Bloggers Gone (Mainely) Wild

What happens when bloggers get together?


Last week an amazing thing happened. I met two WordPress bloggers in person.

Yes, bloggers are actually human. They exist in an alternate reality I like to call “real life”. And online relationships can turn into genuine friendships. I know, crazy!

Jules from Go Jules Go and Rachel from Rachel’s Table decided to make the trek up to Maine. Not only to possibly catch a glimpse of Stephen King or enjoy the local cuisine — but to see me.


My mind reeled as I imagined all the shenanigans we’d enjoy. Maybe we’d visit L.L. Bean’s at 2 am and try on flannel bomber hats while chugging maple lattes! Or we’d have a pajama party and stay up all hours of the night giggling about boys while braiding each other’s hair! (but if one of them even so much as dared hide my bra in the freezer I would go home immediately)

But first, they had to do the seemingly impossible — drive the six hours up 1-95
(aka The Big-ass Pothole Highway to Hell) to reach me.

Unfortunately, their epic adventure was filled with obstacles like horrible winter weather, a flat tire, and a late-night rescue via tow truck somewhere off 1-495 just north of Boston.

They were supposed to be in Maine Thursday night. I got a message from Jules late that night as I sat anxiously by the phone crafting their friendship bracelets. They were stuck on the side of the cold dark highway with a flat tire.

I thought they’d never arrive. Maybe they could hitchhike? Hop on a scooter?  Catch a free ride in the back of a UPS truck?

Fast forward to Friday night — a full 24 plus hours after they had left for Maine — still no blogger peeps. They were trapped in Massachusetts at a repair shop, the victims of endless paperwork and tire rims that had to be “special-ordered”.

I looked wistfully over at my punch bowl full of gin and ginger ale and wept. Why, universe? Why keep us kindred blogger spirits apart? It’s so not fair! Who will drink all this gin? And devour my 50 ft. long Subway with extra pickles?


Well, I would, of course — but it wouldn’t be half as fun without my friends. Maybe more like 10% less fun. I do love my gin and pickles.

But I never lost hope, they would get to this godforsaken frozen hell of a state eventually!

A new day dawned Saturday and they were finally safe and sound in Maine. I booked it to Freeport, giddy that our blogger meet-up was finally becoming reality.

It was so worth all the hassle.

Yay! We're finally together! (I might have already had a hangover in this pic)
Yay! We’re finally together! (I might have already had a hangover in this pic)

We managed to cram a lot of fun into those 24 hours we had together.

We ate food.


Then we ate more food.


We laughed while drinking and eating.

untitled (19)


It was pure magic.

Well, until Jules chose not to heed my warning to “never feed the bears” in the L.L. Bean parking lot. She learned her lesson the hard way.

Apparently Mama Bear is on a gluten-free diet.
Apparently Mama Bear is on a gluten-free diet.

Thanks Rache and Jules for everything.  I love you both.

Be sure to visit their extended version of our bloggy meet-up  here at Go Jules Go and here at Rachel’s Table.
(I’m hoping they don’t publish those photos of me drunk with a lamp shade on my head, weeping and belting out “I Will Survive” on karaoke night.)


Have you ever met any bloggers in real life before? Any blogger meet-ups you’ve got planned for the future?

124 thoughts on “Bloggers Gone (Mainely) Wild

      1. I have not met up with bloggers yet but I did belong to an on-line writers group. Several of us met up in ST. Louis, MO for a writers conference. Food, parties and free books galore every day! It was so much fun and I want to do it again, if only I wasn’t so poor.

  1. OMG. I cannot EVEN. Here, here, JUST TAKE IT (I’m giving you my “#1 PowerPoint PhotoShopper” trophy. You’re welcome)!

    If only we’d had those friendship bracelets on Thursday night. I bet they could have patched the tire.

    P.S. – Now I want a Twinkie AND gin.

  2. Your Power Point skillzz are beyond reproach. So are your driving skillzzz in the ice and heavier-than-gin fog.

    I’m so glad we finally got to see you! You were just as I pictured you – lobster hat and all.

    Also, thanks for sharing your pickles with me. You’re a true friend.

    1. I think back to that night we were trying to get out of my driveway and I laugh hysterically. Going in reverse, then gunning it…then going in reverse…and gunning it again. Then I drove like my grandma on the highway, I was so scared. In my Loser Cruiser! haha! I bet you guys will never want me to drive you anywhere ever again, huh.

      1. You kept us safe and sound! An impressive feat in the polar vortex that is Maine.

        I think the Loser Cruiser should be called the Super Cruiser, because it persevered through the ice so we could drink gin and eat copious amounts of lobster.

