2 Years of Blogging (and they said it wouldn’t last…)

Two years ago today, I started my blog. I had no idea what to write about or why anyone in their right mind would ever want to read it. I guess some things never change. My first post was about widgets and picking a theme. After I published it, I thought, Huh. Well…so now what? I guess that’s it…I’m done with the blogging thing…

I had no idea what blogging meant. I considered it a private diary of sorts that maybe my cousin in Florida would read for her own amusement. I didn’t realize anyone out there could just stumble upon it and read it–that it was public domain. Good thing or I probably would’ve censored myself more.

So I wrote mostly for myself. (And as luck would have it, I was the only one reading it.) I kept plugging away for months with my public diary no one read. If I got a ‘like’, I was ecstatic. One comment and I was over the moon. I honestly still feel that way today.  I never imagined I would take to blogging so quickly or become so addicted.

My very first constant readers and commenters were Lenore of Lenore’s Thoughts Exactly, Charles of Mostly Bright Ideas, Susan of Coming East, and The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife.  Many times I was very close to giving up, but these guys would always leave me a kind comment here and there, and I’d be sucked back into the blogging world.

image: quickmeme

I felt like someone was out there listening. And through them I found other bloggers and started following them as well. So I would like to give a shout-out to them–thank you. I honestly wouldn’t still be blogging if it weren’t for you guys. (And now my husband has someone to blame.)

Here are some interesting factoids about my two years here at the place I’ve grown to love, WordPress:

137–total number of posts
8,512–total number of comments
8,000–number of comments where I replied with: “Ha!” “Haha!” or “Hahaha!”
1,333,561–number of spam comments stating:Your interesting article make great points. Very efficiently written. I encourage you to continue making brilliant ideas of this topic for future reference.
1,000–average number of words in my posts
500–average number of words in my posts my readers would prefer
10,000average number of words per day I didn’t utter to my husband because I blogged them instead (he would like to personally thank WordPress for this statistic)
152–number of times I dreamt about blogging and other bloggers–like I wrote an embarrassing post and published it anyway or I was blogging in a public place in my underwear (one of those two things happened)
4–number of times I was Freshly Pressed
0–number of times my husband or anyone in my family gave a rat’s ass that I was Freshly Pressed
millions–number of times I checked my stats
countlessnumber of times I wished I could edit my comment the second I hit the reply button but instead sat there like an idiot, silently screaming NOOOOOOO! at the computer screen.
countless–number of times I’ve been in awe of a fellow blogger’s writing–their unfailing humor, intelligence, heart and soul. Also jealous. Very jealous. But I’ve learned to let it go.

I am grateful to WordPress for giving me the chance to have others read my stuff and, especially, for creating such a great creative space full of talented blogs and people. My life is richer for having ‘met’ you guys here.  I know this all sounds hokey, but it’s true. So there.

Thank you ALL for supporting me these past two years, and always being so positive, hilarious and respectful. I hope one day we can all meet up and have an epic blogger party at the beach. I’ll bring the lobstahs if you bring the bee-yah, deal?

Here’s a little stroll down memory lane of my past 2 years. Caution: you might have to adjust the volume a bit here and there as I switch from music to talking. Enjoy!

**Warning Kids! There is some profanity! Some of it warranted!**

*******Dagnabit! Can’t figure out why this video “is not available in your country.” The video was the best part of this post! I’m working on it….*****


If you thought this video was lame, you might also enjoy THIS ONE


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162 thoughts on “2 Years of Blogging (and they said it wouldn’t last…)

  1. 2 years, that’s awesome! I love blog posts like this, because I can relate and see myself saying some of the same things when my anniversary comes along, except less funny. 😉 Congrats on making it 2 years.

  2. Okay, Dar, even though you know I can’t watch the video now, I kept checking in this morning so I could at least read your post! And am I the first one to say Happy 2nd Blogoversary?! How awesome.

    As awesome as you. I will write more tonight (it is KILLING me to have that video dangling in front of me), but you know how much I heart you. Your posts are always thoughtful, hilarious and, well, perfect. You are the kindest, more generous blogger/person anyone could ever hope to know, and you’ve certainly enriched my blogging experience. I KNOW I’m not alone in saying that, not even close 🙂

      1. Darla!! Holy bloggy-batoning goodness!!! Wow. I just laughed SO hard. When you hit the ceiling and then did the recap stills – HA HA HA! Also? It was seriously, seriously awesome to watch the first couple minutes of your bloggy time in review – I felt like I remembered all of it even though I’ve not been here for the full two years! (Katy’s pictures! And the Reese’s vlog!) I may have even gotten a little farklempt (THANKS, Green Day).

        Bravo!!! (I want to say encore, but now I’m worried about Peg.)

      2. And silly me…I actually thought I was going to catch the damned baton at least ONCE.

        I am thrilled you approve of the video, JuJuBees, but I promise you this: I will never ever videotape me twirling a baton again as long as I live. I am worried I might break the computer next time and my blogging days would be over.

