Boys Vs. Girls

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

Men say “tomato”, women say “get off yer ass and get it yourself.”

Women say “Did you hear what I just said?” and men say, “Huh?”

I suppose the take home message here is apparently men and women are different.

I guess. I don’t know.

Are men and women really that different from each other?  I’m only one month younger than my husband, and I think we’re pretty similar in many ways:

  • We both like to eat.
  • We both prefer to get sleep every night.
  • We both laugh too much at America’s Funniest Videos.
  • We both think Ryan Seacrest’s fame was purely accidental.

Yet I often wonder how we would have communicated when we were kids. See if you can spot any differences. Slide1 Slide1 Slide1

Slide1 Slide1 Slide1

My Conclusion? My husband is from Mars, I like to talk.

What do you think? In your experience, do women really talk more than men or do I just need to shut up more often? (If you’re a man, don’t answer that.)

If you’re a woman, I totally don’t think that’s true at all, do you? I mean so what if I like to have discussions and express my thoughts on things and sometimes I tend to ramble and all but really, I think gender differences are all a bunch of hooey because we are exactly the same and just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m the stereotypical never-ending-talker and he’s the one who says nothing but “Yes, dear” and “Huh?” because I know men who like totally talk a lot and women who don’t talk a lot so what do you think? Does Cory or John like me? because I totally think they do.


153 thoughts on “Boys Vs. Girls

  1. I think everyone is unique, and it’s always wrong to lump people intro stereotypes. That being said, I also think you talk too much! But why is that a bad thing? Communication is vital to any relationship. Yap on… 🙂

  2. You are hilarious, as always. My husband talks way more than I do–so I have proven your point–some people talk more than others–not some women or some men, but people ……(my husband is exactly a month older than me and I do not let him forget it for about a month–then I am silent again for another 11 months!)

    1. My husband also talks a lot. If only I would let him have a word in edgewise….But seriously, he does, he also likes to talk about his feelings, which for a man is pretty advanced and this is why I love him so.

      The birthday thing never gets old for me. His is July 25 and for the month following I’m sure to tell everyone “He’s 43 and I’m only 42!”

  3. Oh my fucking god I clicked Like! (I’m having a Like-free time on my blog, so I reckon I should on other people’s too) but this… ahahahahahahaha!!!!! 😀 This is gonna get shared on Twitter and Facebook, girl. Really. I mean… really.

    Or as my husband would say: “huh.”

    1. Best comment ever, Val. Can’t get better than that. Thank you! Because like, I totally love it when people say ‘hahaha’ because then I know for sure they really did think it was funny which is totally what I was going for and do you think John likes me?

  4. I know I talk more than my hubby! And I’m big on asking, “What are you thinking about?”, which drives him nuts…..probably because he is thinking of nothing and would rather not talk about it.

      1. Did you ever think that his real thoughts could be something like “I think I should get the oil in the car changed, and I’m trying to decide between that expensive but fast place or that other one where you have to make an appointment a week in advance, and I’m not sure they even carry the synthetic oil, but that first place keeps peddling their air filters and other crap, and there’s probably absolutely NOTHING interesting in this thought worthy of sharing out loud.”?

        1. Oh my god. You’ve just cracked the mystery wide open. (my husband really does think about those things!) Once he told me about his love for Home Depot and after about five minutes of discussing the various sizes of bolts, I drove the car into a brick wall to end it.

          1. There you go. For example, even though I find my blog stats highly fascinating, I just feel that my wife would get really bored if I try telling her all about it. But I’m very lucky that she never asks me what I am thinking.

    1. haha! Yes! Guilty. I will launch into this tirade, go on and on, my husband will listen silently.

      I wait for his response and he says nothing. Then I accuse him of not hearing me and he says “But I remember EVERYTHING you say!” and he actually does, so I give him credit for that.

      As for the thinking part I think in most cases men are probably thinking “how can I get out of this conversation without making her upset with me?”

  5. I don’t talk too much. My husband talks too little. It’s like his words are rationed and he can only use one hundred words a week or something. And how are you supposed to figure out if he still likes you and thinks your butt looks good in that dress or what he’s thinking and is he thinking that your butt looks bad or not or why won’t he say something when I ask him a direct question right in front of him I mean I don’t get it what is wrong with him????

