Love is in the air…or is that cabbage I smell?

Valentine’s Day greeting cards for that special someone in your life.

For your nursing home roommate:


For your celebrity spouse:


For your pet human:


For your cellmate at the state penitentiary:


For Justin Bieber:


For your newest blog follower:


69 thoughts on “Love is in the air…or is that cabbage I smell?

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Now this is my kind of Valentine’s Day celebration! No chocolate, roses or teddy bears needed. Just giggles.

      1. Deborah the Closet Monster

        I don’t know if it’s hormones or tiredness or what, but you just made me cry right there.I usually skip V-Day, but I would sure as heck teleport you some peanut butter cups right now if I could. The one-pound kind! Thank you. ♥

  2. Yes, perfect! My husband doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (never has). On Mother’s Day when I ask him where my present is, he says, “You’re not MY mother.” But last year he finally began celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – he found out he’s a distant descendant. Whoopee. Ended up it was just another excuse to buy more beer. And that’s why I luv ‘im. 😉

  3. So timely and so funny that I almost dropped a chocolate (that’s not a euphemism . . . as far as I know . . . ) while reading it.

    Gotta go…Chrissy and Janet want to meet down at the Regal Beagle!

  4. “stuffing my face with Godiva chocolates” my, haven’t we moved up in the world?

    That celebrity card is pure genius. You could make big money selling it to all the A and B listers in Hollywood – maybe as a singing telegram. You should set up a booth outside an awards show or something.

      1. Right back atcha, Dalinkidinkidoo. No snowblowing for me today. We are experiencing a heat wave – it hit the 30s yesterday! I’m considering skipping work to go sunbathing.

  5. Great post! 🙂 (Couldn’t resist.) Your humor is just what I needed today. I especially liked the new blog follower card — hilarious! Happy wishes to you and your family for Valentine’s Day.

  6. I need that blogger card. And need to send it to all of the bloggers who USED TO comment on my blog and have now since departed. Or died, who knows?

    I know Bieber broke your heart. Sorry that’s so fresh. You’ll heal. Eventually.

  7. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. Is it supposed to be funny? Display someone’s disagreement with or indifference to Valentine’s Day? I’m confused.

  8. singleworkingmomswm

    Dearest Darla,

    Roses are red, violets AREN’T blue (darnit)
    These cards are hilarious,
    Just like you!
    Every time I read a post
    I just about die
    From laughing so hard
    Actually, I cry
    And then when it’s over
    and I see you at the end
    my laughing starts all over
    More than I comprehend
    So here’s to Valentine’s Day
    and Vito and the cat
    I love, I love, I love this blog
    It truly is ALL THAT!

  9. Donkey Kong never got it on! And please don’t make fun of the Biebs – he’s our unfortunate, untalented, lost Canadian child. Poor fool. I like the idea of giving a new follower a valentine’s, but my last new follower is a travelling rhubarb salemsman who writes in China – how do I relate to that?

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    So, so very, very much better than watching a Jared’s commercial! Thank you, dear Darla! I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, in fact, it’s a holiday I dread. When I see roses at work that day, it takes every bit of restraint to not walk over to them and pluck their nasty little petals off. Do they make Valentine cards for curmudgeons? I’ll bet you could come up with some fantastic ones.

    1. Oh I do too, Jean. Every year that goes by I become more curmudgeon-like and less romantic. I really never liked this holiday, whether single or not. The only saving grace is it’s a good excuse to have people buy me chocolate. Hope you have a good weekend!

  11. i got that same bloggers Valentine card! Man what some people will do for a click…
    I had to follow you again. I’m getting emails but you’re not in my reader! Sheesh! See if it sticks this time…

  12. Thanks for the cards. I’m going to print this up and cut them all out and glue them to card stock and then I’m going to find envelopes the right size for each of them and then…ah, screw it, I’ll just give chocolates again.

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