  3. Congrats on two years, Darla!!! That is very impressive and you have definitely made yourself a nice little home here in the blogosphere. I am glad that I found you as I enjoy your blog immensely!

    Oh, and I can’t watch the video at work. Sadness. 😦 But I’ll try to watch it later tonight.

    And did somebody say something about a party? I’m so very much there. I’ll bring the Doritos!! 🙂

      1. Saw the video. You are so adorably dorky! 😉 And I never realized batoning was such cardio intense activity! Love the video. Thanks for making a fool of yourself for us

      2. Yeah, so that submitted by accident. I am highly skilled. There obviously should be punctuation behind that last sentence. Just imagine a big ! and maybe a 🙂 as well, ok? Cool.

      3. I think it’s way too late to add a smiley face after that last comment, Misty.

        (I’m adorable?? Dorky–hellz ya…but adorable? God bless you. My only hope is the adorable cancels the dorky part out…)

  4. Darlisciousness – happy, happy anniversary! It was a great day in the blogosphere when I stumbled over here, through GG’s caption contest, wasn’t it? Your goofiness, wit and genuineness shine through in every post. Start chasing down those lobstahs – we’re coming out there for sure one of these days!

    ps I can’t see your video. WAAAHHHH! It says “content from WMG and EMI is blocked” Help!!! My brain neeeeeeeds this vlog.

      1. Tar-Buns

        YES, YES, I finally got to see it! You crack me up, Darliciousness! What strength, fortitude and fitness you possess to produce such an awesome video! Also caught the comment about Peg putting on depends 🙂
        And the blog-hijack 🙂 And the plaid coat. You are very brave!!! Smooches, The T-Berry

    1. I have to thank Paul for his contests. If it weren’t for his blog, I would never have met you, my BBB (best blogging buddy) I still remember you visiting my blog and you clicked ‘like’ on one of my posts and I have to be honest, I was kinda intimidated by you and your caption contest cleverness! And now look–we are like kindred spirits. I love you, Pegolicious! (gah, I am so so soooo very sappy today, sorry)

      1. Darlinkidinkidoo – I didn’t think it was possible for me to love you more! Bwah ha ha…no really…boo hoo hoo…hee hee …sob sob sobbbbbbbb! I’m laughing, I’m crying…..I’m verklempt. This vlog should get a major award. Like a lamp in the shape of a leg or something wicked awesome like that.

        The minute I heard the Red Fox references I was drafting my “I’m coming Elizabeth” comment, and then you went there. Your mastery of “putting together a vlog with music and colors and swirls and words” technology is only exceeded by your mastery of the baton. “Single spin toss”? “double schwartzenhanger toss”? What know I of such technical terms, but you throw them around with the same cool ease as you toss your steely, gleaming stick of dreams.

        Seriously, the blogosphere is such a fun place because you’re in it. I’m so glad I met you. (and I really AM getting weepy over here in my office in the Heartland. Jeesh! Must be hormones). Congrats on the bloggiversary!

      2. steely, gleaming stick of dreams and double schwartzenhanger toss
        hahaha! Oh my! Well I am very happy you liked it.

        I don’t think people realize that I sacrificed so much here with this video. My reputation of being a ‘serious’ blogger for one. Oh and my inner vestibular system. I was seriously very dizzy after the third failed toss-turnaround attempt. I showed this video to my husband for approval and he just about died laughing so I knew you guys might like it.

  5. Congrats on your 2 year blogaversary, 2 years is cotton I believe. That’s probably what the plaid jacket is made from, that or polyester mix. You should wear it with pride today.

    Your video is blocked from being played over here….looks like your Government are onto you, don’t let them supress you! Keep blogging!

    Keep me posted on the beach party, I’ll bring jellied eels.

    1. I would love to wear that jacket with pride today but I still haven’t lost the 20 pounds required to wear it.

      Thanks Joe and I am very lucky to have met you, you always crack me up.

      What the hell are ‘jellied eels’?? Bring ’em anyway!

      1. Likewise!

        Never tried them, but google them and you’ll see why.

        Traditional cockney East-End of London delicacy of the workign classes, maybe not so much these days. Chopped up eels in some vile lookng gelatinous mulch.

        Thank God for Whole Foods.

      2. Ew! I just looked it up and it said you boil them until this fat comes out and it forms a ‘jelly-like substance’ on the eels. I think eating the eels without the jelly would have been enough. I hope to visit England one day (my family is from there) but I will be sure to bring my own food.

  6. Happy Blogoversary!

    I’m so coming to the party if it’s on a Maine beach. And I promise I won’t bring crappy bee-yah.

    Fyi, I also can’t watch the video. The message says that the video contains WMG and EMI content that one or the other has blocked for copyright.

    1. Ooh, yeah, only the good beeyah! C’mon down! Right now is a great time. The weather is low-humidity, mostly sunny and we’re heading to the beach tomorrow. It is a perfect time to be in Maine. In a few months, not so much.

      1. Actually, Buzz and I are going to be in Portland in a couple of weeks. We go as often as we can. Love Portland! We always go to Peaks and rent bikes for the afternoon, and this time we think we might hit more of the islands.

