Those lazy, hazy, (mostly) crazy days

Summer in Maine is full of contradictions. You love it, you hate it.  You can’t wait for it, yet when it finally comes, you wish it away. Well, at least I do. And I’m the queen of mixed feelings. I’m the first one to start complaining in July that I want fall to roll around again.  Being from Maine, you have to complain, it’s what we do best and besides, it’s in the job description. You’ve been waiting almost nine months for warmer weather, slogging through endless feet of frozen ice and snow and suffering with the mind-numbing cold of minus-20 degrees…yet you start cursing the humidity that makes you sweat standing still.  I like it hot, but not so hot you might ignite at any moment.  And what is up with this hair? How poofier and higher can it go, really?  I look like a hot, sweaty, insane person.  Can someone turn off this sauna, please?! I know I should enjoy it. I don’t.  Is it too much to ask for cool nights and perfect 70 degree sunny days? Bring on the fall, baby. I want sweaters and jeans, football and beer. Hey, they’re already advertising for Christmas at Walmart, so why not wish away the days? Make the year go by even faster than before, that’s what I want.

That brings me to something else I want.  Peaceful summer days with the kids.  I’m still waiting for them. They do exist, right? Moms help me out here. You’ve been waiting all year long, driving around like a maniac to soccer, dance, school plays…rush rush rush, routine up the wazoo.  Naturally, you long to savor those lazy summer days with the kids. No routine! No homework! Just swim and play and run along a sandy beach collecting seashells. Oh, it’ll be magical! Long days filled with creating timeless memories with the kids. So, why do I know that I have exactly 21 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes and 33 seconds until my son goes back to school? Are we enjoying too many magical moments? Has my quota for “treasuring the kid’s childhood” been filled? Ah, yes, I remember now. It’s all that screaming, crying, fighting, whining, pouting, tantruming goodness that is my house.  We do enjoy swimming and lazing around and we are lucky to have that luxury,  but if I have to say “tell your sister you’re sorry” one more time, I do believe I will completely meltdown  into one frizzy-haired puddle of craziness.

There is that old tired saying here in Maine,  “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes”.  This heat and humidity won’t be around much longer. My kids won’t be little forever. Seasons are fleeting. Childhood is fleeting.  I need to enjoy these days. I try, I really do. For the most part, I accomplish this goal. At the same time, I am very happy that I can count on summer being over way too fast. Cool, crisp days are ahead, my hair will be flat and manageable again, and my kids will both be in school. And I’ll be missing them terribly, cursing the snow and counting down the days until next summer. And so it goes.

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