How Movies Teach Us

Let’s face it — the only time you ever learn anything worthwhile in life is when you’re watching a movie.

Here’s just a sampling of lessons I’ve learned:

  • Never fall asleep with your hand between two pillows.


  • When floating in the frigid ocean, find a bigger door.


  • If high school’s social injustices are bringing you down, just dance. It’ll be okay.


The last one was from one of my favorite teen-angst movies, The Breakfast Club.

Or as I like to call it,  The One Where Judd Nelson Goes All Punk On Emilio Estevez’s Ass.

Thoughtsy, from the hilarious and Pop-Tart-y blog Thoughts Appear, has often bestowed upon her readers the lessons she’s learned from movies in her brilliant series, Movies Teach Us. 

And dude, I was like, totally stoked to have a chance to write about  The One Where Ally Sheedy is Super Disgusting.

So listen up punks, because you’re in detention now–
click on this link —> The Breakfast of Champions

…and maybe you’ll learn a few things from The Breakfast Club.
(If you’ve learned any other lessons, be sure to leave them in the comments.  I could use all the help I can get.)