      2. Portland is a great city (and I’ve been to some doozies in my time…) Definitely see some islands. I used to go on the ferry out of Portland and makes the rounds of the islands there…one has great restaurant, can’t remember the name of it now…but it was so good. I probably didn’t help you at all there, huh.

  7. Was just quoting you to hubby last night. He LOVES when I talk about cyber logging buddies. Whatever. The interwebz are richer with you being here! True or false: talked about planning a vacation in Maine and said: “And maybe I could meet Darla!” 😉

    1. Oh, she’s a lumberjack and she’s OK, she sleeps all night and she works all day. She cuts down trees, she eats her lunch, she goes to the lav -a-treeeeeee!…

  8. You already know that your video has been blocked. But I am so thankful that one day that I happened upon Freshly Pressed, wondered what it was, and saw a blog titled She’s a Maineiac. I just HAD to see what this gal from Maine had to say. Oh, and it’s totally all your fault that I got into Reiki and had my entire life change (in such a great way). So, it’s the 2nd anniversary of your blogging, but it’s so much more to me. Congratulations and thank you so very much!!

    Looking forward to your next 2 years of wittiness (did I spell that right?) and silliness, and perhaps another vlog.

    1. Sue, please blame me for the Reiki thing, I love it! I didn’t tell you I’m getting my Reiki master teaching level later this year did I? I cannot wait. And thank you very much for being such a great blogging friend.

  9. I can so relate to your silent screaming at the computer screen. Your writing is witty, funny, creative, and thoughtful. Happy 2nd blog-iversary.
    BTW, I thought we were under the same government. But, then, I remembered I live in Florida. 😆 So, maybe not. Unfortunately, I was unable to view your video.

    1. Haha! Yeah, apparently it was the song I chose at the end of the video. I just picked another song at random, and now the government of Florida will allow you to watch my lame video, Judy. I am so sorry you have to be exposed to my baton twirling after all…

      1. It was worth the wait, Darla. Loved the “apocalyptic cow, the Ferris Bueller moment where you were surprised to find us still hanging on your every word and move – then tried to shoo us away, and the baton twirling. I mean you can’t get this stuff on HBO. Thanks for your many entertaining blogs – including this one. 😆

      2. I wasn’t sure anyone would remember my ‘apocalyptic cows’ video from way back. One day this group of cows decided to just up and run full speed across the field. Then they would do it again. They say cows lay down when rain is coming, so I wondered what the heck it meant when the stampede suddenly. I am happy you liked the video, Judy. I had a bit of hesitation about doing the blog, but then I thought, ah, why not make a fool of myself, right?

  10. Tar-Buns

    I, too, tried everything to watch your vlog, but NO, WMI and EMI or something like that has blocked it for copyright protection. Bastards!
    Congrats on your 2 year blogiversary! I so enjoy learning about your trials and tribulations.
    My hubby and I are talking about a trip out east, to places like Maine, where I’ve never been. Peg’s bummed – she wanted the two of US to road trip to see you. Time will tell if we get a trip off before the school year starts.
    Congratulations again! Hubba, hubba! 🙂

  11. Congratulations – we can celebrate together – today was my 100th post. So I raise a glass of cheer to you – I do enjoy your blog–happy you have kept it up–and really no one really understands the importance of being freshly pressed except us – four times –wow –I am still waiting (as IF)

    1. I am serious when I say I came very close to quitting blogging but you would say something so positive about my writing and it kept me going. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites, your words and your photography are just stunning. So I had to give you a proper thank you!

  12. Congrats on two years. It takes so much time and effort, but we all understand. Our families may not get it, but you know your readers do. And your readers think all that time is worth it.

    1. Thank you and if it weren’t for the readers, I would have been done after that first post 2 years ago. My family will never understand why I blog (I’m not sure I fully understand sometimes….)

  13. Oh, Darla. I’m so glad I can see the video now. Of course, I’m supposed to be working – so don’t tell anyone. It was FABULOUS…especially some of those pics – those of you, Peg, Jules and me. Stunning. Almost as stunning as that great baton work. You are amazing.

    Oh, and I believe I did invite the entire world to your place for lobstah and beer. Well, you may have invited B-Man and Jules, I invited everyone else. Hope you don’t mind. When would be a good time?

    1. Those pics you did were perfect for this video, Katy. I would say we are a stunning bunch of bloggesses…eses….(not sure how many S’s to put there…)

      And yah, sure! Invite everyone. Then we’ll be sure to have eyewitnesses to prove that B-man and Jules are two separate people.

  14. Happy blogversary! I am ever so glad that you never quit blogging because you’ve welcomed me so warmly into this community – not to mention you crack me up with your brilliant writing. I was able to watch the video, and let me tell you as a band director that your twirling skills are top notch. The numbers list was probably my favorite part because I feel like it’s a little more normal to click the stats page about 20 times a day. Lately, I’ve been weeping over it due to my post-FP slump. Is it possible to have negative views? 🙂

    1. Get out. My twirling skillz are top notch? you are not only a great writer, but the best liar. But I thank you anyway. I almost had a coronary halfway through the third attempt.

