The Little People I Love

My (Almost) Nine Year old Son

aka “Buddy” “Boo” “CJ Dawg” “Cap’n McFartyPants”    

In mid-eye-rolling mode.

Origin: After over two years of trying to conceive, we decided to give up. That’s the precise moment when my son and God got together, had a good laugh and decided, “Ha! We’ll show them!” and he came along 39 weeks 1 day later after a grueling 24 plus hour labor/emergency c-section.  I had my miracle baby that blessed day. My husband had a sandwich while watching Fear Factor.  After the nurse handed him to me, I remember vividly staring at the back of his sweet head, his full head of thick hair and little pointy ears reminding me of a tiny old wise man. We decided to name him: Yoda. Well, not really. Although it was in our top 10.

First Words: Dada (I vowed our second child would get this word right the next time around) Guk, as in: “I want guk!” “Got guk?” (His word for milk, even though the speech therapist told me guk wasn’t a word, but to me it was, thank you very much, as I knew exactly what it meant, so what’s the issue?) Sun, as in: “Go Sun?” “Want Sun?” (His word for “outside”, the place he wanted to be 24/7)  Ocean (surprising, considering where we live) and Ball

Current Likes: soccer, running really fast, laying on top of his sister and pretending he doesn’t know she is there, iCarly, Sam on iCarly, a billion Legos on the floor, a thousand hot wheels in my bed, “Brown Food”, rolling his eyes at me, rolling his eyes at his sister, playing the Wii, playing Nintendo DSi, playing any video game until his eyes glaze over and my voice is nothing but a distant annoying hum.

Current Dislikes: My distant annoying voice, music class, anything even remotely veggie-like, Justin Beiber

Famous Quotes: “Boobies! Boobies! I see boobies!” When he was three and saw the bra section at Walmart for the first time. I’m praying he doesn’t do this when he’s 35.

“Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I OH! And on this farm he had some PENISES! E I E I OOOOOOHHHH! With a PENIS here and a PENIS there!”  Sung at the top of his lungs in the Walmart bathroom stall later that same day.

“Whatever.” Said every single, eye-rolling day. (No wait, that was my quote, so sorry.)

Claim to Fame: At the tender age of four, once rode a horse twice around a field at a kid’s birthday party wearing no shoes or socks.

Once wore a black Dracula cape, a red fireman’s helmet, some mittens, shorts and a tank top while shopping at Target with his dad. His dad helped him get dressed.

My Four Year Old Daughter

aka “Sweet Pea” “Princess” “Diva” “Lady JuJu”

Lady JuJu on the Run


Origin: After trying to get pregnant and having several miscarriages in a row, we decided to “give up” and get rid of every single baby item we owned and well…y’know the rest. God has a sense of humor.

First Words: Mama (Score!) Ball, Chocolate and Excuse me Mom, but could you tell my dear sweet brother to kindly get out of my face?

Current Likes: iCarly, the color pink, Disney Princesses, Polly Pockets, irritating her brother just by sitting next to him and breathing

Current Dislikes: Not getting the exact same color, size and shape of the thing her brother just got.

Famous Quotes:  “Mom, I don’t like anybody in the entire world! Nobody!” and then off she stomped with her hands on her hips. (Oh, I feel your pain, sister)

“If I could be any animal, I’d be an elephant. You want to know why, Mommy? Because elephants have BIG POOPS! POOP POOP POOP!! POOPY POOP! YAY! ELEPHANT POOP!” (said in a Walmart bathroom, we haven’t been allowed back since that fateful day)

Claim to Fame: Once fell to the floor in aisle 2 of the supermarket and proceeded to have a tantrum of epic proportions because I wouldn’t buy her fruit candy in the shape of Scooby Doo.  Ruh Roh Raggy!

So that’s the Little Ones in a nutshell. God, how I love them.

30 thoughts on “The Little People I Love

  1. #4 was, and is, the master of public tantrums. I took him with me to vote and he was so annoying, the other voters insisted I move to the head of the long line. It was totally worth the dirty looks and head shakes! Yeah, I’m a bad parent but guess who was in and out of this nightmare in five minutes?

  2. Ruh Roh Raggy. I always love hearing that.
    This is great, Darla. A nice documentation of those guys you love. Cute, cute, stuff. Congrats on the results of God’s sense of humor. 🙂
    ~ Lenore

  3. Yee haw! Love your little people. Thank goodness there was something deep inside me when my little man was a toddler that recognized that his tantrums were not just your average every day tantrums- and that if anyone dared to look sideways at me when he was in full swing in the grocery store, they’d have to duck and run for cover. Love your descriptions!

    1. The only thing that could top my daughter’s tantrums was my son’s when he was three. His were indescribable and went on and on for eternity no matter what tactic I tried. I look forward to the teen years now!

    1. Thank you for such a nice comment! My kids are my life and thank god they are funny. I wrote my son’s description while he was sitting next to me reading it, so we had a good laugh. (he hasn’t hit that “embarassed by mom” stage yet)

  4. Cocktails of History and Prose

    My youngest (just turned 3)pointed to the bras at Wm the other week and said, “Mom!, Mommy wear those!” What is it about WalMart? Not sure if he was telling me to wear a bra (hello, I was) or if he was announcing that the bras and his mom had something in common (I have boobs, and the bra has cups.. he figured it out).

    Great post as always!

    1. I know, I had to steer clear of going anywhere near the bra section with my son for months after…he kept yelling “boobies!” so loud and so much that little old ladies were giving me dirty looks. Course, I have NO idea where he picked up that word!

  5. Wonderful writing, Darla. I love how your son dressed for his shopping trip to Target (although I don’t think shorts go with a Dracula cape). And your daughter’s famous quote: “I don’t like anybody in the entire world! Nobody!” Who doesn’t feel that at least twice a day? Your posts about the family are always my favorites.

    1. AHHH! That was hysterical! Love his initial reaction when the door opened. I have to say, whenever we have a birthday party and there are balloons, they invariably end up stuffed in my son’s shirt (or more likely, my husband’s shirt)

  6. Priya

    I love what your son wore for the trip. Especially the mittens and fireman’s hat. And the cape, too. Especially the cape. Heck, I love it all.
    And I love Lady JuJu. Period.
    Beautiful post, Darla.

  7. Love your description of your children! Just for your edification on the choice of clothing thing, my middle child and I had an argument when he was in high school because he wanted to wear his pajama bottoms to the mall. They definitely looked like pajama bottoms. He said I was too concerned about what people would think (implying I was shallow?). He is now an attorney in Boston. He probably does well in court.

    1. Whew! That is a relief to hear. I knew I didn’t have to worry. With the clothes my son wears out in public (shorts with no socks and crocs in the dead of winter, for example) he has a hopeful future ahead of him for sure.

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