A Blog by Any Other Name

I remember how challenging it was three years ago when I had to cough up a name for this blog.

Mainly because both She’s Menopausal and She’s a Mean Mofo were already taken.

I picked She’s a Maineiac on a whim and just went with it. At first, I regretted it. Too many vowels, hard to spell, could’ve used a hyphen. Maybe a dollar sign instead of the S.

But it grew on me because it really fit my personality. After all, I’m from Maine. I live in Maine. I’m a she. It was like it was meant to be.

I was recently asked by a WordPress editor: Hey, Darla!  What gives with your blog name? and the result is an interview I did this week for The Daily Post.

daily post

This series spotlights bloggers and details the stories behind their blog names.

As thrilled as I was to do this interview, sadly, my backstory doesn’t involve sex, drugs or rock and roll.  More like an ice hockey team, a couple Advils and a cold cup of coffee.

But please do drop by The Daily Post today to find out why I chose my blog name and not something else more intriguing like She’s A Man.

Click here Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: She’s a Maineiac

How did you guys come up with your blog name? Are you still happy with it?
Did you have any other choices you wished you had gone with instead?


I want to thank you all for being the best group of readers a Maineiac could ever ask for. I heart you all.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting more regularly after my finals-from-hell week is over. (But that’s only if my lab partner doesn’t accidentally sever one of my arteries during our phlebotomy exam today.)

Happy Holidays!

101 thoughts on “A Blog by Any Other Name

  1. I think your blog name is perfect. And people who can’t spell it are just dumb. So :p

    My blog name came about because I PLANNED to do blog posts that were me snarking on things wrong with the world, etc., and then providing “Misty’s Laws” for those situations. As you can see, that never actually happened, but the name stuck since I am Misty and am a Lawyer, so . . . yeah, it doesn’t really fit. Especially, since I never really talk about law stuff AT ALL. If I had to go back, I would have gone completely anonymous, like Thoughtsy. Too late for that now!

    Oh, and good luck on your finals!! Kick their butts, Maineiac. 🙂

  2. Mazel tov on being featured on WP again, girlfriend! I wasn’t at all sure what to call my blog, but I had a Weebles on my desk at work and I kept staring at it, and I liked the idea of the pun on Fear No Evil. So Fear No Weebles it was. And for my blogger name, Madame Weebles just felt RIGHT.

    1. I’ve always wondered how you came up with your fabulous name! And really, let’s face it, Madame Weebles is pure perfection. Plus I love weebles. I used to have a cool weebles set when I was a kid, they lived in this flip-top giant tree house.

  3. I love your blog name! It’s witty and it makes me smile. 🙂 In fact, your blog name is what first drew me into reading your blog. I can’t remember when I first discovered your blog but for some reason I am really drawn to the state of Maine. I’ve never visited (I live in the UK and haven’t explored the US…my globetrotting and wanderlust for the US will have to wait until I finish my degree) but Maine appeals to me very much. From everything that I have read and the people I have met, both online and in real life, it sounds like a very special state.

  4. I’m one of your newbie readers, as I discovered you via the The Good Greatsby’s latest post. Your blog name, like your writing, is fantastic.

    Thanks for doing it.

  5. I love it when a blogger plays with words. Your blog name is one of the best around. In blog terms…you’re a blogger’s maine squeeze.

    I came up with Blogdramedy after an evening inventing new gin martini drink recipes. I’ll leave it at that.

  6. You blog rockstard, you’ve been featured on The Daily Post, 1,304 times now, right? Very well deserved.

    My handle has been Jen and Tonic ever since I started using chat rooms (seriously, I did that) in the late 90’s/early 00’s. When I mentioned I wanted to start a blog to a few writing friends, one of them suggested the name Sips of Jen and Tonic. I loved it instantly. Our friendship didn’t last, but the name did.

