My day just got a whole lot Byronic-er!

This morning I was having a bad day. First, we were out of cream for my coffee. Then we were out of coffee for my coffee mug. I didn’t have the nerve to stick around to find out if we were going to run out of coffee mugs, so I quickly escaped to the comfort of my computer.

As I walked over to the desk, I stepped, (barefooted, of course) on my son’s Hot Wheels dump truck with the extra big and sharp edges.  Not long after, I logged on Yahoo and saw that Snooki was trending as hot topic number one. Who was at number two?


Curious, (and appropriately disgusted but still shamefully intrigued) I clicked on Snooki and discovered she may be pregnant.

Yes, it was the darkest of times this morning.

But all was not lost. I opened up my email and suddenly there was a golden ray of light; the heavens parted and the angels sang. An email from The Byronic Man!

When I first visited The Byronic Man’s blog, I was hooked. I found him to be way too smart, and consistently hysterical with just the right touch of blow-coffee-out-the-nose goodness. His blog header and picture were mysterious. Who was this comic genius? Why is he not revealing his entire face? Once I realized we shared an extreme appreciation for Nirvana and early 1990s alternative music, it was all over.

Today I will be answering B-Man’s questions in his captivating interview series,
Let’s Play 20 Questions! Please mosey on over and discover that I have set the bar really low on providing captivating answers.

The Byronic Man--more popular than doomsday bills and mustache tax breaks

74 thoughts on “My day just got a whole lot Byronic-er!

  1. I think Darla’s right! Let’s all go over there right now!

    Really, though, thanks for participating, and providing such good answers. Answers that allowed me to trot out the the classic “crying Indian” image from 70’s advertisements. Score.

    Also, your “trending” makes me think a post about the odds that Jesus impregnated Snooki might be my ticket to an all-time hit count high.

    1. Always, Lenore. The man is funny, smart, sweet and has half of a very attractive head. What more could you need? A whole head, you say? Maybe.

      By the way, how’s the birthday going now? I wish I could take you out for coffee or something. Something. I won’t bring up what you are really craving. Sorry.

      As it is, I have no time in the day to keep spending it sitting here on the couch with my laptop watching the snow dump 2 inches per minutes on my driveway so I can go outside and snowblow for 8 hours or so.

      1. I popped over and enjoyed your answers — thanks for the fun break! 🙂 Today has been altogether too serious for me. I took the kids for their Easter photos. Yes. In the slush and wind and damp, I’m an idiot. But they’re done! Hooray. And now when I look out my own window at the swirling snow, I’ll just remember I’m lucky to live a little south of where you are.

        1. Aw, good you got that done, one less thing to worry about. I bet they look super sweet!

          I am just signing off now so I can go outside and tackle the driveway. It’s coming down heavy right now but my husband will be home from work and I don’t want him to get stuck in our driveway so off I run to start up the snowblower.

          Hope you stay inside and enjoy the rest of your day. Have a cup of tea or read. Relax if you can!

  2. Those were hard questions! (Said in a retro Barbie voice). Now I will picture a robe and a rice bowl whenever I visit your blog… don’t know why that’s the image that stuck out most for me. 😉

    1. Whew, they were very challenging questions. I wouldn’t expect anything less from B-man. And just call me Monk, I think it has a nice ring to it. They should consider naming a detective show after it.

  3. Hi,
    Sorry to hear your day didn’t start off that well, why is it we have days like this?
    Some of the things we find on sites like Yahoo you can’t help but laugh, Snooki and Jesus, talk about opposites. 😆
    I clicked on over and loved your answers to the 20 questions, not easy. 😀

          1. I do imgaine my friends think I’m a little nuts when I’m telling them stories about what you guys have been up to, or stories about your blogs. “She’s talking about her imaginary friends again…”

  4. Wow, D-Woww – no cream means no coffee in my book. I like my coffee like my women, quite a bit on the strong side. hehehe

    Going over to check out this Byronic guy, now. Hope he’s not all jokey-jokey. You know I much prefer serious and glib. 🙂

    1. Oh, no! Byronic is dead serious all the time. He’s a real downer. You’ll hate him for sure.

      Be careful with the strong woman coffee, if she doesn’t have something to sweeten her up, she’ll be bitter and give you a huge headache. (ba dum dum)

  5. The double meaning of your line Jeasus was fantastic! I cry like a baby if we run out of cream. And then I cry harder as I drink my skim milk coffee. Hope your day got better, bud.

    1. There was a double meaning? uh…oh yeah! that’s right! Good one, huh? I am so clever that I don’t even know when I’m being clever. It’s a curse, really.

