When I lie down to die
I hope you make a feathered nest
of downy white flicked with silvery gold,
and its velvet strands will be enough
to cradle my fading heart.

When I lie down to die
and the last tear slips across my cheek,
I hope the doves will gather to coo
a melody strung with faded memories
into my soundless ears.

Then I will know the path out of the woods
is to follow the pulse carried aloft on the wind
as it dances and twirls beyond the moon.

And I will smile as the dove’s wings open
for the song humming among the stars
has echoed in my soul for centuries.

And I pray you will hear this too,
when I lie down to die.









This poem is dedicated to my father on the anniversary of his death.


31 thoughts on “Listen

  1. I know you have written several times about the special bond you had with your dad. I can relate. Perhaps you will want to listen to Julio Iglesias’s interpret “Cucurucucu Paloma.” Julio is Enrique Iglesias’s father. Search Julio Iglesias, La paloma in youtube. Click on the rendition with the dove on the icon. I’d give you the link but don’t want to mess up your page. Note: paloma = dove in Spanish, cucurucucu = coo
    You’ll be in my thoughts today.

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