Top Ten Reasons My Kids Think Dad Rules

10) Clothing: optional.

9) Silverware, plates and table: optional

8) Food of any nutritional value: optional.

7) If he was asked: “Hey, Dad, is it okay if we fill these water balloons with whipped cream and chocolate syrup and throw them out the window at Mom weeding the garden?” OR “Hey, Dad? Is it okay if we stack all of the pillows and couch cushions in the entire house onto our sleds then slide down the stairs wearing underwear on our heads and shooting water guns filled with Kool-aid?” OR “Hey, Dad? Is it okay if we put on every single item of clothing we own, then roll ourselves down the muddy, grassy hill in the yard while shooting water guns filled with ketchup?” He would most likely answer with: “Sure.”

6) Ignores crushing chest pain and/or accidental kicks to the family jewels in order to continue the World Wrestling Federation/Tickle Monster/Let’s See If We Can Slowly and Painfully Kill Dad marathon.

5) Thinks a strawberry frosted donut is a perfectly acceptable breakfast.

4) Once dressed up as Darth Vader in public and it wasn’t Halloween.

3) Plays Mario Kart Wii, knows all the secret shortcuts, and thinks Bowzer is a real poophead.

2) Thinks Justin Bieber sucks, Alvin and the Chipmunks rock, and wearing a pink frilly apron while baking princess cupcakes is super kewl.

and the number one reason Dad rules…

1) Well, Duh. He’s Dad, nuff said.
(also loves to say things like, duh and nuff said)

Happy Father’s Day!

77 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons My Kids Think Dad Rules

    1. Oh yeah. Most of the time when he’s sitting on the couch watching TV, I think he’s really sleeping with his eyes open. So when they ask him a question he just nods his head slightly and that’s all the blessing they need to go and trash the house.

  1. Aww, your hubs is adorable.

    And yes, I am married to The Fun Parent as well. I get to be mean mommy.

    Your husband is right about that donut. But don’t tell him that. It will probably just go to his head. Then you’ll never hear the end of it.

    1. I might have to make him read it when he gets home from work. He’s never really read any of my blog before so I think once he sees he’s plastered on it wearing a pink frilly cupcake apron, he might never come back to read it again.

      1. You should give it a shot, Katy. Jim just looked at this post and said: I look like the hunchback of notre dame in that apron and the one of us in front of the ocean it looks like we’re peeing. hahaha!!

  2. Darla! You’re appearing in my Reader again – hallelujah!

    This list had me grinning from ear to ear, ESPECIALLY the apron and the Alvin and the Chipmunks part (of course). My dad had a very similar approach to parenting, LOL, and he had the uncanny ability to COMPLETELY tune us out.

    Oh and am I allowed to say your hub is totally adorable? That apron really brings out the awesome.

    1. Yes! I’m in your reader! You were NOT in mine today and I missed you getting FP. You and B-man both aren’t in my reader today…Angie sent me an email that you guys were FP and I almost dropped my laptop in the kiddy pool I was so excited.

      You might not see my comment on your post now, but your dad is amazing and those pictures of you were seriously adorable.

      And yes, that apron is the shizzle, man. He is gonna kill me when he sees I put that pic up there.

  3. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, a great post for Father’s Day.:D
    Father’s Day in Oz is the first day in September, I didn’t realize that Father’s Day was held on different days in other places, I have learned something new for the day. 🙂

  4. How fun, Darla. I especially love that he dressed up as Darth Vader when it wasn’t even Halloween. Gotta love a Star Wars enthusiast, who also appreciates the nutritional value of strawberry donut.

      1. I suppose I’m guilty of not eating or when I do eat when I’m on the run, it tends to be something really bad like a handful of m&m’s. I can’t blame my husband for all of it I guess.

  5. Sweet and humorous – especially the pictures. Love it all. Your husband sounds like a good dad for sure. If he’ll wear an apron and a darth vader costume, I’m thinking he’s a keeper!

  6. I don’t see a problem with any of these things.

    I might add:
    – If you have pancakes for dinner, just throw in some green beans as a vegetable (no, on the side, silly, not in the pancakes)!
    – If you’re running errands with the kids, be sure to get everyone a “treat” for coming along – a cone at McD’s or Dairy Queen – no matter if it’s lunch, dinner-time, oh heck, even if it’s breakfast time.
    – Pop Tarts are good for you, IF they have the fruit “flavoring,” of course.
    – Pumpkin pie is a vegetable.
    Oh wait, those were all food items. Woops.

    – “Because I said so” is just a warning when we’re busy. The follow up, “Ugh, yeah, whatever, sure” is the follow up. Go back to your husband’s couching situation.

    1. Ew! For a moment there, I thought you had some ingenious recipe for green bean pancakes because I would have been ALL over that. The only way I could get my kids to eat something green were to fry it in batter and pour syrup all over it!

  7. Great post, Darla! Yep. The kids know which parent to go to. My teenage son came to me and asked me if he and a bunch of friends could drive ten hours to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and spend the night sleeping on park benches if they got too tired partying. Of course I said no. Of course Dad said yes.

  8. Awww… so sweet! Your man sounds like a great dad. 🙂 You mentioned the sleds on the stairs thing. And just as I’m reading this, my son is pulling my daughter around the house inside her sleeping bag. Crazy kiddos. Oddly enough, I was thinking of doing a piece on suitcase surfing for my next post. I think it’s time to get out of the house…

    With my son recovering, we have officially worn out every board game, puzzle, craft project — he’s not supposed to run or climb and come on. He’s five.

    So the sleeping bag thing? Well, that’s not running or climbing now is it?

    1. Oh, last week my son wanted to push my daughter down the stairs while she was riding in the laundry basket. “But, mom! We’ll put pillows in it!”

      I can only imagine how hard it must be keeping your son from moving! When my son was five, he was the energizer bunny hyped up on sugar. I hope he’s doing better now and healing fast.

  9. Tar-Buns

    Very nice! Great photos, too. Your hubby is a very handsome young man 🙂
    Hope he enjoys how famous you’ve made him now!

    1. Oh, I will be sure to tell him you not only said he was handsome, but YOUNG. That will make his day! He certainly doesn’t feel young much anymore, what with these kids running him ragged and all the gray hairs he’s accumulated since they were born…

  10. Great post, Darla! My mom was always the enforcer in our family, too, so my dad came across like such a pushover. If we ever wanted to do something outrageous, we always asked dad for permission. 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend!

    1. I think he knows better now to always say first, “go ask your mother”. He’s wised up over the years.

      We are having a fabulous weekend! It’s perfect weather, sunny, not too hot. When to the coast yesterday and downtown Portland, it was so much fun. Hope your weekend’s going well, too.

  11. He DOES look like Will from Will & Grace — nice looking guy you scored there, Darla.

    And serves strawberry donuts for breakfast to boot? That sounds too good to be true!

    Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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