      My day got infinitely better. I went out to snowblow for 2 hours with a gusty 50 mph wind in my face the entire time. Shards of ice and snow blowing directly into my eyes until I lost all feeling, the numbness kept me going. I came inside looking like the Ice Woman Cometh. (I don’t even get my own reference, oh boy)

      1. Ha! The numbness kept you going! That’s great.

        Oh, if I had a nickel every time someone said, I love how you did xyz. What? I did? Oh yeah, I meant that.

        Nice spelling of Jesus! When I type on my iPad, I am so prone to typos and errors 😦

        1. Me too. I thought this tablet thing was going to be the shizzle but it’s really just a piece of shizzle that won’t let me type properly. By the way, I am off to read you Davy Jones post! Can’t wait!!

    2. I know, right? About the tablet. Don’t like the typing. But if you can get a separate keyboard to hook up it’s a lot better.

      I also “I know, right?” about the coffee. I CANNOT drink it without real cream. Having to use milk is just tragic.

      Also, you two better get over to my blog and read your entries in my writing contest and leave some love or…well, I don’t know. I’ve got all kinds of entries so I’m going to have to step up my schedule and probably put up the next batch tomorrow (if I’m not too hungover after tonight). OK – bye.

      1. I most definitely will! I briefly stopped in but haven’t read through the others yet. Later today, consider it done! Glad you’ve had such great response!

  6. Oh jeez, I can’t stop laughing at the crying thing. The Indian, The Tear. The vision of you littering on Maine’s highways and byways. It’s all too much…Yup, I’m crying.
    p.s. Bryonic is kinda funny isn’t he?

  7. Maybe the Byronic Man was in a horrific accident involving a science fair project gone wrong when he was 11 which disfigured the left side (that would be his left) of his face so dramatically that he has to hide it. It’s possible. Just sayin’.

    I think “Home of the German Clock Girl” may be new. I like it. Even though I have no freaking clue what it means.

    1. Ooh, I think you’re onto something, Stacie. That is a much more interesting theory than mine. I thought maybe he was hiding a pirate patch or half of a mohawk.

      The German Clock Girl–I have no frickin’ clue what it means either but I thought it sounded just obscure enough to draw people in…well, at least German people or clock people. (ok, it’s the name someone gave me for wearing these god-awful striped tights and a tablecloth for a skirt when I was 7, see picture under About the Maineiac if you dare)

  8. I presume the significance of the Byronic’s half head image is that he is a creative, artistic, and funny individual based on his right brain dominance and also that he is capable of wearing comically tiny top hats.

    1. I will never be done fooling around on B-man’s blog but okay, I see your link. By the way, next time you have a contest, just one favor I ask of you: Don’t put my entry up there with anyone else’s because it just makes me look bad.

        1. Now wait just a minute. If I’m following the trail here, does this mean that MINE makes Darla’s look good or that Darla’s makes MINE look good?

          Darla, we can have our own damn contest …

          Just kidding Peg. Really. Pick Me. OOOOOHhhh OOOHHHHhh. OOOHHHHHhhh. Pick me.

        1. I am absolutely pulling a Horshack. And I will continue at least until I learn what a Horshack is. It sounds like something Angie would do, actually.

          1. Oh, ask Angie–she would know what I mean. You know, as I typed ‘Horshack’ I immediately wondered if you’d get my reference, or if you would think I was referring to a slang word for ‘whorehouse’.

          2. That’s one meaning I didn’t think of. But you will need to tell me what a Horshack is. Because then I can be sure to do one. I only hope it won’t hurt.

  9. I wrote my comment, but before posting it I went to check out your answers … and of course when I came back my words had disappeared. Blast. I’d also like to come back as a dog.

  10. Priya

    Great stuff, Darla.

    I fear after reading “lighten up, people”, however, that someday, my inability to bring out the fantastical comdienne in me will be the death of me yet.

    1. Thanks for reading my little interview, Priya. I’ve no doubt you have a hilarious comic inside you, I’ve seen it before time and again!

      I still can’t believe that something I’ve written in the past was obviously meant to be funny, but was taken as serious by some readers and they then send me negative comments. I guess my humor is pretty dry. Maybe I need to work on being more obvious? or funnier? (wait, don’t answer that)

  11. Read it. Loved it. Commented over there, but I have to say that this post, too, is hilarious (as are the comments)!! So glad to have some free time to catch up in the bloggy world, where everyone knows your shame, I mean, name 😉

  12. OK, I’m going to Byronic Man’s blog now. Maybe he will have a full face pic? Enough time has gone by for a reveal, wink.
    I really love finding new blogs, reading comments and leaping to another. HA! just read Coming East’s comment. Maineiac, if you only got a referral commission and it was a nickel…

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