      And yes, it is possible to have negative views. Pegoleg once likened FP to a ski jump in your stats, you lift off, then come crashing down. Fun, huh? My stats are always up and down. Then mostly down.

  15. Happy Blogiversary! You’ve been freshly pressed that many times? I’m jealous. I mean, not that it matters, right? You eloquate (I think I made that word up) my thoughts exactly on your stat rundown!

    1. Thanks, Frugalista! The first two times I was FP, it was so long ago, back in the horse-n-buggy days of WP. I don’t think anyone even knew what FP meant then. I sure didn’t. I thought it was a glitch in the system and they randomly picked me.

  16. Have you ever done any professional acting? You should be on stage. In fact, you should write your own stuff and do a one-woman show. I’m probably going to be nagging you about this until you agree to it. But meanwhile, I’d like to thank WordPress for giving all of us the chance to glimpse some of the brilliance of your mind. And I have a feeling the best stuff is still clanking around in there.

    Congratulations, Darla.

    1. Haha! Oh, you’re killing me here! You know me all too well. (It’s been a secret dream of mine to do some acting one day) A one woman show? I’ll do it as long as I know you’ll be in the audience cheering me on, because I have a feeling I’d be just terrible.

      But there is definitely lots clanking around in my mind, that is for certain. And I thank you a million times over for always being so thoughtful and supportive from day one. Your comments have been what spurred me on to take more chances with my writing. You’ve given me that confidence. That is a gift I can’t put a price on, Charles.

      1. I am going to echo what Sir Charles said, you should write your own stuff and do a one-woman show. 🙂 This one is one of the best & most creative vlog. I could guess how much effort & time you have spent to create this video.

  17. Two much, Darla — two years. You are one of the best on Word Press (or anywhere). You are clever, funny and thoughtful and have a perspective that somehow manages to be familiar and new at the same time. How do you do that.

    I have no idea how I found your blog. But I am so very glad I did.

    Many happy returns (can you have those on anniversaries or just on the gifts you get?)

    1. Aw, thank you, Elyse for all those sweet things you said (and you weren’t even being sarcastic!) The feeling is mutual. (no snark coming from me, either!) Man, I can get all weepy reading these things. Don’t forget to look me up the next time you trek on up here.

  18. Hmm, where to begin. I’m going back and forth between writing something serious or a witty (okay, supposedly funny) comment; much like I do on my own blog. I guess I’ll just stream-of-unconsiousness it.

    First of all congratulations for persevering for two years. I’m sure the beginning was challenging as it is for all of us. I don’t think I started reading other blogs until December in any kind of numbers. So I think that’s when I picked up the D-Woww blog. So I’ve only been in your community for about 7 months. By that time you were already a rock-star blogger.

    It’s funny, when I first read your blog, I had an immediate connection. Not just from the universal sense of humor, great writing, and tenderness that you show on your blog and to your audience. I felt a link like I do with my four sisters. They are all SO incredibly funny, witty, wise, a little crazy (like me), and yes, profound,. That’s what I felt when I read your blog. Like you were my fifth sister. I know that sounds schmaltzy, but that’s what it was.

    Thank you for sharing your tremendous sense of fun, graciousness, and a glimpse of yourself with all of us. I look forward to reading your blog well into the future.

    BTW, I LOVED the video. That Green Day song gets me every time, and put to your funny and heartfelt thank you, it was perfect. When you pulled out the cards with the writing on it, that was … well, you know. You know we only do humor because it’s hard for us to express how we feel sometimes. I know that firsthand. So does my family, unfortunately.

    What is this a freakin’ blog post, yo, or a comment?? I’m out.

    1. Wow, MJ. Thank you so much for saying those things. And you did so eloquently! I am getting all verklempt again!

      Like a sister? That is so sweet. A little crazy like you? Definitely. You stole my gravatar and I thought it was hilarious.

      What you said about the tenderness toward my audience really makes me smile because that is very important to me. I’d even say it the most important thing of all. Making real connections with you guys –and you guys are The Best. I wouldn’t be blogging if it weren’t for people like you. (god, this IS getting really schmaltzy isn’t it?) Quick, gotta make a joke to cover things up! 😉 Anyway, thank you for always being such a supportive, positive blogger/friend!

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Brave or incredibly stupid? I almost broke the computer monitor. 😉 Thank you for saying that, I’ll be sure not to do something so ridiculous in my next vlog (if I ever do another one again….)

  19. 2 years seems like a huge milestone! ‘happy blogiversary’! I discovered you through arindam, and haven’t ever missed a post since. Love your wit and charm ! you always manage to make me laugh! sending you much love and luck on this special day!

  20. congrats on two years …. wooooo hoooooo! whether you are being funny, informative, or creative, (or all three at once), I’m lucky to have found your blog. you’re the real deal.

    as for your baton-twirling skills … pardon me for saying so, but it looks much better when accompanied by Aerosmith music. But, either way, it was a hoot. Just think about it … for a moment there, your ceiling was being assaulted from both sides at the same time … kids from above, and mom down below … now THAT’s entertainment.

