The Post Where I Explain Humor, Life, the Universe and Everything

What’s funny? What do you find amusing? What makes something hilarious? How does someone get to be so humorous?

No, really. I’m asking you. (And it seems I’ve run out of synonyms for ‘funny’)



Recently, I was posed these questions and more by Michelle, a WordPress Editor over at The Daily Post blog.

Along with a roundtable of other fantastically humorous bloggers — like one of my faves, Fear No Weebles–we explore what’s so damned funny. Thank god, because I had no solid answers.  Well, I had one, but it involved headlocks and farts. Hey, she asked.

So if you’re into the funny, please meet me over there today at
Make ‘Em Laugh: Five Funny Favorites on the Art of Humor Writing to see if we can figure out this humor business together.

And feel free to leave a comment. Ask me and the other bloggers a question, preferably a funny one.

C’mon, make me laugh! Right now! What, you think I’m funny? Funny how? Like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I’m here to frickin’ amuse you? Is that it?

Yeah, that’s it.

61 thoughts on “The Post Where I Explain Humor, Life, the Universe and Everything

  1. Excellent advice given over there, Darla!

    You confirmed something for me: farts are always funny.

    My question: how do I make a food blog funny? (You know it’s my dream to be a humor blogger.)

    1. Oh that’s easy, RP! Just be a bad cook like me. No? yeah, you couldn’t be as bad as me if you tried.
      The fart one is the only comment I thought, Surely, Michelle won’t publish THIS one….(payback to my brothers for sure)

      1. I’m so sorry, Darla, I didn’t realize it was love. I thought it was mostly lust and the sweet child support you could get. I’d have probably not said anything had I known you loved him. I fear crossing Maine folks…the whole Steven King thing ya know.

    2. You can do it, Rachel! Food can be very funny. I wrote “not for anal insertion” on somebody’s banana in the break room and it made me laugh out loud, but I’m stupid like that. Did you ever read my chopped or follow up to that post? They’re sort of food related!

      Great stuff, Darla! You’re pretty ok in my book.

        1. Lol. I know, right?! I feel like your dog and I just ate your delicious steak from the table before you even got a bite and now I’m dragging my asshole all over your newly cleaned carpet! It was Rachel’s fault. I thought she had apparent authority. MISTYSLAWS, that’s a real thing, right??

    3. Since it has already been established that farts are always funny, try to incorporate them into your food blog. For instance you could come up with a rating system based on how many farts a particular meal is likely to produce.

  2. Oh, Darla, I do think you’re funny. Because you have a great take on the weird ways life leaves me with my mouth hanging open, saying “huh?”

  3. You are the wind beneath my wings. And I would have liked to read more of your answers, especially the one about headlocks and farts. Because I have a hard time not letting one rip when I’m in a headlock.

    1. hahaha! Oh lordy. Why? Why must Michelle print my fart answer? It looks like I was the one doing the farting. It was my brothers doing the farting, I swear! I REALLY should have worded that differently.

      See? more proof you should never answer interview questions while drunk on cheap white wine.

        1. Duly noted. What can I say? when I got the email from Michelle I panicked, broke out into a cold sweat and thought, “she thinks I’m funny? ME? WHY ME? OH GOD!I can’t handle this pressure! WHY MEEEEE?”

  4. Good stuff. You are definitely funny on a pretty consistent basis which is hard. I liked the one comment by one of the panelists that once people think you are funny then anything you say is funny. Thats so true. Anyway, fun interview… and when all else fails make a fart joke, say a few swear words… well that works with me at least!

    1. That is so true. Once someone thinks you’re funny, why, you could say anything lame and people will think it’s funny. So….what are you saying here, Steve? 😉

      Well, my fart story had a few more lines that were cut. Namely, that my cruel brothers often tortured me and this is why I have a sense of humor. It was a defense mechanism.

      1. Don’t worry your fart joke definitely isn’t lame… WAIT have you been making us laugh with the same fart joke over and over again?!? Sneaky Darla, sneaky! Just kidding! 🙂 Now, that thing about cruel brothers has me thinking… I have two older ones, maybe I have that same defense mechanism!

  5. Darla, you had me at the ‘Profile Pic’ post! You’ve been causing me to have belly laughs ever since! I am not a humor writer myself. But, I do know that humor is definitely one of your giftings.

    Your transparency is so endearing. So effortless. Congrats on being featured in The Daily Post. You are a tough act to follow!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Anka! That really means a lot to me. I have to admit I was thrilled to be asked for this interview and more than a little nervous. It was daunting to try and answer those questions…y’know without appearing stupid. Really, I can’t explain humor any more than I can explain why I have blue eyes. But I tried.

  6. “Daily Post”???? How did I not know about this? This is EPIC! Congratulations, Darlinski, I’m so psyched for you! Heading on over to read before I run out of punctuation marks here!!!!!

  7. I did not know what this Daily Post jazz was but thanks for the link and congrats on being one of their drole divas! I just started reading you and I enjoy your blunt and honest approach to several of life’s most pressing topics, like having Jason Bateman’s baby. Please keep up the good work.

  8. I have a question: would you rather be rich and boring, or poor and funny?
    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo PROFOUND for a Thursday evening.
    It’s a ridiculous question. Of COURSE you’d rather be rich and boring, because then you could pay for someone to teach you how to be funny.
    P.S. I’ve just discovered you and I’m almost colon-shiveringly pleased that I have 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Stacie. I have to admit, I struggled with those questions. I never really analyzed humor or why something is funny before. My answers were edited down a lot though. I had much more to say.

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