our world. I went to enter my PIN at Target and I think I put in my current weight by accident. (Damn scale and those stupid articles that tell you to weigh yourself every day or you won’t lose weight) I was on Facebook the other day (okay, five seconds ago) and it asked me for my password. I have so many passwords for so many things I was seriously stumped. Once I finally figured it out I decided to change my password so I’d remember it better next time. Yeah, this time I’ll put in cheeseburgerandfries1970. I’ll remember THAT for sure! You’d think I could remember my own name and the year I was born, but no.

Speaking of Facebook. That monster of a time-enhancer. (yeah, that’s right, it’s not a time-suck in my house) There is one big glaring number on everyone’s page. The amount of Friends you supposedly have at any given time. This number is very important. I’ve noticed that either you have so many friends (I’m talking in the triple digits like 652) you are either as popular as Ashton Kutcher or you just play Mafia Wars too much. Then there’s the other end of “friend” status. Those people who have maybe 11 friends. Which is actually more than I have in real life, but in the Facebook Universe, you may as well be a pariah. The interesting thing is, those that seemingly have “few friends” are usually the ones who actually have a life. And real close friends. You know, they are out living and being with real live breathing people during the day. Not on facebook with their eyes glazing over as they plant crops. (And who am I to judge, I consider myself one of the eye-twitching Farmville masses)

Why are we so obsessed with the number of friends we have? And why is it important to show the world that you have 567 of them? I don’t know because I fall for it too. When I get a “friend request” I get all giddy inside. Ooh! Someone wants to be my friend! That must mean I am someone! I do matter! I am popular! About as popular as I was in high school. Which is to say, not very. But when I see my Friend number inch ever higher (albeit slow as death and molasses running uphill on a frigid Maine winter day) I still for a fleeting moment feel damn good about myself. Maybe in a few years I can hit that 200 mark?! Doubt it. So pathetic, but at least I admit it. We are all just little kids on the playground, wanting to be friends with everyone. Even that kid eating dirt in the sandbox. We just want to be liked. You like me, you really do! Okay, maybe not, but you do want me to be in your Mafia and that’s good enough for me.

8 thoughts on “I am Not a Number

  1. Lynn

    Wow, another entry that echoes my recent thoughts! I resolved it this way: unlike my kids, I’m proud to say that I’d notice if 2/3 of my Facebook friends went missing. While I might not have the masses behind me, I’m happy to be rekindling old friendships and beginning new ones. My free time is sparse, so I’d much rather spend it with those who matter to me. Now don’t get me wrong! I’d be lying if I said I’ve never considered work as a cashier in a quick mart or a waitress at Governors. Those people seem to know everyone! But in the end, I realize something very important. I would much rather have my life tally marks represent my good deeds or rich experiences and know people on a deeper level. I don’t even know how many facebook friends I have, and just for today, I’m going to resist the urge to check. And just for the record, I’m happy to have found you again after all these years. Thanks, facebook. 🙂

    1. Lynn, I know you don’t have time, what with the two thirds of your seven kids to deal with and all…but you should blog! I know, I know, I resisted the blogging thing for awhile…but it is fun and I get all my rants out and Jim doesn’t have to hear any of it! It’s all good! I agree with you, facebook is awesome in that I’ve reconnected with people (like you!) I think about half of my “friends” though are people I don’t really know very well. But I do like to play Mafia Wars sooo..whaddya gonna do? 😉

  2. Lynn

    Darla, I have a blog parked somewhere! Just need to remember where I signed up. 😉 It’s on my list of things to do while the girls journal daily during homeschool. Must lead by example, right? 😀

  3. LOL. I have more friends than you. 😉

    Ok, seriously….no kidding. I am guilty of accepting friend requests without as much discrimination as I should. (Or because I am nosey…ha ha!)

    Now…let’s talk about your mafia wars problem. 🙂

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