Storm Center! Breaking News!

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new can you tell us anything

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new ramifications

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100 thoughts on “Storm Center! Breaking News!

  1. Ha! Oh man, this is great, DP. I love how you did the white lines on the suit jacket, and the plastered-on smile on Ashley. The phrase “unbelievable turn of events” ALWAYS makes me laugh. How much snow have you guys gotten already??

    1. Yes, the plastered on smile! I have one on right now, JD. πŸ™‚ There are currently five kids in my house! yay!

      It looks like we’ve got about five inches so far. We are due to get about 15 total. But it’s the wind and the snow drifts that will be bad. Well, bad for Jim when he goes outside to snow blow for three hours tonight.

  2. AHAHAHAHA!!! This is the best post! I am sharing it on FB; I literally just said to my husband, “Why did we hear about this huge storm for 3 days? Its six inches of snow…” That didn’t even used to bring out the damn plow; now it has a name! Did you know that we are experiencing “Snowstorm Euclid”?

    1. I had no idea they name snowstorms now. This is so exciting. Euclid. Yeah, this definitely has Euclid written allllll over it. Stupid Euclid. I really hope one day Storm Darla comes along and dumps three feet.

    2. Euclid? Who the hell names a snowstorm something that? A sandstorm named “Euclid,” OK. Being marooned on a Greek island with the Sirens, OK, Euclid. A bloomin’ snowstorm named “Euclid.” Who writes this material?

      1. I have NO idea….perhaps the “Weather Channel” marketing department?
        It was just a little SNOW. We used to get this every two days for six months without a thought. It wasn’t until we passed 24 inches that we’d really pay attention. NUTS. We’re all nuts…..

        1. I remember that from when I lived in Cambridge (1976-1979). It snowed. It was New England. We lived. Sometimes we jumped out of 2nd floor windows into it and STILL we lived. Oy. We aren’t nuts we are wimps!

    1. You need MORE snow in Colorado? Get out! I think every station has the same two anchors and they say the same two things every storm. Today, I watched a reporter reporting LIVE! in front of the town’s snowplows telling us that: “Yes! they will be putting salt on the roads! And yes! They will be using these trucks to salt the roads!” WOW. Maybe they should make it more interesting and tell us that, nah, the plows are NOT going to plow today. And salt? forget it.

      1. I think I saw them when I visited LA too!
        I love when they point out two inches of snow in the background and make it sound like it is the biggest storm to ever hit Colorado.
        We got 4 inches on Christmas Eve and about an inch last night. Whoopee ding dong day! Bring it on Mother Nature!
        The mountains have gotten feet of snow and I am dying to get up there! Maybe we’ll go up tomorrow night after we celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday (at noon of course so she can go out to the bars… scary…)

  3. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Aaaaaand this is why, since I crave news when I turn on the news, I have largely stopped turning on the news! Thanks for making me laugh about it instead of feeling all head-‘splodey. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    1. Pshaw? I love that. I think I’ll have to use “pshaw” as my new go-to response to everything. It’s snowing in the wintertime? Pshaw! You kids want to go sledding? Pshaw! You want me to get off the couch? Pshaw!

  4. Oh lord. If Euclid came here to DC we would be in total 24/7 panic mode. Because somehow no one has ever figured out that it does snow here in the winter. And that if you put those cow-catcher things on the front of town trucks into the down position, you can scrape the snow off the roads.

    Oy vey. Enjoy it Darla. Throw those children out and don’t let them come inside until they have frostbite.

    1. haha! Those things can catch cows, too?? WOW!!!
      My younger brother lives in North Carolina. They got a little snow last year and his town had exactly zero snow plows. He was outside in his yard and actually saw a giant tractor go by with a makeshift plow strapped to the front, probably held into place with bungee cords.
      Amateurs. (shaking head)

    2. Oh and you’d better believe those kids are going outside in the snow VERY VERY soon. I don’t care if the snow if going sideways or ricocheting straight back up off the ground. It’s snow dammit! Get out there and play in it! Like the old days!

  5. Wow, does it snow in Maine?? Did you know, it snows in Michigan too? They should be reporting when it’s not snowing in Maine. You know where it doesn’t snow much, down in Texas where I guess it snowed like hell the other day. Now that’s newsworthy!

  6. Darlizzard your drawing skills are phe-nom-i-nal! I keep seeing g Bridget Jones sliding down the fire pole when I think of Ashley. Poor kid. But I pity you even more. 5 kids inside??? And I hear you may even get some…snow!

    1. And I just realized I didn’t post my finalized frames up there with my snazzy cut-n-pasting of various objects, like the delish McRib sandwich. Curses! I had to reload everything and repost. Oh well. It was fun and I am BORED outta my mind this week, also very hungry. and whiny.