    1. yeah, it’s not that we talk TOO much, good god that would never be true because it’s always the man who doesn’t talk enough, they just sit there and not say a word and have this blank glazed look on their faces and it drives us batty because we are dying to know what they’re really thinking and sometimes I think what they’re thinking is stuff like “I’m hungry.” and “God, is she still talking?” but then that would be stereotyping and I’m totally not down with that but in a way stereotypes are stereotypes because there’s some truth to them and I totally think John like me, what do you think?

      1. No way I do not do stereotypes it’s just that most guys I know don’t talk much at all at least to women but I think they do talk if it’s about cars or computers or something they’re interested in but not with us because they are not interested in chick flicks which I don’t know why because some of them are pretty good you know the only ones my husband will watch with me have J Lo and her butt in them I wonder if there is something to that?

      2. He likes big butts and he can’t deny? My husband will actually watch some chick flicks too but in general it has to be about explosions or star Robert Downey Jr. but I totally loved the Iron Man movies and not only because I think Robert Downey Jr is hot, because I totally think he is, but I really just enjoyed those movies, like The Avengers, god I LOVED that movie, so it’s proof that stereotypes about movies and what men and women like is not always true but I totally think Ryan Seacrest is a dolt.

  6. Le Clown

    This was better than an episode of Freaks and Geeks. And this is high praise.
    Le Clown
    PS: My wife concurs, from whatever planet she’s from.

    1. This comment made my day! I think I’m going to put “better than an episode of Freaks and Geeks in my blog byline. (God, did I LOVE that show!) Tell your wife, I feel her pain.

  7. Omigosh, Darla. Hilarious. Seriously. This dialogue continues on in our house today. It goes like this: *Hubby walks in from 18 holes of golf*

    Me: “Hi, Hubs. It was such a beautiful day! You really got lucky. I hope you had a great time with your friends. Hey, speaking of fun…while you were gone, I did like seven loads of laundry, and when you get a minute can you bring up your piles of darks and lights that are sitting on the ottoman. That would be awesome. Oh, and don’t worry, I helped Tech study his Spanish vocab words — which was really fun because, you know how much he loves to study for Spanish. After he stopped screaming, I went to the grocery store and stocked up the fridge, so we’re good there for a little while anyway. And before you freak out, they were out of those weird organic vegetarian sausage things that you eat, so I couldn’t get those, but I’ll try again tomorrow. Oh, also, the roofer is dropping off a huge blue bin because he’s starting the roof tomorrow. So how’d you play?

    Hubs: *TV is on, and he is watching golf* “Good. It was fun.”

    Just sayin’.

    So it’s golf widow season again.

    I kinda forgot.

    (Might have to turn this into a post.)

    1. Oh, Renee, you just described exactly the (one-sided) conversations I have with my husband every day when he gets home from work. I’ll just let loose with a steady barrage of verbal diarrhea. (ew, sorry) I give him a play-by-play of my day and everything that ever happened and he’s like, “Um, gee that’s great honey — can I go inside the house now?”

  8. I like puppies and cream soda and not boogers and if John is John from my class, he’s gross and a jerk anyway and I talk lots whereas my wife is a much more quiet human being so it probably just depends.

    1. John is a jerk. Thank you. (and I like cream soda too but I really, really like Vernor’s ginger ale which is a soda they only sell in Michigan and this one time I went to Detroit and every store sold Vernor’s soda and I was like totally in heaven and did you know that Eminem is from Detroit and he’s like a bad-ass rapper but I really don’t care for his music much except that one song he did with Rihanna or is it Rhianna I don’t remember but I totally can’t believe John doesn’t like me or maybe he does, do you think he does?

      1. OMG, you went to Detroit? That’s totally a scary place because of all the murders and shootings and shooting related murders, but that gives the Detroit rappers a lot of material to rap about though I guess. I like Vess Cream Soda even though it’s totally cheap, like $.25 a can! I know, right? My wife enjoys her some ginger ale, but I don’t know if she’s loyal to one brand. I hope not because we’ve been together for like 17 years and she’d be all OMG, you don’t know what kind of ginger ale I like best? And I’ll be all, holy crap, I suck at this relationship stuff, but then I’ll remember something that she does like best like diamond earrings and makeup sex and then we’ll be cool again, but I’ll still not know the answer to the ginger ale problem. I bet John is just too scared because you’re pretty and pretty smart and he’s pretty dumb and far less pretty. Have you seen him lately? If it’s my John we’re talking about, he drinks too much and has a beer gut and grabs his junk too much I think. I’ll ask him next time at happy hour if he likes you though, i’ll send a napkin that says “Do you like Darla? Check yes or no” I think he can read rudimentary words like that, but we’ll see. Good luck! I hope he says yes so you can go to the Maine State Fair and be the king and queen together!