    Don’t go buy something to give away. Just rummage around in the closet and offer up something strange or weird or half-broken. I’ll bet you’ll get takers. In case you haven’t figured it out yet by now, your readers have a particular affection for the inane and kooky. What’s better than a bent baton? Or that one shoe that doesn’t have a twin? Surely you have something laying around that will thrill your readers, because, you know, it was touched by YOU. Maybe if we touch it, too, we’ll be just as cool as you are. Well, maybe. It could happen. Well, probably not, but still. We could look at it, and then we’d smile. Same difference.

    Sometimes your blog makes me smile, sometimes it makes me think, and sometimes it makes me curl up inside with a tinge of envy, and sometimes, every now and again, it makes me cry big fat squishy wet tears. I’d say you’re doing just fine. Keep going. Congrats!

    1. Thank you! I will try to keep going as much as I can.

      I had the perfect Beastie Boys song to go with it but apparently the government wanted Aerosmith instead.

      And the kids thumping around….honestly, they never do that (well, at least that LOUD). But as soon as I started videotaping, they decided to start throwing a basketball around the room and I was too damn tired to stop tape and tell them to stop. It sounded like herds of elephants were dancing around up there. Just another typical day for me.

      Oh, so I can give you guys stuff that’s laying around my house? yes! And I did figure my readers were a bit on the kooky side to stick with me all this time.;)
      Maybe I’ll give away my trademark plaid mug. I’ll even clean it first! And me, cool? That kills me! You are way too kind there (and stretching the definition of cool to include clumsy and clueless)

  21. ditchthemarriage

    I still can’t figure out widgets! But if you have made it this far, maybe I will learn some things along the way…. It’s day one for me, I thought I knew it all when it came to computers, but clearly I am mistaken! I’m lost at sea!

    1. Day one? Well, you already have a gravatar so you’re doing better than I did at day one. The widgets took me some time. Then I ended up changing my blog theme a few dozen times. But it’s all in good fun so you’ll be just fine. Good luck with your new blog!

  22. Thank you for being addicted to blogging! Your blog is always lots of fun! Unfortunately, I thought you were kidding about the cursing, and was watching your video with my eight-year-old right next to me. Oops! Next time I will believe you…

    It’s alright. He probably sits in his bed at night and listens to my husband watching Pulp Fiction anyway. (Actually, that’s a lie. We both watch Pulp Fiction.)

    1. Yikes! Yes, I wasn’t kidding there. Maybe I’ll add another warning that I am actually NOT kidding (for once!) I normally don’t swear so much, but this videotaping brought it outta me that day (and the cursed baton).

  23. Ha! Ha! So now I know you’re as funny in real life as your are in digital! Congrats on your two year mark! That’s a lot of blogging and if you figure it out two years at an average of 10,000 words per day that means you’ve saved your husbands ears 7,300,00 words total. I think that at least deserves a nice dinner out…don’t you? 🙂

    1. Absolutely, Mindy! Wow, I never thought of it that way. Yeah…my husband should be buying me dinner, roses, chocolates for all the quiet time I’ve given him over the years because I’m on the computer blogging.

  24. Oh, DarDar — this video was the GREATEST! It so lived up to the hype and not just because of the baton-twirling revival. There were the references to Sanford & Son, Seinfeld, Roseanne, Cheers, The Ropers — everything a girl could ever hope for. And then…THEN you went and used images from our Ultimate Post Hijack (fifty threads long that might’ve went on for two weeks and six days had Byro Man not come along and called us a cab). I’m not ashamed to admit it. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I had no idea that Lenore and Simple Life and Charles were your first readers. (Come on, gather round for a group hug everyone…oh, wait…that’s right, not me…yes, I just got here last year….okay, no problem, no hard feelings…no go ahead, I’ll get the camera…)

    I am going to get mushy for just a moment and say I’m so glad to know you. The blog world is much more funny, warm, tangenty, friendly and caffeinated with you a part of it.

    Happy two years! And you don’t look a day over 26.

    1. Yay! I knew you’d appreciate the Redd Foxx reference. I made this video about two months ago, right after your FP. You and I both know Sanford and Son rules. Teehee! And of course I had to paste a photo of our epic Puck-peanut butter post hijack (poor B-man).

      That Green Day song can make a grown man cry. But I am still fuming I couldn’t use my Beastie Boys song at the end, it went much better with the baton disaster frames. grrrr!

      Bless you for saying I don’t look a day over 26…more like 36 but I’ll take it.

      […looking off into the distance, tears in my eyes…sighing…]

      I remember when you first came to my blog, seems like yesterday… I noticed your gravatar was the coolest and the comment you left on my FP was hilarious. I instantly knew we’d be blogging buds. I went to your blog, read about your Mario Bros. obsession and it was fate. [raising my mug of coffee] Here’s to many more post hijacking years, my friend. [hand on heart] Cheers to you, Angie Z!

