I Think the Fox Says, “Never Eat Raisinitos”

Hey guys! Happy Halloween from Merida and Luigi!


I’ve got a few quick questions for you. I’m trying to keep my pulse on the popular culture, so I can stay hip, down with the groove and all that jazz.

My son tells me I should start by not calling it ‘the popular culture’.
Whatevs, dude.

I need your help to clear some things up for me. I take it most of you young whippersnappers enjoy mindlessly clicking on things?

So c’mon! Let’s poll the night away, kids!

What does Kim Kardashian actually do all day long?


Is What Does The Fox Say? song straight from the gates of Hell?


What does ‘twerking’ mean?

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Celebrity Sightings

What should I hand out to the trick-or-treaters this Halloween?


Okay, that’s enough. Thanks for your valuable input.

And in the spirit of Halloween, I invite you all to visit Go Jules Go right now to see a video she made of Mr. Maineiac and Lil’ Maineiac (my 11-year-old son) and other bloggers taste-test a ridiculous flavor combo of Doritos mixed with Raisinets.

Click here—-> EPIC POST ALERT. (They even tried it with Cool Ranch to add an extra amount of Blech.)

What is the oddest/most disgusting flavor combination of food you’ve tried and actually liked? Leave it in the comments so I’ll be sure to never try it.


Be sure to stay tuned for my Blogger of the Month interview tomorrow, Nicole of The Middlest Sister — it’s also pretty dang epic.

94 thoughts on “I Think the Fox Says, “Never Eat Raisinitos”

    1. Yeah, I don’t much like Twizzlers or Butterfingers, either. I have (well HAD) a good stash of Kit Kats in the pantry but they’ve mysteriously disappeared into my stomach. Oh well. We never get any trick or treaters anyway. Happy Halloween to you!

    1. I am pretty dang cool, you’re so right, RP.

      If by ‘cool’ you mean an old lady who’d prefer to veg on her couch in her slippers and bathrobe tonight watching The Golden Girls instead of Trick or Treating out in the cold rain.

      1. It is rather catchy.

        Catchy as in ‘bores an earworm deep into the darkest recesses of your brain and multiplies until your head explodes”

        (you know I’m kidding, just teasing you guys….)

        My kids do LOVE it. This is why I’ve heard it a bazillion times now.

      2. Yessssss! I’m going to wear a fox mask and carry a big sign that says, “Ask me” like they do in Trader Joe’s. Whenever anyone does, I’m going to blare the song from my phone. I am SO excited about this. And I am pumped that you are, too!

  1. Gonna say peanut butter and jelly. Never tried it but it sounds revolting. It’s an institution for you guys so I may upset a few people. Feel free to retaliate with some of our culinary offerings

  2. I used to love you. Then you made me watch that Fox video. 178 million views. 178 MILLION views. That’s how we know the end days are coming.

    Happy Halloweenie to all the Maineiacs!

      1. I know, me too. I mean about you. Things have been insanely crazy in real life and now I’m so far out of the loop on WordPress I’m almost afraid to try to jump back in. It’s like when you got mono in junior high and you were off school for a month and when you got back your best friend had a NEW best friend and you no longer had a seat at the cool kids table for lunch.

        Like that.

  3. I heard it for the first time while watching Dancing with the Stars the other night and seeing people dressed as foxes do some kind of crazy psychedelic dancing. I felt like I was tripping . . . and not in a good way. That might possibly be the worst song ever in the history of music. And I used to dance to the Macarena, so that’s saying something!!

    Happy Candy day, D. Hope the kids bring you lots of good stuff to steal, um I mean to put away for their own good. Yep, that’s it.

  4. I assume the fact that I don’t understand a single part of your post indicates that I’m not very cool anymore either?

    The only thing I understood was the question about flavor combos. I don’t know that it’s odd, but I like doritos on my salami sandwiches and i think those ham/cream chees/dill pickle roll up things are the bombdiggety! Do cool people say bombdiggety?

    1. Well, that makes two of us, I didn’t understand any of this post when I wrote it. That makes me uncool AND senile.

      I’ve actually tried potato chips in my sandwich before and it was indeed, the bombdiggety.

  5. I popped onto my WP reader and saw the cutest dang kids I ever did see! Still not back in the blogging fray, but thinking of you nevertheless. Hope all’s well, Darla girl. Perhaps I’ll post something soon; one of my fellow bloggers is posting more about me than I have in months! Can’t be one-upped by Bob, now can I?