      2. ohmigod, John is totally less prettier than me and also very disturbing and yes, Detroit is scary, we stayed in a hotel by the freeway and there was a drive-by shooting while we were there and I’m not even making this up, it’s totally true, although they do have good pizza there and Vernor’s but still I won’t be going back to Detroit anytime soon thankyouvermuch and isn’t Ryan Seacrest the worst?

    1. See this is why stereotypes are so dangerous because we really shouldn’t be running around lumping people in either the booger-eating or non-booger-eating camps. It’s just not right.

    1. No, that pretty much sums it up and I thank you for putting so many ideas in such a short succinct sentence like that because I really like shorter comments although sometimes I like to leave super long comments on people’s blogs but then I think they’d like me to just say what I mean and just end it and not go on and on because it’s totally annoying and people just don’t have the time to read comments or listen to me blah blah blah and sometimes I think Ryan Seacrest is the devil in disguise, what do you think?

    1. Oh god! That is a whole other post in itself. The phone and how much I dread talking on it. You’d think because I like to talk all the time about nonsense, the phone would be something I’d love to talk on but nope, I hate hate hate it.

  9. One more thing…for the guys: When you pee, LIFT THE DAMN SEAT and put it back down when you are done. No matter the type of woman (reserved or outgoing), they ALL go ape when there’s boy tinkle on the seat. Trust me on this one.

  10. I usually tend to be a lurker, but I feel in the name of correctness that something must be clarified. The reason people are booger eaters, and why it is important for a responsible parent to quit saying ” STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE”.
    The reason is not (just) because you are sick of finding little booger ball evidence. The main reason is found in Alan Bellows “A Booger A Day Keeps The Doctor Away: A Medical Doctor Describes the Health Benefits of Nose-Mining”. It helps to build anit-bodies to serve the child throughout his life. So let’d not be putting booger eating down, let’s embrace it as the life saving act it is.
    No more, :STOP picking your nose”, make it “You better be eating ALL of that”.
    I cannot tell you what a relief it is me me to have been vindicated after 60 years. Although the stress and strain on my heart from hiding my booger eating from poorly informed parents and classmates has apparently (in my mind) caused two heart attacks, I selcom have colds or the flu.

    1. I never knew there were so many health benefits to eating boogers! This is good to know, I’ll be sure to tell my son so maybe he’ll stop leaving them all over the house. Still, sometimes, I’d prefer he’d just leave them inside his nose where they belong. My daughter uses a tissue, (again, not trying to stereotype non-booger people with booger-people, I realize that is a huge hot-button issue)

  11. Wow. Amazing post. It made me laugh. Personally, I can say that a majority of women talk a lot more than a majority of men but what’s wrong? Talking is the best thing to do. Like really. I have a lot of guy friends and most of them (I guess all of them) can never talk as much as I do, but they would get so bored if I don’t do all the talking (I really entertain them). We women make things interesting. Just imagine how would it be if we are all quiet, regardless of a person being a man or a woman: Boring…Super boring!

    1. I know this may come as a total shock to you, but I agree with every last word in your comment. I grew up with five brothers and most of the time it was me talking endlessly and them rolling their eyes and groaning. Not that men don’t talk they just can’t out-talk us women in most cases, not that I’m saying ALL women talk a lot, just some and really, it’s not bad, it’s a good thing because we all need to communicate more in general and so what if all I want to talk about is whether John likes me or not? because I totally think he does, what do you think?

      1. I totally think he does 😉
        And communication, undoubtedly, is the key to good relationships and fun and team-work and friendships and reflections and planning and happiness and life and everything!

    1. Oh, well, that’s a whole other ballgame to me. When my kids (who both talk nonstop) finally are asleep, BOTH my husband and I are like zombies and just sit there and revel in the complete and utter silence. It’s like heaven.

  12. So funny. Yes, I’d say it’s safe to stereotype that most women talk more than men. Love your 7 year-old references, I was right there w/you and Shaun Cassidy 🙂

    1. I agree, there are plenty of other gender stereotypes I don’t buy into, but when it comes to talking, I do see differences sometimes.

