Blogs I think are pretty cool

I was thrilled and honored to be awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from the talented bloggers over at one of my fave sites, Significantly Simple.
Thank you, Laila and Heather.

Now  the rules are to share seven things about me and to award 15 other bloggers (this involved lots of copying, pasting, linking, cursing…but it was all worth it!)

7 Things About Me:

1)My two main addictions are chocolate and coffee. Sometimes separate, sometimes together. My doctor keeps insisting I cut out both, but what does she know? Apparently she doesn’t realize that I have to consume a little of both every day to survive.

2)I have been writing since I was around 10. I used to write and illustrate little mysteries starring me and my best friend.

3)My dream is to write a children’s book. Something no one has ever attempted to write about. Still trying to figure out what that book is…playing with titles like, “How Many Minutes Until Mommy Loses it?”(It’s probably already been done.)

4)I got into blogging thanks to my friend Lisa. The idea of putting my deep (or shallow) thoughts out there in public for everyone to read was scary… and liberating. It’s a release to blog. Besides, I love the word “blogging”. Sounds like an illness or affliction that someone has to purge and release. “Oh, I have to blog about this right now!” or “Someone please help me, I can’t stop blogging!” My motto: Just get it out and type it out, it’ll be okay.

5)My middle name is Jo. Between that, my first AND last names, I’ve had lots of people make lots of lame jokes over the years.

6)I will always root for the underdog. I am a champion for those who are different, odd, strange, unpopular, underestimated and underappreciated. Not necessarily saying this is what I was like in high school… (yes I am).

7)I have three main blessings in my life. My husband and my two kids. They truly are my entire life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

8 ) I am petrified of spiders. I realize this is one too many on my list, but those eight-legged freaks and the extreme heebie-jeebies they give me justify it.

And now, the Blogs I Love:

Mommy Loves Coffee
The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife
The Compulsive Writer
Marya Writes
Running with Scissors
Things and Stuff: Mommy stuff uncensored
balancing act
Butterfingers for Breakfast
Crystal Rayne: Life is Wild
Notes from Rumbly Cottage
Life is a Journey…Not a Guided Tour

Happy reading and blogging.

20 thoughts on “Blogs I think are pretty cool

  1. 😀 I don’t think some one person out there is choosing a winner, it’s just a fun award to pass around and “award” your favorite bloggers for all their hard word and wonderful words! At least that was my understanding? 😀


    PS I am hiding from my kids and hubby’s in the bathroom with my iPad and chocolate ’cause it’s just been that kinda day! I knew you would understand! LOL

  2. Thank You for the props! Right back at you! I can totally relate to your #4. Putting yourself out there is so scary. I was so afraid to ‘reveal” myself, and yet knew that in order to be authentic and credible, its the only way to blog. I’m really glad I did though.

    And I dont like spiders either!

    Now I’m off to make my list. Again, THANK YOU!

  3. madmothermusings

    I don’t like spiders either. I once almost broke my wrist, because I was so frightened by a nightmare about spiders!! My husband was mad to have medical bills that high over a nightmare… but, it wasn’t broken, just really injured in the end, could’ve been worse!

  4. I love that I star in #4. (Ok, I assume that I star in #4). I think the working title for that children’s book is really something. I think it has a good vibe. Really. I can see the illustrations now. 🙂

    You crack me up every time I read what you write….sometimes even when you may not be intending me to. LOL

    So, thanks for the nomination — does this mean I need to do something? I’m flattered. I didn’t prepare a speech or anything…..but I’d definitely like to thank the Academy.

  5. Mary the OINKteller

    It’s an honor just to be nominated! There are some pretty awesome blogs out there and yours is one of them. Holla! I can relate to many of the seven things you listed, in particular, #4 and #2 (and #1, #3, and #6 since we’re being honest, here). Now, to find my acceptance speech…

  6. Basking!!

    Thanks for liking my blog. I kinda I like yours, too 😉

    You should definitely go for #3! I can picture moms everywhere reading your story to their children, using their best animated voices … “and Mommy crept to the cabinet, retrieving the Tylenol for her cute little headache! And while the recommended dose said two, she smiled ever so big as she tapped out that third one!”

    Except yours would be 10x cooler. Thanks again!

  7. The Compulsive Writer

    I love that I am one of your favorite blogs! I am still laughing about the drunk monkey reference on your last post. That…and “hum, that’s odd.” I think I said that 5 times today, and I just laugh.

  8. Thank you for the honor. I finally subscribed because I realized that I always laugh when I read your posts. I swear our kids have traded secrets somehow. Plus you have been freshly pressed (and I haven’t). Congrats on the award, you stylish one you!!!!

    1. You are welcome! I look forward to seeing your blog in my emails in the morning over my cup of coffee. Love the movie reviews too! Thinking of dragging the kiddos to Gnomeo and Juliet this weekend.

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