  7. singleworkingmomswm

    Darla! Congrats on the interview! I’m going to read it just as soon as I tell you why I’m a SWM. Dual purposes…to confuse those that might just read the acronym, which typically stands for Single White Male….and also because I became nauseated with myself for justifying everything I did with, “Well, I’m a single working mom….bla, bla, bla, bla….” Thus, it was completely fitting to use it as a blog name (well, and the fact that I am one also fits)! I supposed I’m happy with it still….haven’t thought about it much….but….I could go with “She Wants Men” or “Single Will Meow” or “Stellar Wild Mom”…gosh a whole host of names would work! Now….off to read The Daily Post! XOXO-SWM

  8. I love hanging with the WP superstars, it makes me look good!! Maineiac fits you perfectly – you’re a bit of maniac, and I mean that in a good way! From one to another, sister!
    I’m Buick in a Land of Lexus cause I don’t fit in where I live – cause it SUCKS ASS. Stop by my blog and see what I mean- I actually mention phlebotomy in “The Jab of a Needle”. Congrats on your WP shout out!

  9. Congrats on the WP love and, more important, good luck on your finals! You’re going to crush those whippersnappers.

    As for ye old blog, Stunted Adults, the name came from the many conversations my friends and I had about the fact that, no matter how hard we tried, we just could not seem to get that whole grown up thing down. We felt like we were somehow hit a snag in our development around age 13, which meant that we were Stunted Adults.

    As for my name, PinotNinja, it came from the fact that every time I drink (particularly my standard Pinot Noir), I always start doing, with varying degrees of success, yoga arm balances and handstands while screaming that I am a ninja. This happens at every party or BBQ that I attend, and I just can’t control it.

    1. I love your blog name! I will forever be a stunted adult and I wouldn’t want it any other way. And the story behind PinotNinja is classic. Whenever I drink wine, I just fall asleep on the recliner so you are very impressive with your ninja skillz.

  10. What I love about your blog now, Darla, is that the PLAID flashes on before anything else. TA-DA! She’s coming! The Maineiac! Get Ready! BOOM!

    I’m with Jen & Tonic–I love hanging out with you blog rockstards (could we make that blogtards? Ooo, I want to be a blogtard!) I’m sure the fabulousness rubs off like flannel lint. Can’t wait to read the interview.

    When I started this crazy business, I wanted a name that played off the bipolar thing, thus A Mind Divided. But I think it sort of announces an eclectic potential. At least that’s my thinking when I’m at my most grandiose.

    Good luck on those finals. Crap. I haven’t had to do that in decades, and I don’t think I’d survive it anymore. You really are a rocktard.

    1. I’m glad you said the plaid was flashy. But I hope not too flashy, I wasn’t sure it would give readers a migraine.

      My finals are over, thank god. I don’t remember freaking out over them nearly as much 25 years ago when I was first in college. Must have been all that second-hand ganja smoke from my roomies.

    1. teehee! I am here Peter! (I feel weird calling you that now, maybe I should call you Fred now, too?)

      I did not get severed. We didn’t have to do the blood draw during our final after all because my teacher said he already knew we were both kicking ass at it. (thank god!)

  11. You have obviously made your mark in WP. I remember when the number of your followers was in the triple digits still. Keep on keeping it crazy, Darla!

    DirtNKids was an easy blog name for me. My family now refers to me as Mrs. Dirt for emphasis. I love that! Gives me purpose and excuse for doing what I love to do anyway. Still reluctant to open up my blog to the world tho (aka be searchable within WP, other search engines). Probably wouldn’t help my stats anyway since there are so few people who search for “make dirt,” “steal trash,” or “loves big grubs.” I still rely on the onsie twosies sent over from other bloggers. Keeps it small and personal and I quite like it that way.

    Enjoy your time off and I hope the classes get easier next semester.

    1. I remember when I hit 100 followers. I remember when I had exactly 2 followers and how thrilled I was.
      Thanks, Mrs. Dirt, I aim to not do anything for at least one week over my break. If I don’t, my brain will official short-circuit. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. Jeez, are sending the Daily Post people lobsters and Stephen King novels? Well, your name is pretty great, so I’m willing to believe it is, in fact, quality being recognized.

    If they ever run one called, “Choosing a name for your blog that’s obscure; hard to spell, remember, and pronounce; and not catchy,” I’ll be expecting an email from them post haste.

