Questions about blog comment etiquette? Have no fear, let wise veteran blogger Miss Peg-o-leg guide you with her tried and true tips for the newbie blogger.

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With newcomers swelling the WordPress ranks daily, this seems like a good time for a refresher course on the all-important topic of comment etiquette.

When navigating the rocky shoals of comment etiquette, even the most grizzled WordPress veteran may find him or herself adrift.   Commenting rules are, by and large, unwritten.  This makes them no less real.  The unwary commenter risks breaking one of these rules and getting smacked upside the head so hard their kids will be born dizzy, metaphorically speaking.

Fear not!  Miss Peg-o-Leg is here to guide you in the gentle art and exacting science of the effective comment.  Read these Frequently Asked Questions.   Memorize the answers.  Live by them.

  • I really don’t know the blogger.  Wouldn’t it be too bold to comment?  Not at all!  That’s why writers write and bloggers blog – for the appreciation of their audience.

WordPress is like community theater.  Hard-working actors donate…

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  1. Thought I was leaving this comment on your blog, but then realized this was a reblog from a blogger that doesn’t “know” me.
    This is so funny. I wrote a post that had nothing to do with comment etiquette. The post was entitled Confessions of a constant commenter, it got FP’d (I do not know why, because it was lame bilge water) but people made comments telling me I shouldn’t be afraid to comment (they didn’t see “constant commenter” in the title I guess). The comment section got tatted up with links, some weird meth head babble, and remarks that I should be brave and say whatever I wanted on other people’s blogs, and so, I did a follow up post just to clarify my point was that when I see my own frustration seeping into comments, I reel myself in and rant on my own blog instead.

    I often don’t get a response to my comments. I usually respond to all comments on my blog, but I recently tried letting others have a voice without needing to add my reply to their comment. I see so many blogs that regularly get hundreds of comments with no reply from the blogger at all.

    1. That is the only down side to FP, the obvious people that just want to leave a link and haven’t read a single word of the actual post. Once way back in the early days when I was FP, I had a few people that were actually very rude, downright nasty to me and told me I wasn’t a ‘good mother’. It stung a little, I’ll admit, but it sure was fun deleting their comments. The majority of people are very gracious and kind.

      I hear you on responding to comments. I think most bloggers would love to do that, but if they have 100 comments on one post, that can be so time consuming. I personally do respond to every single comment, but that’s because that is the best part of blogging to me, that back and forth interaction. Some bloggers are huge and popular but seem to be satisfied with just having people comment and read–they don’t feel the need to respond to readers. To each his/her own, I guess.

      1. She certainly is. And so are you…you should give yourself more credit. But sometimes, when you’re busy with other things, it’s just easier to say “hear, hear” to what others write instead. Glad to see you got a bit of a break!!

  2. So … I have this friend, and she knows these two bloggers (let’s call them Meg and Carla). Meg wrote a post and then Carla reblogged it, and now my friend is wondering whether she should comment on Meg’s post, or Carla’s, or both.

    1. Hm…that is a head-scratcher. I’d have to say both. Tell your buddy Maura to leave a comment on both. If there’s one thing I know about Carla and Meg, it’s that they are both comment-whores.

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