    1. Ha! Whew, good thing your country has common sense to not block poor quality videos like mine. Ape, I have to tell you I find you absolutely hilarious, even in your comments. I hope you’ve left some gems over at Paul’s contest?

  25. Congratulations on completing two years. And 137 posts in 2 years? That’s quite regular. Nice job. You write well, so here’s to more years.
    Also, LOL at family not giving a rat’s ass about getting Freshly Pressed!

    1. Thanks! My first six months, I only wrote maybe one or two posts a month for a time. That was when I was close to quitting. So happy I didn’t. I appreciate your comments as I know you are an amazing writer.

  26. OMG OMG OMG Best. Vlog post. EVER. First of all, I sang along with Green Day and it made ME misty too, because it reminded me of how my friends used it as the last song at their wedding reception and I thought that was a really cool idea and I wanted to do it too but then I thought it would also make a good song when a couple who got married in the Green Day era, like, died or whatever, but then it’s less “woohoooo wedding!!!” and more, “awwwww how bittersweet and tear-jerky”… and then I thought it would be a sort of tragic song if they got divorced instead…

    Also? I totally wondered when you were going to hit the ceiling with your baton and THEN YOU DID. (Oh. Spoiler alert, y’all.) But congrats on NOT bonking yourself on the head with it, which is what I always do when I attempt one-spins. PS Your baton is EXACTLY like mine. K bye.

    1. I know, that Green Day song can mean so many things…some of them very sad. I read somewhere he wrote it for his girlfriend who just dumped him and he was being absolutely sarcastic in the song. Whenver I hear it, I immediately think of Jerry Seinfeld. Either way, it tends to make me tear up.

      I look back at the video and I am surprised I didn’t hit the ceiling more times than once. I would’ve filmed it outside but my webcam wouldn’t reach. I really would’ve ended up hitting myself in the head then. I haven’t attempted a toss-turnaround since I was 12, so this was something I would only do for you guys. Would you believe I used to do this with TWO rotations??

  27. John Erickson

    Let’s see if I can do this right. (Ahem.)
    “Two years? That can’t be. You write with the wisdom of a truly od soul, spiced with the freshness and humour of a young sprout. Though each post may have seemed an eternity, the 730 days have passed in a flash. Congratulations, and may you post for many more years!” 😉
    Seriously – you may be celebrating your anniversary, but it’s we who are getting the present – that of your wit, wisdom, and whimsy. Thanks for the great treasure, for treasure this is and always will be, rare and of untold value. Congratulations! 🙂

    1. John Erickson

      Ya know, ya try to do something NICE for a person, and the dang PC screws it up! You write with the wisdom of an OLD soul, not an OD one. (“Cause I sincerely doubt that your soul is painted olive-drab!)
      (Sigh.) That’s the way the keyboard bounces!

    2. Wow, I love love love this comment, John. You have outdone yourself! And I’ll take ‘old’ AND ‘od’ soul! I can’t thank you enough for reading and commenting, but when are you getting your own blog?!

        1. John Erickson

          You DO realise that telling me to “go on” is only a slightly less ominous phrase than Ronald Reagan sitting down in the Oval Office and saying “So what does that big red button do? Let’s push it!” 😉

        2. John Erickson

          “There once was a girl with a blog.
          “Whose clever prose left readers agog.
          “It’s now been two years,
          “So raise up your cheers!
          “(And YOU try to find words rhyming with ‘blog’!)”
          I warned you…….. 😉

  28. Two years??!!! Wow! That’s like an elephant’s gestation! How many changes in two years?
    You got me to thinking about what can happen in 2 years. Then, dirty dishes called. And I ignored them and googled “what can I do with 2 years”. And it took me to a blog of this guy named Joel Runyon. He started blogging on 2 years ago too. And he’s either a psychotic drug addled dreamer, or that guy sits around chugging red bull all night trying to think up outrageous things to do. He’s supposed to be a motivational guy who is always writing about the impossible things he does like “Running a marathon…starting a clothing line…Funding 50+ entrepreneurs on Kiva….Moving six (6) times….going skydiving with 41 awesome people….Going Bungee Jumping with 20 other awesome people (Notice the “other” there. Yeah, Joel, we saw what you did)…..
    But you know what? In 2 years of writing do you know what he didn’t do? Make me laugh. I looked all over his blog- it’s just not funny. Or, even, in my definition of the word, real. I’m sure he’s a great guy, and probably will go far, and probably has a 6 pack and an uber tight ass and all, but I’m glad I found your site. You make me laugh so hard I need to cross my legs and do the potty dance while I finish reading your posts. And when I read them, I know you’re real. So F the clothing line (although, kind of count me in for the flannel shirts), forget about bungee jumping with 20 “other” awesome people and keep on keepin on. Cause you’re awesome, and your real, and you’re keepin depends in business! Congrats!

    1. Yeah, who needs a six-pack or uber tight ass? Me? yeah, I suppose. But laughing is good, we could all use more of that, right? Thanks, Sheri for being real about nursing, and giving it to me straight–you made me laugh, too.

