The Greatest Moments in History with Screech

Saved by the Bell was an early 1990s sitcom starring Zachary “Zach” Morris, A.C. “Bulging Biceps” Slater and of course, Samuel “Screech” Powers.

That hat totally ups the cool factor, Screech.
That hat totally ups the cool factor, Screech.

Screech was the lovable spazoid who roamed the halls of Bayside High always ready with a squeaky-voiced quip or a nerdtastic facial tic to impress the ladies.

And his wardrobe? Spectacular.



I bet you didn’t know that Screech also played an historic part in some of our more historical moments in history….um…historically… Yeah, that sounded convincing.

Fine, you got me, he actually didn’t. But sometimes I wish he had.

Let’s start way back with the Declaration of Independence. I think you’d agree, Screech added just the right amount of levity needed at such a monumental moment in time.

See if you can spot him:


Wow, you’re good! You weren’t even distracted by all the tights and powdered wigs. Well done.

Moving on. Nothing says “spontaneous passion” more than the image below.

Well, except having Screech in the background ogling you with his creepy grin.


In honor of my favorite band’s 50 anniversary of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, I present to you Screech: The Sixth Beatle.

Slide1Sadly, the other Beatles promptly kicked him out due to his blatant refusal to adhere to the band’s strict “Must Have Cool Hair” rule.

Next the royal wedding. Here Screech manages to convey what a lot of us were thinking when Prince William leaned in to kiss his new bride Kate: ZOINKS!


And finally, probably the most heart-tugging image of all-time.

Sigh. [wiping tears] Still gets me right in the gut. Just south of the duodenum and slightly above the anal sphincter.


Inspiring, isn’t it? How on earth did he manage to get his legs so smooth and hairless?

And that wraps up History With Screech.

Up next, Mario Lopez as A.C. “Oops, I’ve Lost My Shirt Again” Slater revisits George Washington crossing the Delaware. See kids, history can be fun!

Until next time.

51 thoughts on “The Greatest Moments in History with Screech

  1. Snoring Dog Studio

    And now he’s a comedian doing standup. I think he’s scheduled for a gig here, soon. I’ll do everything I can to avoid that. I could never watch that TV show he was on. All of those kids in that pic look way too old to be high schoolers, too.

  2. I KNEW his face looked familiar when I was watching that show. I just figured it was his every man good looks that were so common at the time. I didn’t realize that he photo(shopped)bombed every historical moment in history!! Good eye, Darla.

  3. You’re getting pretty extreme with your photoshopping there, young lady.

    Also (I’m about to be a buzzkill), have you seen or read anything about what Screech is up to these days? He’s a world-class scumbag. Just a vicious, loathsome sack of hatred.

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