Firsts and Lasts with Pegoleg


Sometimes you meet someone on WordPress and things immediately connect in a mystical way. You simply ‘get’ that person in ways you can’t quite explain and a strong friendship is formed.

Peg from the spectacularly entertaining blog, Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings, is one of those people I am blessed to have met in my bloggy world.

What was it about her? Maybe it was her gravatar that screamed: Yeah, so what? I’m whimsical and cool, and I like to chill on playground equipment — deal with it.

Or perhaps it was when we first traded barbs in our many epic captioning battles over at
The Good Greatsby’s contests (which he has since sadly retired and I still haven’t forgiven him yet).

But mainly, it’s her personality that shines through her stellar writing: she’s warm, welcoming, witty and I’m big time jealous of her in ways I won’t go into here.  And she’s the Queen of Microsoft’s Paint program. Check out this Pegcasso masterpiece:
Climbing the WordPress Reader.

She’s also a WordPress Recommended Humor Blogger, and has been Freshly Pressed so many fricking times (5 or 6, I lost count),  she had to go and create her own Freshly Pegged award–no doubt the highest blogging honor.


Now that my gushing’s out of the way, (I love you, Peg!) let’s dig deep into her personal life for our own shallow entertainment! Yeah! I’m sure she won’t mind.

Please, give a warm welcome to my June Blogger of the Month:



Blog Post:  “Bye-Bye Baby” detailed my happy/sad feelings about our daughter going off to college.  (I don’t count the short-lived blog I had on Another Blog Site to chronicle a trip to Ireland)

Kiss: Randy Strohman, during a game of Spin-The-Bottle at Keith O’Brien’s house in 8th grade.  Not that it was any big deal – I barely remember it.

Love: My cousin Mark in 2nd grade.  He was hot with his buzz-cut hair, coke-bottle glasses and little suit coat and clip-on tie. I spent the majority of my First Communion party chasing him around my parents’ house in my white dress and veil, much to his disgust.

Childhood Memory:  My earliest memory is my Dad leaping and pirouetting around our bedroom, swatting mosquitoes on a hot and steamy summer night while we laughed and laughed.

Moment I met my significant other: It was at the disco (whoo, whoo!). I was out with co-workers I didn’t know well, having been in this new job/city/state for only a month.  I had had a few cocktails and that meant my feet would not stay still. A cute guy in a suit and tie was talking to one of the girls in my group. I figured he was safe since he was a friend of a friend, so I asked him to dance.  It turned out he didn’t know my co-worker at all and was trying to pick HER up!  He got me instead.


Possession I would take if my house were on fire: Photo albums and home movies. And kids artwork and creative writing projects from grade school.  And letters and cards from family members over the years and…might as well roast a marshmallow over me, because by the time I gather all my stuff together, I’ll be toasted.

Job I had:  First real job with a paycheck was as a cashier at Valley Drug Store.  I spent almost every paycheck on makeup.  A few weeks after I started, I fell for a trick that was older than my grandma.  Somebody called and asked if we had Prince Albert in a can.  I spent 20 minutes in the storeroom looking for it.

Thing I think God will say to me at the pearly gates:  It was nowhere near enough, Peg.  But at least you tried.



Blog Post: What To Do When Mother Nature Crashes The Wedding: A Bride’s Guide [editor’s note: yet another brilliant/hilarious post]

Thing I cooked: No-Bake cookies.  Don’t judge.

Movie I saw:  “Music & Lyrics” with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.  We had it on in the background as I cooked and my daughter, Liz, worked at the kitchen counter when she was home last weekend.

Song I listened to:  Alan Parsons Project – Eye In The Sky.  I tend to listen to the same couple of groups on YouTube at work (this, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, Gilbert O’ Sullivan, etc) over and over and over and… I’m so open to new experiences.

Book I read:  J.K. Rowlings’ “The Casual Vacancy”.  It’s nothing like Harry Potter, but I loved this book as well.  I miss the characters since I finished it last week. (That’s the last NEW book I read.  Since then I’ve been rereading Jonathon Kellerman, Lee Childs and Georgette Heyer.  Lately I’ve been reading them over and over and …  See comment above about songs.  I have a problem with change, apparently.)

Reality TV show I watched: I’m typing this on Wednesday in hopes that “Toddlers & Tiaras” will be on tonight.  Oh, how I’ve missed those tantrum-throwing, ruffled-sock-wearing, spray-tanned little divas.