  29. Curly Carly

    Woohoo!! Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!! I made you a blog birthday cake. It should arrive any day. Maybe. Possibly. No, not really.

    I can’t believe your family isn’t impressed with the Freshly Pressed. If I ever get the elusive FP, you better believe I’m making my family learn all about it.

    1. Carly, it’s pretty disheartening. You’ll jump around like a crazy person, like you’ve won the lottery while your familiy just stands there and looks at you like you’re nuts. My husband would just smile and nod and say, “yeah, gee….that’s great, honey…” then go back to watching Hard Core Pawn.

  30. singleworkingmomswm

    Darla….Darla…..bwahahahahahahah….jeeeeeeezum crow, Darla!!!!!!!!! I have been gone for a couple of days and decided to read some of my favs tonight before bed. OMG! I…don’t…know…what….to…say….except that I love using periods to slow down my frantically histerical laughter as I tell you CONGRATULATIONS on 2 YEARS! That is so awesome! It seems so many of “us” disappear, and I’m you are not, nor ever will be (since you are addicted). Your baton twirling and ceiling hole punching was totally tubular, and my little Maycee would love watching you attempt to spin and catch (I know you can land it…you only needed a few more tries, right? RIGHT?) the baton. 😉 She is taking baton twirling at the Club during summer break. She loves it. Anyhow, I thought I was speechless after watching your VLOG, but the truth is, I just love ya, so happy for ya, so happy I found ya, and keep up the antics, girlfriend, and the spackle. Did I mention I love spackle? I could keep rambling, but really, I gotta head to bed (your blog just makes me do this, sincerely.) ♥ XOXO-SWM♥

    1. Would you believe me if I told you I actually thought I would CATCH that baton? On the first try?? I guess since about…uh….30 years have passed since I last attempted a toss-turnaround, my technique was a bit rusty. I was so dizzy after a few tries. The room was spinning. I left this huge black mark on the ceiling to boot. After I finished taping, I carefully packed my baton away again. My daughter is going to take dance again this year, no baton for her…yet. I would like to keep my breakables intact, thankyouverymuch.

  31. Only two short years of you? It seems like you’ve been a buddy forever. Now all you have to do is collect one of those comments which tell you you’re doing a marvelous job, but you spelling and grammar are atrocious. ‘
    “And we help you, for small fee with proof read what you be write.”

  32. Only two short years of you? It seems like you’ve been a buddy forever. Now all you have to do is collect one of those comments which tell you you’re doing a marvelous job, but you spelling and grammar are atrocious. ‘
    “And we help you, for small fee with proof read what you be write.”
    Congratulations,girlfriend. Keep fueling us with your humor.

  33. As someone who’s been at this for a mere 6 months, it was interesting to see that it’s likely that I’ll have the same thoughts, fears and addictions in another year and half as I do now.

    On a more serious note, you struck a very resonant chord about why blogging means so much to me when you discussed the idea that people are listening. The attention which our readers give us is worth its weight in gold, and if they actually take the time to click “like” or better yet, to scribble us a quick comment, it really validates all the hours hunched over the laptop ignoring the family.

    No one outside our world may ever really “get” us, but we do, and that means an awful lot.

    Thanks for sharing your imperfect world with me. I’m looking forward to the next two years.

    1. Well, Dave, for only doing this for six months, you’ve accomplished plenty. If only you would stop insisting on writing stories for Katy’s contest! Damn! I don’t even want to try anymore. I have an idea for ‘Lust’ but then I remember you’ve already submitted yours, so what’s the point, really? Between that and Paul/B-man’s contests, I give up. I’ve got nuthin’ left.

      1. That’s the attitude!!!

        But seriously folks…using the “accomplished” in relation to blogging might be a stretch.

        Byronics contests have been nothing but humbling. I won one time and was in the running maybe one other time, but for the most part, I just read what everyone else wrote, funnier and earlier than I did and just shake my head.

        As for Katy’s contest, well, I may have a little more experience in the realm of sinning than some of the other authors. I’ve been disappointed that fewer and fewer people are submitting. Sloth only had a handful of them. I would stop, but I need to find out what happens with the characters.

        It really was inspiring/frustrating to read about your having many of the same fears and annoyances after 2 years. I wonder what the third year will bring.

      2. Yes, I did see the witty banter between you two–hilarious stuff! I have an idea for your contest, Katy, so if I have a moment this week, I’ll try and put a few sentences together and form a story of some kind (I’m not promising anything though…this past week has been nothing short of chaos at my house!)

  34. Congratulations. Really impressed that you’ve been FP so many times 🙂 All these lovely comments from your blogging buddies illustrate how successful you are as a blogger.

  35. Congrats Darla. By the way who said that it would not last? Never ever forget those people, and never believe what they say in future. I know, you realize that you are really talented; as I believe every talented person realize that just as I do. 🙂 I am waiting for the day when you will inform us about publication of your first book. You are a wonderful writer, I will never be tired of saying that. I will not say that,I envy you as a writer but I will must say, I respect you as a writer because you always inspire me. You are born to write Darla, keep on writing does not matter how busy life seem. Best wishes to you and your blog. May you both get lot more appreciation and recognition with time.

