Beautiful Child


Gasping your first breath on a cold fall day,
your hazel eyes greeted my blue.
A strand of my hair locked tight in your grasp,
I let my heart bleed into yours.

We ran together through the scarlet leaves,
our dance tinged with memories of gold.

You showed me the starry night,
the seashell warmed by the sun,
the bumpy edge of a lizard’s back.

I showed you the edge of time.

Still we giggled and breathed in the wide open sky,
as it dripped into our lungs
we drowned,
wrapped in sparkling silver threads,
laden with love’s pure promise.

I dream to be rescued
but only as a brown speck
floating in the soft moss-green of your eyes,
so I may see what I’ve always known to be,
I am you and you are me.

A beautiful child.

43 thoughts on “Beautiful Child

    1. This ALMOST made me forget that I am furious with WordPress because my reader appears to be badly broken AGAIN. None of my favorites are showing up in my reader and with my addled brain I can barely figure out who I am following (or why). Going to unsubscribe and resubscribe now…

    1. I was struggling to come up with an accurate way to describe my feelings watching my son grow up. And you’re right, it’s universal, whether you’re a parent or not. We were all once children (and are still children deep inside).

    1. I am working on another so-called ‘poem’ right now and this one is going in a completely different direction–it’s going to be funny and I’m going to read it aloud in a vlog. You’ve been warned.

      1. For reasons unknown, WordPress has deactivated my blog and I cannot access any of it. I have written several times seeking clarification without success. All 124 of my posts are no longer accessible to me, and I cannot write new ones. Apparently they see nothing wrong with suspending a blog on a Sunday morning without having any staff available to explain what happened. I have no idea if I’ll ever get back on here.

        I’ve enjoyed (hopefully) entertaining my readers and being enlightened by other writers. I hope to be back on here as soon as possible with a new post I just wrote this morning.
        I’m not optimisitic this will be resolved, as it has been quite some time since the suspension and no one has contacted me to resolve it.

        My actual name is David Lovett. If this doesn’t get fixed, please be on the lookout for the novel which I’m writing. Without a blog to post on, I’ll finally have the time to finish it.

        Love you, miss you.


      2. What the?? Unreal! Dave, that is so bizarre. You get FP’d, then you disappear completely?? I hope you get a response from WP soon. I think my heart would stop if I went to log on my blog and saw nothing. Keep us posted.

  1. I hope, Darla, as my mom struggles to live, that the last line of your poem is true–for then she will truly always be with me. I have two sisters, and I keep thinking that between the three of us, we somehow must make up the best in her–whole and complete. I so want to keep her here on this earth with me….

  2. singleworkingmomswm

    Darla, this is absolutely spiritual and soul-chasing. I love it, every word. You are so talented from one spectrum to the other! Lots of hugs from (warm) Cali. 😉 XOXO-SWM

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