...and our hair-sprayed- sequined-tutu-wearing-tantrumming will begin in 3....2....1...
“…and our hair-sprayed- sequined-tutu-wearing-tantrumming will begin in 3….2….1…”

Person I kissed:  the Hubster

Time I cried:  Just now, thinking of my Dad and the mosquitoes.  Thanks, Darla.

Time I laughed hysterically:  Can’t remember.  That’s kind of sad.

Time I told a little white lie: Someone asked me if I had the answers to my guest post questionnaire completed and I said “Just about.  I’ll send it right over in a jiff!”  Hadn’t started it yet. [editor’s note: oh, you are GOOD.]

Time I did something really scary:  I’m not much for scary.  I avoid horror movies and scary rides and tend to stick with the safe and comfortable.  Boy, that looks kind of sad, too.

Time I swore like a sailor: What time is it?  It’s a bit of a guilty secret that I swear like a sailor when I’m by myself and either I’m attacked by an inanimate object (like a table leg) or frustrated by a lousy driver.  Shh- don’t tell.


Embarrassing moment:  OK, let’s get real here. Something about my lunch of burritos and baked beans acted powerfully on my digestive system yesterday.  I was in the dining room last night when my “bean relief valve” was tripped.  Thank goodness I was all-alone!  From the living room the Hubster shouts “Hey, I heard that!”  And they say the romance is gone after 30 years.

Good deed I did:  This is tough for me. I’m of the opinion that if I broadcast my good deeds here on earth, I forego a heavenly reward for them.  Suffice it to say the kidney I ripped out of myself this morning with my bare hands is really gonna make somebody’s day.

Indulgence: Today. Taking time away from work to surf the interwebz, reading the offerings of all my talented blogger friends like you, Miss Dorka Darlypants Darliciousness.


82 thoughts on “Firsts and Lasts with Pegoleg

  1. Oh, my. Those pictures of our Peg are priceless. I am envisioning her and her future husband in a Saturday Night Fever scene. This was great and a wonderful way to start my day…

      1. Skillz? I am officially passing over the Paint Master baton to you. You are a genius. How’d you know I used to favor green sparkle shoes in my pre-red period?

  2. Tar-Buns

    Congratulations on being the Blogger of the Month, Pegoleg!
    I enjoyed the review of firsts and lasts. Enjoy your fame 🙂

    1. Fame is fleeting. Friendship is the stuff that lasts. Unless you can get the fame to hold on for a really, really long time, in which case, to hell with friends.

  3. Great choice for your bogger o’ the month, Denise! I read books over and over again, too, Peg! Now I’m off to Amazon The Casual Vacancy on your recommendation. Haven’t read it yet!

      1. I don’t think I ever got into John Irving. I’ll give it another try if you say so, Denise.

        I think you’ll like The Casual Vacancy, Rache. It’s definitely not a kids book, but very well written.

  4. How do I get a ride in that sweet convertible?? After reading this, I really cannot wait to read more of both of your blogs! I hope you don’t mind as I elbow my way right into this conversation. Maybe I’ll even get really brave and ask someone to do the hustle.

      1. Y’know, X–that is true. I could do my own caption contest.

        But then I’d have to go and do actual work…post funny photos, judge everyone’s captions, post voting polls, pick a winner. I’m way too lazy to do that shit. (might be why Greatsby stopped and why Bryonic Man hasn’t done one in awhile?)

  5. You spent 20 minutes looking for Prince Albert in a can! Oh Peggles, and here I thought I couldn’t love you more. Most excellent interview / blogger ‘o the month.

    “Pegcasso masterpiece” – HA! Perfect, DP.

      1. I’m tearing apart the storeroom with the guy on hold on the phone. I get back there, all out of breath and said “no, I’m afraid we don’t have it in the can, just in the pouch.” Talk about killing a punchline. They guy’s like “oh, um, well if you HAD him in the can, you’d better let him out.” and I’m all like “huh???” I didn’t get it.

      2. Thanks to Peg for explaining this one. I am so naive and gullible and was secretly trying to figure out the punchline for this one– but to no avail! (BOOK SMART DOES NOT EQUAL STREET SMART!) Now I know, and I’ll have to phone up some random drug store and ask if they have Prince Albert in a can. 😉

  6. Brilliant. You two are just two peas in a pod, now aren’t ya now?

    Oh, and where can I get my hands on one of those hats? You know how I feel about NKOTB!! 😉

      1. I couldn’t figure that out at all. Thanks for translating. I’ll let you borrow my hat sometime, Misty, if you’ve got a really important court case.