      2. It’s not letting me reply under your last comment, DP, but I want to say it also got us to Point C, C How Much Lobster I Can Eat In One Sitting Because I’m Not In Traction Thanks To Someone’s Driving Prowess.

  3. Leave it to Jules to try to ply a bear with Twinkies. I’ve heard Maine bears can only be bribed with whoopie pies and LL Bean boots.

    PS. Can’t believe you shared your pickles. And your gin.

    1. I tried telling Jules to only throw blueberry cream filled whoopee pies at the bear but she wouldn’t listen. Amateur. [shaking head]

      And I did not share any of my pickles or gin. I’m not crazy.

  4. I read on Jules’s blog about their bummer of a flat tire and the car issues. It still looks like you ladies had a ball! All that seafood looks sooo amazing to this gal who’s stuck in negative temperatures weeks on end. Today finally got into the 40s and Joe and I took a walk! I didn’t wear gloves; it was sooo scandalous!

    So happy you all did manage to get together and enjoy yourselves. Looks like a wonderful girls getaway!

    1. Ooh, I hear you. It was in the 30s today! Felt like summer to me.
      The seafood was amazing, at least that’s what Jules and Rache told me as I hate lobster. But our mere 24 hours was AMAZING and it was hard to say goodbye to them. We were supposed to be together at least 2 whole days. Sigh.

  5. Well, next time, hire AAA and come to Colorado!!!!
    I’ve met several bloggers and it has always been amazing. I mean “hideous!” I hope to meet all of you some day! Danny wants to be my concierge and carry my bags while we travel around the world and meet up with all of my blogging friends. I can dream!

    1. Get Danny on that right away, Susie. It would be sooooo hideous!

      I have never been to Colorado and I hear it is gorgeous out there. One of the few states I’ve never visited. Hopefully one day I can get out that way.

      1. You should come out! Wait until you can’t stand the winter. Our springs are usually fabulous. Although last year, we had snow every week for 7 weeks until the end of May. It was crazy! It was nearly 70 today!
        I would love to go to Maine. It’s on my list!

      2. Whoa! I knew you guys were warm because I was watching the Patriots lose at the Denver game and it was in the 60s. Sigh.

        Yes, come to Maine, almost everyone loves it here. Except Stephen King, he goes to Florida every winter.

    1. Man, you’re right — Stevie really needs to lighten up. Maybe he’s grown tired of me camping outside his house at all hours of the night? I mean the least he could do is return all 10,000 emails asking him to guest post on this blog.

      But yes, we had too much fun in a much too short amount of time.

  6. So glad you had a good time! But it’s hard to go wrong with bloggers, right? Okay, maybe not always. Sara and I have had the privilege of meeting 7 other bloggers–yes, that’s 7–Tori of the Ramblings, Lisa of Woman Wielding Words, Virginia of Lame Adventures, Jackie of Jackie Cangro, Colleen of The Chatter Blog, and last but FAR from least, Emily of Hey from Japan. Good crew, right. We’ve gotten together with Tori and Lisa on two occasions of which was Tori’s Very Bloggy Wedding. Shit, I left out somebody. God, I’m sorry–brain dead tonight. Now SOMEONE is going to kill me!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    1. ah, yes! I remember Tori’s wedding and the blogger get-together you had with Lisa. I had no idea you ‘ve met so many other bloggers. I wish I was a bit more centrally located as going to Maine is like trekking on up to the North Pole for most people.

      1. That IS an amazing crew!

        And as for everyone who said Maine in January was crazy talk, geesh. It was 9 freaking degrees when I left Jersey. BRING IT, MAINE.

        I’ll shuffle on your icy sidewalks any day, DP.

  7. Judging by the three blogs it sounds like there was a lot of fun involved 🙂 But who wouldnt see the fun of things while eating lobster and drinking champagne and/or gin! Sounds like you had a hideous weekend!

    1. I know, that is a recipe for a very hideous time. It was off da hook, yo. But I didn’t actually eat any lobster. And I only had one tiny drink of gin, that ended up giving me a monster headache.. I’m in my mid-40s so I’m normally in bed asleep by 8 pm.

  8. I can just imagine you sitting there, drowning your loneliness and worry in all of that gin and all of those pickles. Must have been HORRIBLE. 😉 Oh, and I guess the moose that was delivering MY invite must have gotten lost in the frozen tundra of Maine, right? RIGHT? Hmmmm.

    And yeah, I’ve met many a blogger and it has always been glorious! I have so many more to meet. It has become my life goal!