      I remember reading an article though that said men and women say about the same amount of words in a day. I just don’t think men say them TO women. Maybe they might get in their car and mumble to themselves on their way to work?

      I had a Shaun Cassidy poster on my bedroom wall. (Last week. My husband made me take it down.)

      1. my husband? think he makes up all the extra words in the shower and on his commute and on the john…..he spends way too much time in all 3 places!! I think your theory about them talking to themselves is spot-on!

  13. WHOA. Is that your hub in the last picture (I know it is, but I’m in shock – it looks EXACTLY like your son!)?! We should talk about that. A lot. On Thursday. I’ll bring the Pop Rocks if you bring the Coke.

    P.S. – Is it wrong that I think Ryan Seacrest is talented? He made Brian Dunkleman-whatshisface-who-got-fired-from-Idol look like he was hosting an 8th grade talent show.

    1. JD, my son is Jim’s EXACT twin. It really blows our minds. We have several photos of Jim as a child where I swear to God it’s really my son. He’s Jim’s mini-me.

      Please, let’s talk about this on Thursday (Miss J is back in school then and I’ll be DONE with school! YAY!) and we can also discuss Pop Rocks and Brian Dunkleman, are you sure it’s not Brian Dinkleberry because I totally think that’s his real name and he was just truly awful on American Idol you’re right, but Ryan Seacrest is the most annoying celebrity to me maybe it’s because he talks more than I do?

      1. Tar-Buns

        I.Totally.Agree about Ryan Seacrest. BLAHHHH. Another example of no talent getting a great deal on what’s becoming a really bad show.
        I haven’t watched that show in years and only did a few times because a visitor wanted to watch it. That was when they had genuinely bad singers.
        But, really, Ryan Seacrest? He’s a pseudo host and he annoys the hell out of me!

  14. Great photos and thought-bubble comments, but for me, they would be reversed. That is NOT to say I like to eat boogers! I am just not a talker and most men I’ve chosen in my life are non-stop talkers. 😉

    1. See, further proof that I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about most of the time, Lorna. To give my husband credit, he really DOES talk plenty, I just don’t give him much of a chance.

  15. Every woman I know talks more than me, but that’s not saying much. I don’t talk a whole lot. I think that most women do the normal amount of talking, while most men are quieter than they ought to be.
    And that’s fine. I like to listen, except first thing in the morning. Just shut up already and let me eat my breakfast!

  16. Uh. I talk SO much more than my husband, however, when Mr. Muse does choose to utter sounds other than “manly sounds”, it’s usually when I’m talking. As soon as he finishes what he has to say, he declares, “Damn! I’m sorry – I interrupted you again.”

    My response is the perfunctory, “It’s fine…. asshole.” Then I stop talking. Cause we all know that “fine” really means “I’m totally NOT fine!”

    Seriously – he’s really quiet! I’m just happy to know he’s still alive and conscious when he does talk because it’s so seldom.

    Personally, I have a good hour or two a day where I’m talking nearly non-stop. The rest of the time, the conversation is in my head only, or monosyllabic expressions in response to statements or questions.

    1. Oh, yes, the “I’m fine” statement. I’ve perfected that comment. Him: “Are you mad at me, honey?” Me: “Oh no. I’m FINE.” Translation: Far from it.

      I also have moments when I talk a lot, usually right when my husband walks in the door. But I get it all out, then I’m pretty quiet the rest of the day. My kids tend to do all the talking in the house anyway. My daughter never stops talking. When she was born she immediately said, “Oh, hi, Mom, did you put a purple hat on my head? because I totally don’t like purple I like pink much better and do you know what my favorite color is? because it’s pink but not blue , I don’t like blue and”

      1. LMFAO the two times I talk the most: first thing in the morning with Mr. Muse, and on the commute home with Mr. Muse or as soon as he walks in the door. Otherwise, yeah – I’m REALLY silent. If he doesn’t hear a peep from me every few hours, he comes to see if I’m okay. LOL.

        Growing up my nickname was “Motor Mouth” cause I didn’t shut up!

    1. Weren’t you listening to a word I’ve said, X? Hmm? No? You just sit there and stare at the TV and watch Deadliest Catch and Hard Core Pawn while I tell you about everything that happened today and all you have to say for yourself is “Huh?” Don’t you care, X? Don’t you care that I’ve been dealing with all this stuff today and you continue to just nod your head and shovel food in your mouth and act like nothing’s happened? I mean, don’t you have an opinion? Isn’t Ryan Seacrest the worst?

