Firsts and Lasts with Nicole from The Middlest Sister

b6ce6ec415c4f664861108fb04fa3366It’s November! This means I get the honor of spotlighting Nicole — a warm, witty blogger and inventor of ridiculously clever comic strips she painstakingly crafts using mere scrap paper and scissors.

Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t visited her popular blog, The Middlest Sister, where she details what it was like to grow up with four sisters. Not only has it been Freshly Pressed numerous times, but it holds a coveted top spot on the Recommended Blog list as one of the WordPress Staff Picks. And with good reason. She. Is. Amazing.

Now time for the interview!  After you’re done, be sure to drop by her blog. You’ll be so glad you did.

The Middlest Sistercropped-halloweenheader1


First Blog Post  

My first blog post, “The Refrigerator” is one of my favorite “Chrissy” memories. I came home from school one day and saw all these good report cards on the fridge for the rest of the sisters, awards and ribbons… and then there was this note for Chrissy:

The Refrigerator

First Kiss firstkiss It was awful. I was in second grade on an overcrowded bus. The kiss was stolen, and I was so angry about it for years and years afterwards because I had wanted my first kiss to be “special.” I decided it didn’t count, but then my next first kiss was also awful and unspecial. And the one after that. AND the one after that. If none of the firsts were going to be special, might as well count the real first one!

First Thing I Think God Will Say To Me at the Pearly Gates

I don’t know the exact circumstances that will lead to it, of course, but I really feel like it’s going to be something a little condescending and petty. godsaid LAST

Last Blog Post

The Hands-Down Tree [editor’s note: very cool-n-creepy story, the lightning panel she created is fantastic]

Last Thing I cooked lastfood My favorite, a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich! That counts as cooking right?

Last Book I Read maddaddam   Last Person I kissed personkissed

My beardy, mysterious husband (I have never seen his face)

Time I Swore Like a Sailor

sworeIt’s a hazard of having a house-rabbit. I like to say that “Faye” is short for “Faaaaaavorite pet!” but sometimes, it really, really isn’t.


Thanks so much for playing along, Nicole (I think fuzzy bunny Faye is my new fave…) and for being my November Blogger of the Month!

80 thoughts on “Firsts and Lasts with Nicole from The Middlest Sister

  1. Love your blog, Nicole — and I’d missed the first one — Priceless.

    Another great choice, Darla. How do you do this and go to school — or are there notes on your fridge like Chrissy’s?

  2. Well now this is just unfair. I’d like to redo my interview and have Nicole do the artwork.

    Fantabulous! Nicole, you’re just so ridonkulously talented. I loved this, and I hope your mystery man is making up for those first…five?…kisses.

  3. Those pictures are amazing! Dare I say . . . they could even give your pictures a run, Darla! No, I definitely would never say that on YOUR blog! 😉 (Is this the first post where you haven’t photoshopped something?).

    Peanut butter and chocolate chips . . . that Nicole is my kind of people.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Peanut butter and chocolate chips have gotten me through many trying times and never once let me down. As a comfort food, as a midnight snack, as a rushed meal even, I highly recommend it.

  4. Nicole’s work definitely puts all of my pics to shame! I can draw stick figures, but that’s it – no other useful talents! Does it take you a long time to do the figures, Nicole? Thanks for sharing, Darla. 🙂

  5. Awesome interview! Loved it. And Nicole, my husband still, after 17 years, talks about how I turned away right before our first kiss. Luckily he tried again and the rest is history. 🙂

  6. Oh how I heart these. They’re magical pieces of paper. Mad props to Darla and Nicole for an excellent Q&A session. And now I know that I’ve been missing out all these years by not putting chocolate chips in my peanut butter sandwiches. This error will be rectified immediately.

    1. I file them and then rescrap them. I hate to do it, but I really don’t have that much paper (or money to buy more paper), so I rely on what I have already and what comes in the mail and what pretty food packaging I can squirrel away.

  7. Nicole is one of my favourite bloggers. She always brightens my day while fascinating me with how much detail she gets into her pieces. I love these stand alone ones she made especially for this interview. Talent with a capital “T”.

  8. Awesome! The artwork’s sublime, trackbacks were a bonus, and mysterious bearded husband…too true. (Glad I don’t have one of those.) Darla, I’ve been away too long…so sorry. Nicole, is that Angie Z. on the bus in the seat in front of you? Or coincidental look-alike?

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