    1. I am shocked people in Michigan haven’t caught on to this winter phenomena. Yeah, and how are we supposed to drive in this stuff? What’s the deal there? Perhaps if we go slower? Or just don’t drive anywhere? these are all outlandish ideas but I thought I’d go out on a limb here with some suggestions…

  7. cydmadsen

    Love it. This was so much fun to read, especially since reading the temp in Maine this morning stopped the self-pity over facing a day with a high of 23. This entire post could be a reality here in Arkansas. We got hammered by snow and wind and rain, and it’s not supposed to be that way here (nice way of saying we’re wimps πŸ™‚ Now we’re moving into freezing drizzle. Really? Never heard that one before. This really is brilliantly done. So glad I stopped in.

    1. See, you guys in Arkansas really should get worked up over this white stuff. Or even freezing drizzle (which I think is worse than snow) And thanks for your comments, they made my day. I had so much fun with this post.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    Ashley ought to come down here to Idaho in the summer and report our weather. She would die of boredom. If that’s not possible, please make us a life-size cardboard cutout of her. We’ll just prop her up against a sagebrush and run the tape.

    Love your artwork!

  9. Sorry if I’m a day late and a dollar short with my comments. Also, sorry if I write comments which have already been made more eloquently by earlier commenters, but dammit, I don’t have time to read 75 comments!

    I am amazed that newscasters in Maine get worked up over snow. I’ve always been under the impression that snow was common there during the 10 winter months you guys get each year. Also, I’ve always been under the impression that hard-core New Englanders were a bit more stoic and not so easily alarmed.

    As for your delightful illustrations, I was amused to realize that your field reporter was wearing a pink scarf. Before my realization, I kept wondering why the giant pink missile which was heading right for the left side of her head hadn’t hit her yet.

    Thanks for the news bulletin. I feel slightly less animosity toward my local news team, knowing they’re idiots no matter where they are.

    1. yes, we do get snow about six months out of the year. Most of it comes in March when everyone else is enjoying spring weather. I would say we are still very hardcore, we ‘only’ got 12 inches yesterday, really that is barely enough to break out the shovels for us. I have no clue why our newscasters get all worked up. Must have been a slow news day. I bet if they interviewed the average Mainer on the street, they’d say it ain’t no big thing.

      Oh and as for my illustrations? That is a giant pink missle. I think she had it coming.

  10. Great job! As I saw the news reports all about gearing up for this storm (which was a doozey), I was reminded of my years is Washington, D.C. when any flake from the sky (of the snow variety, not the Congressional variety) was cause for general panic and people abandoning their cars on the side of the road.

    I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen a good amount of snow around these parts, but, sheesh! πŸ™‚

    1. That reminds me of when I lived in Washington State, if we so much as got a dusting people would bust out the tire chains. It was sheer panic. I guess the problem is people think they can drive fast in snow, so there would be all these accidents everywhere. Us Mainers are used to driving in blizzard conditions most days. (I laughed at your ‘not the Congressional variety’! ha!)

  11. One of the outstanding memories I have of winters in Central New York: being on-air and giving weather reports on radio station, WOLF-AM, and telling folks to stay off the roads. Ironically, I would have to go out in that snow storm to get home. I got stuck twice and was helped by passing motorists. I still had to make tacos for my daughter’s 5th birthday. Fortunately, it ended well and my daughter was delighted with hre tacos.

    1. I always feel bad for those reporters because they have to be out in those conditions. People like poor Ashley get to freeze and risk their lives to tell us something we could figure out if we’d just look out the window. I hope they get paid big bucks.

  12. Ab-FAB! If it weren’t so dang true!! Here in West MI, we get “Lake Effect” snow — the weather system crosses Lake MI, picks up more moisture and when the storm hits the shore, all hell breaks loose … it’s Armageddon-snow. The way the local reporters cover any hint of “lake effect” on the way {whispered for special effects} make people feel they should stock up on guns, ammo, canned goods and twinkies. Some do.

    Great post, Darla!

    1. Oh no! Lake effect! AHHHHH! I can see that happening out there. Jim used to live in Dearborn Heights and you’d think even they’d be used to the weather, but no. Just another excuse to stock up on Twinkies. (if you can find them!)

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  14. I love when they tell us how to deal with extreme cold weather: “Stay indoors. If you must go outside, dress in layers.” And then the extreme hot weather: “Stay indoors. If you must go outside, walk in the shade.” At least in the Northeast, we get snow and driving does get a little tricky. In California, they have those frantic news reports when it rains.

    Brilliant post, Darla. Except for the blonde hair, Ashley looks a lot like you. Is that my imagination?

    1. Yeah, see if we’d only heed all these warnings and just stay indoors for the rest of our lives, we’d be golden!
      How dare Mother Nature change things up all the time, what with the rain, then sun, then snow. God!
      Hmm…and Ashley has no nose. But she looks like me you say? what are you really trying to say, Charles?

      1. Fortunately, our next chance of anything is Sunday (I think), and they have us back up to the lower 40s early next week. And just in time – I was starting to run out of places to put the stuff!

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