Happy Double 1s, Little Man

This week is my son’s birthday.

From the very beginning, I knew he was going to be a handful. He refused to vacate his comfy home for his due date, deciding instead to roll around in my belly like the Tasmanian Devil partying in a hot tub.


Today, my son is the sweetest, kindest, most adorable-est boy in the universe.  He’s still got a bit of the Taz in him, but that’s okay.  He’s the light of my life.

So it only seems fitting that I show the world my sweet Baby Boo in all his glory (and in the process, call him by as many nauseatingly cutesy nicknames as I possibly can.)




Of course, I would never ever think of posting some of his extra-adorable/horribly embarrassing photos.


Because that would just be plain wrong.

ChristianRiver 002

But I’m a mom and if exposing my son’s unbearable cuteness is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

xmas06 001

And it definitely would be wrong of me to post a video of him at the age of five doing a lovely spaztastic dance number.

Dear CJ — my Chub-Bub, my BaBoo, my Lil’ Buddy — I love you more than the moon and stars (even more than trucks and cars).


EXIF/JPEG image with thumb

Happy 11th Birthday! I’m so happy to be your mom!


64 thoughts on “Happy Double 1s, Little Man

    1. I still can’t believe he’s going to be 11. Isn’t it wild? Blows my mind. I still call him Baboo, though. That will never change. Just gotta remember not to call him that in front of his roommates when I drop him off at his college dorm.

  1. The pictures are perfect! My favorite is him sitting in the big plastic container that held the actual toys you paid loads of money on so he could play. Happy Double Ones to your adorable son. All the best for him to have a wonderful year ahead.
    Ps. My son is almost 19 and I still call him Bubba Lou at times, including in front of his girlfriend. I heard her say “what did your mom say?” and he said “Oh, she calls me Bubba Lou.” No embarrassment, just matter of fact. Chub-Bub will live on!

    1. Ha! I know, he always got more enjoyment out of dumping the toys out and sitting in the container. All the money we wasted!

      I am thrilled that your son doesn’t mind the cutesy nicknames even at 19. I do call my son Baboo ALL the time and so far he hasn’t rolled his eyes at me.

  2. Oh, man, you win the “Most Annoyingly Lovable Mom” award! My sons will be so happy that I am passing it on…..
    He really is adorable. Happy Birthday to “Boo” and to you!

  3. Happy Double Ones to you, Baboo. May you give your mom many more opportunities to embarrass you over the next 100 years or so. During which you will remain “Baboo” to us all.

  4. Happy double hockey sticks CJ!!! Seeing CJ in the tubs looks very familiar. And the one of him in the sink is also familiar. Aren’t they more fun as they get older? At least so far? Congratulations!! (I hope you take it as a compliment when I totally steal this idea for my Little Man’s b-day in 2 months).

  5. dentaleggs

    So cute but so strange. What is it about boxes that drives kids to sit in them? Our six-year-old still tries to stuff herself in the smallest box possible. When I ask her why all she says is, “I just like it, Mom.” No rhyme or reason. I have to repsect that. We don’t want to censor her, you know?

  6. Oh my god, what is he DOING in the sink?? That is hysterical!

    Happy Happy to your always-will-be-your-baby boy. I tell my boys that all the time when they insist they are NOT babies. Tough, kid. The price of having a loving and awesome mom!

    Hope CJ has a fabulous day!!

  7. Look at those dimples! I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your firstborn enter double digit years. Hopefully, you can still squeeze in cuddle time with your little man!

  8. That kid has got some serious moves — that handstand-kick move is definitely legit. I am probably going to give that the old college try the next weekend that I drink like I’m still in college. Happy birthday to him and happy birth day to you!

  9. Wow, he really likes sitting in stuff.

    So how far along were you in that pic? Kiefer is teasing me because I’m actually paying attention to pregnant women’s bellies now and have no concept of how far along they are.

    1. Although I look like I’m about to explode in that picture, I was only 7 months along, maybe 7 and a half. Hard to believe I had MORE room in there. I do remember when I was almost full term and some guy stopped me at Target and asked me if I was smuggling a beach ball under my clothes. He was lucky I didn’t punch him in the throat.

    1. I am petrified of puberty, Joe. My son had his physical at the doc’s and we talked about body odor and sex. Talk about awkward conversations. He’s still got two more years until he’s a teen I’m not in any rush.

  10. Great dance moves, but what will he do at his prom where there won’t be a coffee table?

    I once watched my son ricochet from one room to the next as I sat exhausted. I told him, “All that energy came from ME, and I want some of it back!” I’m pretty sure he was moving faster than the speed of sound and didn’t hear me…

    Hope your son had a happy birthday and you all survived the sugar highs!

    1. With his nonstop energy, I’m sure he’ll be busting a move at the prom like Kevin Bacon in Footloose, jumping off of tables etc. He’s always been high energy and still is, I wish I had one tenth of his energy.

  11. Awww, happy 11th birthday to Baboo!! Those photos aren’t nearly embarrassing enough, although the one of him in the sink is close. You’ll need to gather a lot more material for when he starts bringing girls home.

    1. You are so right, that sink one still isn’t enough of a humiliating photo. I have others that are much much worse but I had to draw the line. Didn’t want my son to be mortified for all eternity when he discovers my blog post years from now.

  12. I’m so sorry I missed your little man’s birthday, Darlmominator. Hope it was wonderful! Thanks for all the nauseatingly cute pictures and nicknames. (cynical coverup to hide fact that I’m wiping a tear away – where does the time go?)

    ps You are absolutely radiant in that first picture – what a beauty!

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