  17. Funny! I love when my husband is trapped in the car with me. This past weekend we had a family function 4.5 hours away and not only did I not stop talking, but I read him some of my blogging posts and he had NO choice but to listen! hee,hee.

    1. Now that is an idea. Coincidentally, my husband and I are going away (without kids!) for the weekend soon and it’s a long drive up the coast. He’ll be trapped and I can talk for at least 2 hours!

  18. I remember reading a study that claimed women, on average, say 20,000 words per day, which is 13,000 more than men. The study also showed that men think about sex every 52 seconds, thoughts about sex enter a woman’s brain only once per day. My synopsis, is that men are indeed simple creatures. Give them food and some loving and they’re happy as can be.

    By the way, I love your new ‘About Darla’ image in the sidebar. Who designed this lovely piece?

    1. I remember that study, and I would have to agree with it. Also the sex thing. I still find it amazing men think about sex that much. That can’t be really true, you think?

      Oh, thanks about the new image, it was an old picture from a few years ago I slapped up there. Trying to spruce the digs up around here a bit.

  19. My husband actually admitted that he only pays attention to first sentence of anything … conversation, email, etc. That’s less words that a tweet will allow in order for me to communicate any possible thought with him. How am I supposed to accomplish that? I mean, really? He might not be from Mars but he definitely doesn’t want to talk. And, by the way, I totally wanted to have twin Donny and Marie’s and would have absolutely sung “Paper Roses” all day long to them. While we made cookies in my Holly Hobby EZ Bake Oven, of course.

  20. Hi Darla! Great pictures. 🙂 When I was younger, I was a motor mouth. You couldn’t shut me up, and I knew everything about everything. Now that I’m older, I don’t enjoy talking so much, and I use Google a lot. My husband is a talker, and he goes on and on and on and on and takes forever to tell me something. My shoulders get slumpy, and I start whimpering while I wait for him to get to the end. And why he would think I’m interested in the repair work he’s doing on the motorcycle is beyond me anyway. He’s six years younger than me. He’s so immature.

    1. P.S. For the record, I’ve never eaten a booger. I always thought that was a guy thing. And hahaha … hahaha … hahaha … baton twirling, drunken Christmas singing (which was actually very good), and all around fun vlogging. Your hair is really long now, and I’m pretty sure the same black shoe was around until the end. I think it was just peeking around the corner in the last vlog. Thanks for some good entertainment today.

      1. Maddie, I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see those old dusty vlogs get some new viewing! I checked my stats just now and thought, someone is actually watching the old vlogs again?! Then I watched one and thought, how embarrassing, good god, what was I thinking? The stuff I do for blogging.

  21. Sounds like you are like 95% of all women and your husband is like 95% of all men. I recently remarried after being widowed for 3 years. My previous husband was like yours, not speaking much. My new husband never stops talking and I have taken a back seat. So, our roles are reversed. I must say though, that being on the other side and not speaking much is quiet peaceful 🙂 I wish I had discovered it years ago 🙂

    1. Y’know, the older I get, the less I talk. It kind of zaps my energy. My husband actually does talk a lot more than most men, it’s just that I talk much much more than a normal human being. I agree with you in that silence is golden. I cherish those rare moments, it’s very zen.

  22. Mr. Rache talks a lot, way more than I do, but only about things *I think* don’t matter. When it comes to the important stuff – when I need DETAILS – he speaks in headlines. Or says things like, “Oh, you know, it was fine.” No, I don’t know – TELL ME! So overall, the talking balances out equally.

    I have much to say about your hair in these photos, though. It’s so, so pretty. I want to brush it, french braid it, put it in pig tails, curl it, and put purple sparkly bows in it.

    1. ha! That is SO true! Jim does the headline thing. He’s so vague, it drives me crazy.

      About the hair, I’m wearing purple sparkly bows right now, how did you know? (I’m actually getting my hair chopped off this week!) My fave hair in these photos is Jim’s “Rick Springfield” look in the tie photo.

  23. Your posts always make my day. I’m one of the quieter females… Between the two of us, my boyfriend definitely has more to say. Unless I’m in the mood for a rant. THOSE can be endless. 😀

    Also, I think they both like you but Cory’s a dillweed and John smells like cheese and…like, who needs that?