  9. The thought of you three merry pranksters together in one place … is mind boggling. Maine will never be the same, I’m sure. Glad you had that opportunity, Darla. Sounds and looks like you had a great time. 😉

  10. Uh, I’m pretty sure bloggers are all made up, some kind of computer creation to pacify the masses. I certainly feel pacified at the moment, but it may be the wine.

    I haven’t met any bloggers in person. And haven’t really tried. But I’m really really lazy. But you guys looked like you had a great time. I’m glad bears don’t eat Twinkies, otherwise I’d be screwed.

        1. I cannot, cannot believe you just said “ew” when referring to gin. (gasp)

          Be careful when mixing alcohol. Stick with one or you might pain dearly the next morning. Like my mom always said, “wine’s fine, but liquor’s quickah”

          1. Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, never sicker. Don’t think it was my mom that told me that.

            I like mixing alcohol. Wine before scotch is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Gin with anything… blah. I just can’t handle the stuff.

          2. Okay, the trick to scotch is don’t drink the bad stuff. Never ever go to a bar and ask for scotch, they’ll give you the swill. Buy a nice bottle ($100 or so), sit down, inhale the fumes, and then do what comes naturally. The first sip is a bit toxic, to tell the truth, and yes it’s an acquired taste, but eventually it sears your taste buds into ravenously lusting for more more more…

  11. Bloggers are human, well who knew, ok I knew since I am human, really I am my computer doesn’t have a mind of it’s own and it needs me to type the comments like I am doing now because I am cool like that………………

    1. They were both such troopers, they told me they were even laughing while stuck on the freezing highway. I would have started crying, but then I’m much older than either of them, I do “grumpy and annoyed” very well at my age.

  12. This made me smile so much and feel all warm and fuzzy! I was imagining you having that kind of nervous excitement while you were waiting for them to arrrive, hoping it would all live up to expectations, along with hoping they would ACTUALLY arrive. Yay, glad you gals had a great time! My only experience of meeting a blogger in person was ages ago I went to a thing (can’t be bothered to go into the details), and was chatting wtih someone, and the next day that someone posted a comment on the About page of my blog saying that he knew I was familiar when he was talking to me but wasn’t sure why and then realised it was because he was a follower of my blog! That was kind of funny. Haven’t had any arranged meets with any, but would love to! Now I’m off to read the other two gals’ accounts of your meeting…

    1. Whoa, I can’t imagine running into a soul who even knows what blogging is, let alone reads or follows MY blog! How cool, V. My expectations of meeting Rachel and Jules were met of course, because I know them both so well outside of blogging already. Helped take any nervousness about them possibly being serial killers away.

  13. so cool to actually meet and hang out with your blogger peeps. sometimes, i feel like i know everyone i don’t know so well, but then they’re just a comment in a cloud and i’m like, is anything or anyone real on this screen? so fun for you guys. glad they made it. sounded like some road trip.

  14. Thanks for verifying that bloggers are, indeed, human. It’s so beyond wonderful that the three of you got to meet and had such a great time (swallowing insane jealousy and spouting good-humored platitudes in a performance sure to win me an Oscar.)

    Your lobster, bear, Twinkie Photoshop skillz—-just insane.

    1. You may have won that Oscar, Peg, ’cause I KNOW how much you wanted to be there with your fellow cool, funny, bloggy, peeps.
      And, jeezum crow, lobster and lobster (I’m drooling) and cocktails, icy roads, and maybe see Stephen King??? What a great trip 🙂

    2. You know that of course I would have LOVED for you to be there, Peg! And I swear, even if you had passed out from too much shenaniganin’, I would never draw stuff on your face with a Sharpie or put your bra in the freezer.

  15. There were gin AND pickles on the line? How did Jules and Rachel not just lace up their LL Bean duck boots and hike across the Maine border to reach you? They are such wimply mid-Atlantic-ers.

  16. I-95 is single-handedly the worst highway of all time so I’m glad Jules and Rache made it finally. I have yet to meet any bloggers in person, though my husband assures me Misty is an actual person so I’m glad I’m friends with at least one non-spambot. 🙂

  17. So fun (despite the shenanigans)! I have yet to meet non-local bloggers in person, but my secret dream is to go to Ecuador to visit Kathy McCullough and Sara this year. Vacation + blog meet up = heaven, right?

  18. Never met any fellow bloggers, but I have met up with a few friends from a (now defunct) messageboard (three of them twice). The first time we only got to chat for a few minutes (it was during intermission at a concert and it was only sheer luck that I noticed one of them walking around); the second time was at a music festival and we got to hang out for most of the day. Much silliness ensued. 😀

    Glad Jules and Rachel were able to make it and that the three of you had a fabulous time. 🙂

    Also, I’m sensing a story behind the “bra in the freezer” comment… do I want to know?

