There’s Always Room for Hot Cocoa

Change is creeping into my life. And I like it. The trees are dull yellow and orange, the pumpkins on the porch are frosty and there’s an extra blanket on my bed. The candles on my kitchen table are lit. My warm, fuzzy slippers and mug of hot cocoa are calling me.

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year. It means the school days have settled into a routine, Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner. There are chilly morning soccer games to be watched and footballs to be tossed. Hay rides and baked apple pies. Sweaters and fleece jackets. What’s not to love?

Oh, yeah. “Snow!” my husband reminds me. And ice. Bad driving conditions and heating bills. Christmas shopping. *shudder*

But you can always stay inside by the fireplace, (if  you’re lucky enough to have one) snuggle with your kids under a blanket and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Fall is short and meant to be savored.

And there’s always room for hot chocolate.

Heaven in a Mug

Make mine with double the whipped cream, please. Okay…and a slice of hot apple pie on the side with a little french vanilla ice cream…

10 thoughts on “There’s Always Room for Hot Cocoa

  1. I could not agree with this more. We currently live in Virginia, which has a much warmer Fall (we just finished peak foliage here). We will still have highs in the sixties this week. But I have lived also in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Colorado, as well as New York and Massachusetts. I miss real autumns! Eventually, my husband and I are hoping to be living in Maine where we can have proper seasons again. Cheers!

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