Le Clown Visits Maine…and Never Leaves

d0fdefa19c702fda4f9f2b31f231a380Le Clown, author of the hugely popular and super-duper magical blog, A Clown on Fire, recently asked if he could drop by my fair state for a quick visit — maybe chow down on a few hot-buttered lobster rolls or share a shot of blueberry maple syrup.
Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

A clown? In Stephen King’s home state?

It reminded me of something, although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it….


Yeah, you don’t wanna miss what happened when
She’s a Maineiac met Le Clown.


Click below to find out if he survives. (insert long, drawn-out maniacal laughter here)

Welcome to Stephen King’s nightmare, Le Clown.

***profanity warning*** My post is riddled with curse words. I had a very good time writing it.