The Curse of Being a Mom

My sweet and loving ten year old son has made me many cute little drawings over the years.

But lately, I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend.

Age 5:

Kudos to him for getting my teeth and eyes just right...
(Kudos to him for getting my teeth and eyes just right…)

Age 7:


Age 10.5 (today): This is what he left taped to his bedroom door:


I get this feeling he’s trying to tell me something….

87 thoughts on “The Curse of Being a Mom

      1. You will probably have nothing to do with it. I have to text my son and ask him to call so I can hear his dulcet tones. He responds “Hahaha.” Which in twenty-something-ish means “Yeah right Mom.” Sigh.

  1. Hey!!! Darla, I just saw your BLOGGER OF THE MONTH — and it’s me. I’m so very honored. Really. And I don’t even mind that you gave me the shortest month of the year. Really!


  2. Oh, I remember well the “transition” from bed time stories and spontaneous hugs to closed doors and no eye contact. They come back around. My son will be 24 this year and I am beginning to see signs that the curse is being lifted.

  3. Who’s this Reki guy, and why did you want to do him? 😉

    You are so very close to the “Leave Me Alone!!” stage. So very close. I was joking with my 7 year old son last night when he tried to sit on my lap that soon, he wouldn’t want to hug and kiss on his mamma and would be saying those 3 little words. So, all night he rolled his eyes at me and said, “whatever, mom, whatever.” He was just trying to rile me, but the good thing about a 7 year old is when you say, “very funny, but that’s enough, it’s getting annoying,” he actually stops.

    I fear the teenaged years. Stay strong, Darla. Wine and chocoloate are your friends. And Reki too, apparently.

  4. it all starts so young these days – and the teenage years — they are as bad as you hear, but also wonderful – I was afraid to have kids because they turned into teenagers–I was right to be afraid–but they are in their twenties now and I lived through it (just barely, after putting the knives that were in a wooden knife holder away)

  5. My son has never done anything like that. He’s almost 14. I think he knows that if he did, I would make him stand out in the snow until he found some perspective. I’m not kidding.

    On the other hand, if he is whacking off — I suppose he is just being courteous. And he did say “please” three times. Maybe cut him a little slack before you throw hm to the wolves.

    But keep your cookies close.

    1. Oh I get what you’re saying but to be clear, my son still shares a room with his sister. it’s not like he did it out of spite or to defy me in any way. My son always has the utmost respect for me and is always as sweet as can be….I think he did it because they’re watching a movie on DVD right now and also because they want nothing to do with me anymore.

      We are trying to convince him to move down into the basement bedroom before his hits puberty. As for now, he’s still fairly innocent enough (I know that will change drastically in the next year and I really do pray I survive it)

  6. Gotta say, he’s one savvy little kid. He instructed you to leave food and drink on the floor. My daughter wrote a similar note on her door, only she fogot to request room service!

  7. singleworkingmomswm

    Okay, Darla, I know about chocolate, for sure I know about it and it’s joyous ability to cure all female wounds, but what the heck is Reki???? I feel very sheltered all of a sudden, lol. I actually like your sons polite note. It’s politely shunning, LOL! 😉 Wow, I totally needed a laugh this morning after Maycee being sick for two weeks straight now…thaaaaaaank YOU! XOXO-SWM

    1. Oh, don’t feel sheltered at all. It’s Reiki. I was training to do Reiki a few years ago (it’s a type of energy healing) I was very impressed by how polite my son was in his note as well. He was basically saying “Um, Mom keep out! But I mean that in the nicest way possible…” Sorry Maycee’s sick for so long. Julia has a horrible cold/cough for a few weeks now she just can’t shake.

  8. Eeep. How’s your stash of booze? However big it is, you may want to consider adding to it ASAFP. Also, how old is your daughter? Because as bad as preteen and teen boys can be, I’m guessing girls are just as bad if not worse. And from what I remember of my own preteen/teen years, it wasn’t pretty. But I LOVE that he almost spelled Reiki correctly. He could have gone with Raykey or Rakee, but he was close.

    1. Weebs, I shudder at the thought of my daughter in five years (she’s six right now) I think I’d better appreciate the close relationship we have now because it will definitely change once she’s a tween/teen. I was pretty awful at that age.

      I agree, he really did a great job trying to spell Reiki! He loves everything about Reiki and asks me to do some on him all the time, it’s really cute.

  9. My son is 10 too. 10 1/4 to be exact. And I see a similar trend happening here. Although my son’s bedroom is quite small; and since he’s got a huge sheet of plywood with trains on it in there, there is even less room. In fact, I can now say that it’s so small, he has to go outside to change his mind. So, he doesn’t hide in there a lot, yet. He has taken to flopping in my bed, however. Something about it being more comfortable than his bed.

    Loving his increased independence!

    1. Ah, see you and I will be going through the same things at the same time! Great, we can commiserate together! My kids’ room is big, but each one has one side and so far, they get along, but next year I foresee him wanting to move downstairs into his own space and then I’ll never see him again.

      1. The plywood platform that is his train layout, moved upstairs to my office/ guest bedroom over this past weekend. I can see that it won’t be long before he moves into that room, and his micro bedroom becomes my office (as it was before he was born). Just not looking forward to moving the oak rolltop desk downstairs.

  10. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll have to “friend” him on Facebook just to be able to stalk him sufficiently to have a clue what he’s up to. Since you’ll be paying his cell phone bill for the next 10 years or so, make sure he’s required to answer all calls and texts from you within 30 seconds or lose the phone. That’ll take the fun right out of it for him.

    1. Ooh, I love your advice. He’s asked for a cell phone for a few years now and we’ve managed so far not to give in. But I know when he starts dating (yikes!) in a few years, I’ll want him to have one. I dread that day. I can’t text– I have no clue how to do it.

  11. At least he’s polite about it. He doesn’t think he wants anything to do with you, but don’t worry, he still needs you. I’m sure he needs you to drive him to soccer practice or something. 😛

  12. Don’t worry, Darla– I’m sure it’s only a phase. Aren’t all boys Mommy’s Boys? I love his summary of you at age 7. Reiki and chocolate pretty much sums it up. 🙂

      1. Oh, he’ll want to talk to you, when he needs money, is about to flunk out of a required college class, or his heart gets broken…It is their job to grow away and apart – our job to let them go. It’s not all that fun but necessary. I am surprised he still wants to share a room but that is kind of sweet.

    1. I still giggle when I read he wrote: my mom says “Good morning” because I don’t think I’ve EVER said that to him in my entire life. I’m pretty grumpy in the morning. But I should be thankful he didn’t write in something else.

  13. This is so true!
    And yes, as others have said, the fact that he includes “please”. Good kid.
    P.S. You have a mouth full of teeth, Darla. I sure hope you are brushing and flossing daily.

  14. Pretty soon, you’ll be skydiving with him just so you have some together time. No, I did not go, canceled because of fog, but my son went a couple of days later . . . . I love the twenties because that is when they come back and even though they don’t know all of the hell they put you through (and won’t until they have a 12 year old), they do get that they could have been a little easier on you. As for communication, I text, “Are you alive?” They text, “Yes.” And we all have a good day.

    1. After reading your comment, I’m hopeful when he’s in his 20s I might have an entire conversation with him again. It’s really strange because he was a typical ‘mama’s boy’ and we were like two best friends when he was little. We did everything together! Sniff, sniff. Now, when are you planning on going skydiving??

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