    1. Before I posted this, I actually asked his approval. “would it be ok if I told everyone you ate boogers?” He thought it was awesome and laughed his ass off (and no, he kicked that habit years ago)

  24. My husband will talk to me on the phone, but I don’t think he is actually talking just agreeing to listen until he can say, “I have to pay attention to the road, gotta go now.”

    Of course, he also says Stupid Shit, which I write down and blog about.

    This was a perfect post.

  25. I also like talking. A lot. Usually, I don’t say anything worth listening to, but every now and then I have a gem of wisdom. Or humor. Or something. I’ve actually been told by my male friends that they will intentionally not stop me from talking just because they want to listen to me ramble because it’s funny. I’m pretty sure what they really mean is “the sound of your voice is so much more melodious and beautiful than our stupid guy voices and we don’t really have anything to say that is more important that everything you have to say.” So maybe that’s what your husband means, too?

    1. I would love to think that’s what he’s thinking. Something tells me he’s just managed to block most of what I say out and really only hears a “mwah mwah mwah” like the adults speaking to Charlie Brown.

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      1. Hey! I pay you a compliment, and you INSULT me? That’s a heck of a welcome back gift! :p
        Yeah, had to go Amish for a while, or at least as far as blogs and Email were concerned. I’m not 100% back, I’m still trying to find the right balance between annoying you guys and reading useless information about long-extinct warships and other crucial topics. Don’t worry, though, you’re one of my favourite people to annoy. 😉

      2. Yes! Score! I am thrilled I’m one of your fave people to annoy! It’s like I’ve hit the big time.

        Sorry you had to go Amish for a bit…although I hear ya on that one. Thinking of taking a long bloggy break very soon and I have to say I’m a bit excited about it, although I know I’ll miss it.

  27. I’m not sure if it is Cory or John who likes you, but it could also be Steve or even Ken. The only way to know for sure is to make one of those paper cootie-catcher-deals with all your love-interest options spelled out. In pencil.

    (ps I have been swamped and MIA on the blogoshere, which is the only way I missed giving this awesome blog the love it deserved right away. I laughed coffee out my nose! All over my good suit. I’m sending you my dry cleaning bill.)

    1. Paper cootie-catcher-deals? Cool. I want one. All my troubles would be solved!

      Sorry about the dry cleaning bill…um…do I owe you a coffee too? Did I mention I’m broke as a joke?

  28. I don’t know what made me laugh more, the words or the pictures. This is too, too funny, and my husband falls into the category of just saying, “Yes, Dear.” Then he doesn’t really have to listen.

    1. The photos still make me laugh, especially Jim’s musical note tie one. I’ll never let him live that one down.

      I think “yes, dear” is the go-to phrase for most men, it lets you think they’re listening and also agreeing to everything you say — which, let’s face it, is how it should be.

  29. Holy crap, this is funny. You always have me laughing out loud with your posts, Darla. That’s not a small feat. Mr. Weebles is not a talker at all. I, on the other hand, am a talker. He and I would have had very similar conversations as you and your husband when we were younger. I would have yattered away about anything and everything, and he would have said, “I like sports. And boogers.” Come to think of it, it’s not that much different now.

    1. Why am I not surprised you and I are so similar?

      And to know I made you laugh our loud for real has made my day.(I’m ashamed to admit this but I was laughing so hard I was crying at the photo of my husband with the matching Pac Man hat and t-shirt and snazzy tube socks saying “and I like to eat boogers”

  30. 🙂 very cute post… well my husband talks more than i do…but the conversation is limited to gadgets only 😉
    most men have a very short memory span i feel..they cant concentrate when conversations do not interest them….so that results in ‘huh’…or ‘whatever’…they simply do not listen…they hear..hehehe

  31. I talk a lot! Probably a bit too much sometimes. I get carried away when I meet someone and wind up telling them things you probably don’t need to know when you first meet someone!

    1. Oh, and my hubby talks waaay more than me. Sometimes I just nod along in that half-listening sort of way. I’m terrible like that. And then when he asks me if his pants make his butt look too big, I go, “Huh?”

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  33. This was awesome, DarDar! So true and the photos were breathtaking. I will never get over Jim’s tie.

    When we had our first child starting preschool, who at the time was of course the best thing who ever breathed oxygen, my husband was overly proud of her and her verbal skills. He noted that when he dropped her off at preschool one day and she said, “Miss Sharon, when will we go outside today?” The boys around her were asking the same question in the form of, “Ball.”

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