Jeezum Crow! I’ve been Freshly Pressed!

Or as my mom would say:

You’ve been what now? Is this that evil computer thingamabob? You really should pick up a phone more and call me. I could be lying here dead in my rocking chair after having a heart attack while knitting your afghan. You know the one I’ve been working on for months in spite of my arthritic fingers. Oh how they hurt so! And this is all you care about? Freshly Pressed! I’ll give you Freshly Pressed! Jeezum crow! Where’s my friggin’ coffee?”

Not my mom, but pretty damn close.

Forgive me for writing a post about how I was Freshly Pressed, but I couldn’t help myself.  It’s been an eternity since my last FP. Why, I can’t even remember how long ago! (2 years, 3 months, 4 days)

And to know a post about my cranky  80-year-old mother and her dark cutting edge humor would be featured up there on the front page is somehow fitting. After all, I got my obnoxious sense of humor straight from her.  While my late father had the dry slow-burn wit, she has always embodied the brutally honest, in-your-face Mainah charm.

So I’d like to take this moment to thank her for letting me know life’s way too short to worry so much and almost everything in life can be funny, even death.

As we all know:

Tragedy + Time = Comedy

Or in my mom’s case:

Tragedy + Time – Sanka = Endless Blog Fodder

Love you Mom! Thanks for giving my blog so much material. I know you will never read this but I’ll be sure to tell you about it tomorrow while I’m “fixing” your remote again so you won’t miss the upcoming Dr. Oz Show on colonoscopies.

My mother. Yes, I was the daughter of Laura Ingalls.
My mother. Yes, I am the daughter of Laura Ingalls.
As you can see, the plaid apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. (my beautiful mom and gram)

Thank you WordPress for featuring her, my extra-sullen grandfather and his depressed dog in the post, Happy Impending Death Day! 


I’m still on my summer bloggy break and hopefully will be back to posting more once the hellions are back in school. In the meantime, here are a few more “Mom” post gems if you’re interested and like to take frequent guilt trips:

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50 thoughts on “Jeezum Crow! I’ve been Freshly Pressed!

  1. Congrats, Darla!! It seems appropriate that a post about your mom got you FP’d again. Maybe I need to start writing about your mom! Can I borrow her for a couple weeks? I’ll be sure to pick up some Sanka.

  2. Jeezum crow! I have never heard this before until just the other day in a book by Jayne Ann Krentz (I don’t mind advertising for her). Is this a New England phrase? If my mom was still around she would be 90 next week and cranky as hell. She was cranky before she passed on. Still miss her and her crankiness though. Never thought I would say that. Wish I had had a blog then. Would have been a lot to write about.

  3. Great stuff. Your Mom’s terrific! Reminds me of my mother-in-law – nothing nasty. My first husband’s mother was a doll. The patience of a saint, and all the children (even the neighbors’ kids) loved her. But, she had a streak of vinegar at times.

  4. Congratulations!!!!
    Telling your mom she had something to do with this new fame will just give her more ammunition. Clearly you’re on such a high right now, that you are not looking ahead at this possibility. “That’s ok it’s not like I was responsible for your fame or anything” “Oh, no please go on without me, it’s not like I made your blog famous or anything” “Darla, it’s not like I just gave you life, I got you Freshly Pressed” Just something to think about while you celebrate.

  5. Congratulations! Thank you for dropping by. We’ve moved so have been somewhat out of the loop for a while. I saw those elusive fp gods last spring. They exist, they really do…but you already know that. 🙂 They hovered around my referrers a couple of times but ALAS it was not to be. So thrilled for all the good things coming your way: graduation, fp and more to come, I’m sure.

  6. Wait a minute….HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THIS??????????????????? Darla, I’m so ashamed. Why didn’t you call me? Send a carrier pigeon? Smoke signals? I’ve got to get back in the swing of things around here.

    WHoo hoooooooo! So proud of you, kid. It’s about, damn time. WHOOOOOOO!!!!

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