    1. Ah, yes, I was a member of several messageboards once! They were all for pregnancy or new moms. But those friendships have stayed even today. I’m still friends with most of them on facebook. How cool you got to meet some of yours.

      The bra in the freezer is an old trick I remember from the crazy days of my youth. I would never do that now. Maybe.

  19. Great post, great writers, great adventure you all had.
    I sure am missing that Maine lobster from 2 summers ago.
    Hope to visit again some day, maybe with Peg, so we can finally meet you, and of course, eat lobster and chat with Stephen King 🙂

    1. Yes, yes and more yes. C’mon over to Maine! I did give Jules and Rache a tour of my town, showed them the Stephen King landmarks (he used to live here) but unfortunately this thick, creepy fog rolled in and we couldn’t see five feet in front of our faces. True story.

  20. ermigal

    Great adventure, ladies–fun to read in all three places! We have tons of potholes in Central NY, too–some can swallow your whole tire as your teeth are being jarred like crazy. I, too, am jealous of the graphics skills, Darla–they are hilarious!
    I’ve been trying to find bloggers in Central NY for quite awhile–anyone have any tips for finding them? 🙂

  21. singleworkingmomswm

    This is SOOOOOO awesome, Darla! I was just thinking last week about how fun it would be to do a Blogging Buddy road trip across America! To meet each and every one of my blogging buddy friends who span the country from Deb in So. Cal, to Val in Texas, to Karen in NY, to yes, YES, Y.O.U., Darla, the Maineiac herself! I hope to do this some day. Maybe when I am able to retire, uh, at age 90, and when I’m set free from SWM bondage if Maycee changes her plans to live with me until I die so she can get the house. Just maybe!!!! Great fun, great post, and so happy you got to meet some of your peeps! XOXO-Kasey

  22. cooper

    So I had heard you were going to get a visitor – but two? That’s awesome. We need an east coast blog thingee so everyone can get together…

  23. Hi Darla,
    I know I haven’t been around in a while wowza what a surprise to see all the changes… Congratulations on your new look and domain name.
    Sincere congratulations on being singled out by WordPress for your great blog name. I think its the best name of all the blogs I know.

    Your daughter’s already 7? wow time flies…

    I also met a blogging buddy last weekend. So exciting.

    Even though I’m not blogging that often you are one of my early blogging buddies and I hope I get to meet you one day Darla.

    1. Hey, Rosie! Good to “see” you again. Thanks, I’m still a bit shocked WP picked my blog name. I do love it, and it fits me.

      Glad you had a chance to meet another blogger too. I met Charles a few years ago and he was exactly like I imagined. And I was so nervous to meet him, like I was meeting a celebrity.

  24. What a great tale. Surfeit with expectations, adventure,suspense, camaraderie and “All’s well that ends well” moments. . What else could a guy, ooops! sorry gal want?

    So as you think back to that great 24 hours of eclectic togetherness, what would be your take-aways?


    1. My take-away would be next blogger meet-up it has to be at least above the freezing mark on the thermometer. This winter has been brutal, we’re all basically trapped inside for week’s on end here as the temp barely budges above 5 degrees most days.

  25. Yeah! I just told Rache that TEXAS is a much better meeting place (as long as it’s not summer, or you’ll melt) for bloggers. We have beef, beef, beef, and…oysters. I hear you can make omelettes out of those too. And the oyster pancakes have (get this) petroleum syrup!! Yep. Texas. Much better. Beats lobstickles.

    I’ve met a handful of bloggers, one in particular has become more an extension of our family. ( Most of the bloggers I know live in some year-round super frigid location like Canada (isn’t Maine in Canada somewhere?) where skinny girls like me turn into a freezer pop when the mercury dips below 65.

    Like now. It’s 65 in my house. Gotta run and put my coat and boots on, Darla. Kids are home from school due to icy conditions. Did you send this mess down here?

    1. Y’know, I would be all for a Texas meet-up! Yeeeeeehawwwww!!! I have never been there and I hear it’s a fabulous state. Much much warmer too. It was minus 10 this morning here and Jim actually went for a walk. He came back and his face was three shades of purple. I don’t think he’s thawed out yet and it’s been hours.

  26. Aw, I love you guys. Group hug! But couldn’t you have at least superimposed me into at least one photo so I could imagine being there, you know, eating lobster omelettes instead of wiping poop off a baby’s butt? I think you three wearing denim scrunchies in your hair would’ve been a nice gesture too.

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