  36. Yeah. I like how you mention my name as one of your motivators, yet I don’t appear and offer congratulations until days after the post is published. Tardy once again. Sorry. I was busy trying to learn how to twirl a baton. Tomorrow we are going to get glass panes to replace the windows I broke. Next time, please include a disclaimer on the risk to windows.

    Congratulations, Darla!! What a wonderful journey this has been, eh? I’m so glad you are still living here in the blogosphere. The clouds and sunsets are prettier here, don’t you think?

    Keep up the awesome work, and I’ll keep stalking – er – admiring your creations. Mwah!

    1. I was going to leave you a FB message: Hey, Lenore! Go check out my post, it’s about you! But I wanted you to be surprised a little. 😀

      Did you know that you were the first person to regularly comment on my posts? Did you know that if it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t still be blogging? Did you know that you’re my hero? The wind beneath my wings?

      1. Did you know bees and dogs smell fear?
        Did you know the human brain weighs 6lbs?
        Did you know ‘She’s a Maniac’ was originally written for a horror movie?

        I’m so glad my stalking worked, Darla. 🙂

  37. Awesome video! I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats. 🙂

    If the blogging thing doesn’t work out, you could try video production. Or baton twirling.

    PS I love the view of your backyard.

  38. Darla, Congratulations! What a ride and I’m so glad our paths crossed last year. I agree with every thing you said to Lenore…how many times it was her comment that kept me going? Julie Cameron in her book The Right to Write says it’s important for a writer to have friendly readers. I thank my lucky stars that you and Lenore are just that for me.
    hmmm…Question: Is this the year you submit to a magazine and get published? Whether you do or not, still I look forward to the next FP and enjoy cheering “Go Darla!”

  39. Congratulations, Darla! I am so glad we crossed paths last year. You have a way that makes me smile or lol in agreement, tug at my heart strings or shout out “Say it isn’t so” when you released all those balloons in the air.
    Julie Cameron writes in her book The Right to Write, that a writer needs friendly readers. I must say I agree with all you said to Lenore because she certainly has been one of the reasons I press on. I thank my lucky stars that both of you and so many others, are friendly readers.

    1. Thanks, Georgette. You are so right–without people like you and Lenore and all the other sweet, sincere readers out there, I would have given up on my blog a long time ago, that is a fact.

  40. Congrats on 2 years! Freshly Pressed 4 times! Nice! The first time I was Freshly Pressed, I texted my boyfriend ecstatic. He was like, “You’re what? Does this have something to do with ironing?”

    1. I am surprised my husband didn’t say the same thing! He still doesn’t ‘get it’. Why I’m so excited about being FP. I told him it was like winning the lottery and he said, “But you don’t get any money, right?”

  41. I just love you and your style, Darla! Thanks for the needed laugh. That was some really awesome twirling. I could never do the spin-catch thing (my mom was a twirler and a twirling instructor).

    Sorry I’m late…it’s been cuh-razy with kids these last couple of weeks. I’m super-glad to have found you and hope to meet face-to-face one of these days. We should get the kids together while they’re young so we can watch them wreck the house while we sit and drink beer…and then blog about it

    Here’s to another 2 years. Thanks for being my own bloggy mentor and don’t change a thing, girlie. 🙂

    PS — Love the v-logs!

    1. Your mom was a twirling master? Too bad she didn’t give me any lessons. I am thrilled the only thing I destroyed was the ceiling.

      Don’t feel you ever have to come here and read my blog…or comment. I understand. Kids are crazy. I mean…they drive us crazy. I would love to meet up with you one day and go out for a drink, leave the hellions back home with the husbands. Oh yeah. That’ll teach ’em. 😀

      Bloggy mentor? Me? Really? That’s so nice! Do you read my blog in order to figure out what NOT to do on yours? I am so glad I could help ya. 😉

      1. Nonsense, Dar! You’re way too hard on yourself. I read your blog because I enjoy it. It may take me days to get to a post-read, but I DO come. I still particularly loved the parenting-on-Nyquil post. You’re my kind o’ mom.

      2. Y’know, Shannon, you have been one of my biggest blog supporters and I sincerely thank you for that. You always leave the most thoughtful comments. And I love that you loved the Nyquil post. You’re my kinda mama, too.

  42. Oh congratulations, Darla!! 🙂 Two years, wow!
    And you’re not the only one who can’t give up blogging. Seems it’s got a hold on me too, I deleted Absurd after a couple of years, only to return as Arty! (Still an old bird, though.)

    If you find anything sort of sticky stuck to your video, that’s the glue that got me stuck to it, okay? But my fave video of yours is still the accents one:


    Be well and keep going! 🙂

    1. It left the tiniest little chip in the ceiling, but a big black scuff mark. Oh well! It was worth it. And I’ve safely packed my baton away for the day when my daughter decides to break the ceiling with it.

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