Summertime Slump

The impossible has happened. I have nothing to say. My husband is worried (and I’m sure, slightly happy). “Why aren’t you writing anymore?” he asked me this morning over coffee. I held my head in my hands, smiled and sighed, “I don’t know.”

My mind is completely blank. Empty. I have not one single idea to write about. Actually, I have several ideas. They are all very fascinating.  They bounce around off each other and want to be let out. I just can’t come up with the words to type out a complete sentence. I contemplated writing an entire blog post with just one word.

One day: “Amazement”  The next day: “Joy” (That’s all I got for today, sorry!)

For a brief moment, I thought maybe a post about meditation with just a blank page, no words at all. I think that would be very effective.

What is wrong with me? Is this writer’s block? Or has summertime’s lazy timeless grip gotten a hold of me? My kids are home. For the first time in years we have absolutely nothing scheduled; no baseball practice, track meets, dance classes. No big trips on the horizon (the benefit of being poor and convincing yourself a “staycation” is the way to go). Every day slowly slides by; each full of giggling kids splashing in the pool, bees buzzing by the vegetable garden and the melting of popsicles. This slowing down has relaxed my busy mind. As my son would say, I’ve taken “a chill pill.” For the first time in a long time.

I think I’ll stay that way for awhle. A wordless summer, just what I need. I am getting more comfortable with not having any urge to write about anything. Maybe by this fall, I can write about something other than not being able to write.

In the meantime, Happy Lazy Hazy Crazy Summer Days to you all.

39 thoughts on “Summertime Slump

  1. Goodness, Darla – what a wonderful post about having nothing to write. I like the pictures, too. I can feel the icy ME water, as I look at the picture of your family.
    Here’s to all your summer slumps and lazy days leading to perfectly written posts.

    1. Thanks, Lenore. The water was frigid that day. My kids loved it anyway. I made sure to hang back on the warm beach and take pictures instead.

      By the way, my husband just walked in, saw me at the computer typing this reply and said, “I thought you said you had nothing to write about?” and I said, “Yeah, that’s what I wrote about.” I’m pretty sure this is the first sign I need to take a break from blogging.

  2. You did a great job with “nothing” to say! I know just how you feel. I think I can’t keep this pace up anymore of blogging every week day. I need to give myself permission to take a rest.

  3. The summer zips by pretty quickly, Darla, as you well know. Enjoy it while you can. And there’s no need to worry about giving yourself a break. It would take a century for your writing skills to rust, and either consciously or unconsciously, that mind of yours will be collecting and incubating ideas for some great posts in the fall. We’re all looking forward to them. Meanwhile, have fun with your family.

    1. Thanks, Charles. Summer is super short. I hope you enjoy it as well. And I hope you are right about my mind rusting (oh, wait a minute, you meant my skills won’t rust…see, I’m already in trouble.)

  4. Hi,
    I must say you done an excellent post for someone that had nothing to write about. I love your photo’s, the first words that come to mind is Summer Fun, enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Mags. 🙂 Those pictures are interesting in that I forgot I had my camera set to “black and white” and I snapped about thirty pictures before I realized. Yeah, I’m not a pro let’s just say. I’m surprised I remembered to have the camera turned on.

  5. Priya

    Oh Darla, if this is what you do if you have nothing to write about, well, the writing itself will have to be much, much more effective than this. You made me remember all those things summer is supposed to do!

    And I love the pictures, especially the ones with your family in it. These are the days to enjoy the ‘family fun’ and then get back here to enthrall us with stories of it.


    1. Priya, your comments always make me smile! The enthralling thing…well, I’ll have to hope and pray and work on it. Hopefully I won’t forget how to put two words together later. 😉

  6. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m right there with you, too! I find that my brain has slowed down and all I want to do is sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy the life beyond a computer! The best thing to do is to not worry about it.

  7. Mary the OINKteller

    I love that you have coffee with your husband in the morning. My husband does not want my surly morning self to appear at our breakfast bar so he leaves me a couple of cups in the cuisinart carafe. This was a sweet post – you’re not in a slump, you’re just regrouping! The pictures are great, too.

    1. Ha! Well, we technically don’t have our first cup of coffee together either. He wakes up super early (5 am) and downs his coffee so he can face the day… then I drag my sorry butt into the kitchen around 6:30. Let’s just say, I’m not a morning person. He’s smart in that he makes sure to have a steaming hot mug ready for me.

  8. Thanks, rookiedad. You said it. I’m finding little time to even keep up with reading other blogs let alone writing mine. I know once the kids are back into a routine again I’ll get back into one too.

  9. Margie

    I called it “Too Many Words”. Others called it the “Post Less” Challenge. What we were all thinking was that there comes a time in everyone’s blogging where it just feels right to write less, or not write at all for a while. Sounds like you have come to that place too! Welcome!

  10. When it’s on, I finish writing and think “Well, how about that – I’m history’s greatest genius, and my creativity flows like a mighty river.” Then, 24 hours later, panic. Nothing. I’m empty. Who was I kidding that I would be able to keep this up? The well is dry, I’ve written my last. Might as well shut down the site.

  11. Marija sKeri

    I feel very often like I have 10000 of topics to write about but I don’t have enough words to make this topic have sense once they are in blog! Lovely photos and great entry! Enjoy your summer lazy days! xx

    1. I’m getting lots of ideas that roll around in my head, but I can’t seem to manage to start a single sentence. I hope it’s just a temporary thing. Thank you for your comments and I hope you enjoy your summer days as well.

  12. Just checking in again in hopes that you check your comments occasionally. Missing you but it makes me happy to think of you relaxing and enjoying your kids this summer.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I am enjoying every single day. We’re heading to the beach again later this morning. Without any actual blogging going on, I have loads of time to check my comments (well, inbetween the constant hectic “laying around by the pool or beach” moments!)

  13. It is the summertime slump for some and life with children slump for me. I can’t seem to find much time to articulate grammatically correct posts. Today I have finally gotten a post out because I have had a week just wondering what I would finally put on my blog. It had gone quiet.

    My house is full of screaming kids and DVDs and computers and water mess and ices splashes and drinks and food splatterings. It is too crazy to write. I feel your post. Hold strong and let the writing come when it does. Until then, enjoy the chilling atmosphere.

    Oh. It is so peaceful. It’s pure tranquility (with some extra noise). Enjoy life. That is what summer is for. See what you have and treasure it. Forget the things and posts that you don’t.

    1. “My house is full of screaming kids and DVDs and computers and water mess and ices splashes and drinks and food splatterings.” Throw in wet swimsuits and endless laundry and you have my house, too. And it is tranquil, even with the craziness. I am loving this summer because I have a chance to chill. I am very lucky. Hope you enjoy yours as well.

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