  7. Your pictures had me doing the Coffee Spew Of Keyboard Death. That sequined Huggy Bear cap – oh, my sweet lord!!!!

    You have no idea how hard it was to smuggle that sheep into Studio 54, but he was my favorite dancing partner – really light on his hooves.

    What a way to start the week…the month…the second half, er, 7/12th of the year! Thanks so much, Darla. You’re the greatest!

  8. Peg – I love that you spent your entire paycheck from the Valley Drug Store on make-up. My first job in high school was at a drug store also. Let’s just say I had more glitter eye-shadow that should be legal for one person to own.

    Darl…I mean, Stephanie – I see a new career for you creating avatars.

    1. Oh, criminy with the glitter eye shadow. Soooo necessary at the disco. I’d get Seventeen magazine and try out makeup tips but I could never really figure it out, so I didn’t wear makeup very often. I just liked to look at my stash all pretty and sparkly in the little cases.

    2. Add me to the list of working at a drug store in high school. My very first real job too! (well, after babysitting and paper routes…) I spent all my moulah on gum and Van Halen CD’s.

      Thanks, Jackie, but I think my skills pale in comparison to Pegcasso’s.

  9. Pingback: In The Merry Month Of June | Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings

  10. Peg is the perennial favorite — every damn one of her blog posts pisses me off with “why can’t I write that good”-ness. And to have a husband who dances just adds icing to the cake. Then again, my husband never comments about farts, so I have that going for me …

    XX. Congrats, Peg. You should be haulin’ in big bucks for these answers.

    1. Elyse, you sweetie! After we danced the night away, I was never able to drag him out on a dance floor again. Talk about false advertising – I should sue.

      1. That makes me feel soooooooo much better. I tell my husband frequently that my next husband will dance. He stares back at me blankly. Sigh.

        If you sue the person you’re married to, you still only get half. If you bump him off, you either get it all or a jail sentence and free healthcare.

  11. You two are truly hilarious! I am so glad I came across both your blogs. I have learned so much from you. You are also the reason people give me strange looks when I’m in public as I sit with my laptop open, laughing my ass off at your posts. Love the vision of Peg chasing her cousin in her First Communion dress. 🙂 Congrats! 🙂

    1. …And, of course, not just MS Paint skills, but also the blog post skills, and the willingness to use her own blog to right the WordPress’ Freshly Pressed injustice.

    2. I know, right? We’re probably the last 2 people on the planet who use it. I downloaded Gimp and have tried my dangest to figure it out, but to no avail. I don’t think I’m teachable anymore.

  12. Um … Peg, sweetie? Letting ‘er rip and having the hubby yell something OTHER than “Oh my GOD!!!” is a sign the romance is good and strong. Trust me, I speak from experience! 😉
    And thanks, Darla, for this wonderful insight into Our Miss Peggy! 😀

        1. Notice that I am being a gentleman, and NOT picking up on the preceding line of that quote “It is a tale told by an idiot”. 😉
          I think the shorthand phrase you’re looking for is “noisy but benign” – as opposed to “silent but deadly”. 😀

  13. I hope one day to be a First and Last. I guess right now I have to settle for being in Italy in, finally, sunshine. Just wanted you to know I have my priorities right. 🙂

      1. Then I probably shouldn’t tell you about the wine tasting that turned into wine drinking last night. Some of the best I’ve ever had. And if I can get the laptop out of the Mister’s hands, I’ll blog about it all.

  14. Here I thought I couldn’t laugh harder, this is wonderfully done. The pictures and the answers, don’t know both are so good. Love Freshly Pegged, think it is better than Freshly Pressed even since I have found much awesomeness there.

    1. Thanks Judy. That Darla is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Which I know because Darla actually used to OWN a barrel full of monkeys. She kept them in her parents’ spider-filled basement, enslaved with the promise of Doritoes.

  15. winsomebella

    You two have edged the humor gauge of WordPress further up the scale than any other duo. I need a tutorial from Peg to learn how to do those fabulous selfies in Paint :-).

  16. Oh, this is just great. Another award for the Pegster while the rest of us go wanting. If only these awards didn’t have anything to do with writing talent, but alas……

    1. It’s not an award, Al. It’s d’arltagnan’s attempt to get other people to do her blog-writing work for her. Mighty successful tactic, I might add.

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