  6. Well, it wasn’t a flavor combo per se, but I ate camel meat once and, NO, I didn’t like it. It was RANK. I’d advise you to steer clear. It smelled like a sweaty, feces-encrusted armpit and that’s petty much what it tasted like (I imagine).

    Cute kids. Cute costumes. Serious question: You’re okay with posting pics of your kids? I posted pics of mine yesterday because they’re just so flippin’ adorable that I couldn’t NOT do it, but I have some residual guilt. This isn’t Facebook, after all. It’s an open-architecture environment. I cleared it with My Bride before posting because it felt like I should.

    1. Camel meat? Damn. I won’t even eat hamburger meat.

      Yes, I am okay with posting pics of my kids on this here blog. I’m not sure what I should be scared of when I do? In most of them, their faces are covered with hats, glasses, wigs or eye goggles. And I will never reveal their true identities/names or the place they live as they’re members of my top secret super hero crime-fighting family, The Procrastinators.

      1. My reservations are not rooted in any logic at all. I have no idea what there is to be worried about. Like you, I pretty much stick to posting pics that don’t reveal their faces, but their Halloween costumes were so awesome that I couldn’t resist. Just this once or is the genie out of the bottle? Time will tell.

  7. I voted for Twizzlers and Butterfingers because I was imagining myself being a trick or treater at your door, and they are what I like best from your list, I hope that’s an acceptable reasoning for my answer. I’ve already seen the action over at Jules place, still not convinced on that combo, but hey ho!

  8. Kidneybean got in to the Halloween candy. She didn’t eat any of it, but she smashed the hell out of it. I’m giving it out, anyway. Actually, I might let her hold it, and tell trick or treaters that if they want candy, they have to take it from her, but that it’ll make her cry.

  9. I had to google Merida. I’m not up on all the kids’ stuff just yet. My son went as “a big boy” this year, which meant no costume. When I tried to put a costume on him last year, he screamed as if I was stabbing him in the face.

  10. Do you know what? Considering the fact that you are a mum, and most mums are clueless about today’s world, you are actually pretty hip. So well done:) Also, Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything all day. She pouts and hopes a camera would catch her in action. Pouting, that is. Also, Miley Cyrus is an idiot. Just saying.

    And as for ‘What Does The Fox Say’, I honestly think it is the stupidest catchiest song ever. i would be walking down the coridors in college hearing people go: ‘hatee hatee hatee ho’

  11. Enjoy the costumes, Darla. My son is still demanding candy, but he goes in his full beard and butt-crack-showing shorts. He tricks and treats at the 7-11. I’m expecting a phone call any minute now.

    Please don’t send me your candy. Every year I buy some, even though I know not a single trick-or-treat-er will come to my house, conveniently located on a deadly, dark, twisty, busy road (mwwhhhaaaahahahahah). I bought the candy on the way home and ate 90% of it before I got home. John said “I don’t want to have a lot of candy hanging around the house tomorrow.” “No prob,” I replied.

    1. Butt-crack-showing shorts?? Is this what I have to look forward to with my son? noooooo!

      We never get any trick or treaters, either. Not a single one. We live on a long stretch of lonely road out here in the sticks.

      1. It’s better for your glucose levels to eat all that candy by yourself without having to go door-to-door.

        And yes, on the butt-crack-showing shorts. I refuse to be the only mother who says “pull up your pants” in her sleep.

          1. Another of my fave bits of his: “I was driving down the road and I thought ‘what the? is that MAPLE SYRUP I smell?! In my goddamned COFFEE???”

            I’ll have to dig out that standup routine now and watch it for the shits and giggles. He’s one of my favorite comedians.

  12. I hope our answers help to make you “cooler” in your son’s eyes. My daughter gets mad at me when I try to be ‘on the know’. I remember hearing about twerking before she had and when I mentioned it she said it was not really a thing. Then she had to eat her words. SCORE! 🙂 LOL

          1. I’m not technically in Boston, but I can see Boston from my house 🙂
            I don’t really care for baseball, but I’m still glad the Sox won. It’s not much fun working with grumpy co-workers whose favorite team just lost the World Series.

          2. I lost all love of baseball when that ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs back in the 80s. Never have been able to watch another game since then. I’m all about football (I think the Pats are on at 4 today, wahoo!)

  13. I was just looking through a cookie cookbook the other night and spotted a recipe for Pecan Praline Bacon Bars. I love alliteration as much as the next person, but the thought of a dessert with bacon made me a little sick.

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