    1. Oh please! Your name is catchy, memorable and not hard to spell at all. It’s perfect, very fitting for you. (granted, I really thought your first name was Byron for the first few months after I met you….but I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed)

          1. I took A/P I and II last year. I thought those were the hardest classes until I took Pharmacology this semester. I nearly stroked out during my final. We had to memorize about 100 drugs. And what was the main thing I learned after this semester? Drugs are bad….mkay….(my South Park impression)

          2. It’s worth it though. How well are you doing? My sister is getting her RN degree and she said that was really hard. A lot of people dropped out.
            Wouldn’t be funny if we’re attending the same college, lol.

          3. This is why I didn’t attempt my RN (yet!) So many people failed out of that program and ended up in my medical assisting program! And these people are still struggling with the med. assisting courses. It’s stressful and hard, but not nearly as bad as nursing. I bow down to nurses.

            I have four of my five final grades in and so far all A minus and one B +. But I studied my ass off. Which is good because my ass was looking kinda droopy.

  13. I just started blogging, so this was really interesting to read. I’m not loving my name, but since I’m not expecting too many people to ever find or read my blog, I’m good with it. Single-Minded Uncertainty. Makes no sense, but no biggy.

  14. I started with a really long blog title… maybe 19 (hmm, more fingers!) words. About the rest are the last three standing after I took the shears to that monstrosity a short time later…

  15. Hey,
    I just found your blog, and it was your blog’s name that drew me in. So that says it all I guess! My blog’s name is rather a long one I guess (the musings of an elective orphan), but I didn’t feel I wanted short and snappy for mine. I felt that I wanted to use my title to introduce who I am, an elective orphan. Because it’s mostly family/dysfunction/psychology stuff that I like to blog about.

  16. Darla, congratulations on the Daily Post feature — and congratulations on choosing a great blog name, and congratulations on having so many wonderful and witty things to say it’s always a pleasure to stop by your blog! Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  17. I’ve always been impressed with the time and effort you put into your blog. All accolades are well deserved. And I love your name. For a while I had you on the blogroll as Miraclemom. I’m not sure, but that could be equally well suited for you. Merry Christmas Darla.

  18. Darla, you’re unique and special in ways too numerous to count. For one thing, I’ve never known anyone else who had to take a phlebotomy exam. I hope you did well.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Ha! To be perfectly honest, I had no idea such an exam existed, either. Lucky for me I aced it and there was no severing at all. (whew!) I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas, Charles.

  19. WOW!! So I step away from blogging for like twenty … months, and what do you do?? Write-ups in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal … I mean, MAD CONGRATS, my friend!!!

    So, yeah, about blog names: shesamaineiac was taken, and I’m like what can I name it now? “ForeverPlaid,” “SheStoleMyPlaidMug,” (okay, so I’m lyin’ there), um … “coffeeSipper?”

    And then, the light bulb came on – “mjmonaghan.” Yep, real creative. 😦
    *head down in shame*.

    So happy for you on your blogging success, school success, and just being a super-nice person. Have a great time this Christmas with your family, my friend!

    1. Y’know this Daily Post thing was the pinnacle of my blogging career and yet I’ve noticed one glaring fact: I’m still broke. When am I going to start raking in the big bucks for blogging, MJ?? That’s the only reason I do this.

      Thanks for the support and you are also a super-nice person in spite of the fact you stole my mug. Merry merry Christmas to you and yours!

  20. Hiya Darla! Ran into your blog after visiting The Middlest Sister blog by accident and boy am I sticking around! As soon as I finish this comment I’m followin’!
    I especially liked this post, can SO relate! You have a lot more guts than me though, choosing a name like this one!
    I post beaded jewelry tutorials so I guess imagination wasn’t really needed but I did ponder and brainstorm about it for months ( and sometimes still do 🙂 ) after starting my blog.
    Well, enough chit-chat!
    Loved your blog, Happy Holidays!

  21. Darka, I may have already told you that I think your blog name is awesome, but let me do this again: the mere 12 letters of your blog name make me think of the following things at once: music, movies, Maine, gender, craziness, and puns.

  22. Congrats on the feature, Darla! I picked ‘zona pellucida’ as my blog name because I am so darn fascinated by that teensy, tiny part of a woman’s anatomy. I don’t care if people don’t know what it is or how to pronounce it– I still love it like a warm sweater. (And besides, it makes me seem mysterious, complex, or maybe even science-y. Right? I think so, too.) 😉

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