Why I Would Rather Try To Find The Funny Than The Meaning Of Life

What the world needs now is more humor and positivity. For me, finding the funny in life is like discovering a beacon of light in the darkness. It’s something we all desperately need these days. Thanks Peg for reminding us all to lighten up!

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Sir Loin of Beef Sir Loin of Beef

Some look at life’s journey as a pitched battle, and some as a noble quest. Either way, a smart knight should be prepared for the dragons he or she is bound to encounter along the way. My weapon of choice is a feather duster.

It has only snowed once so far this weird winter.  I took advantage of the unlooked for boon of ice-free roads here in the country last week and went for a walk.  My mood was somber as I set off down the road, well bundled against the bracing cold.  I needed the lift that nature always gives me because I felt lower than I have felt in a long time.

I was thinking about my dear cousin, Moe. She’s experimenting with multiple chemo treatments, locked in mortal combat with the cancer that has spread despite her efforts. We recently learned that her…

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15 thoughts on “Why I Would Rather Try To Find The Funny Than The Meaning Of Life

      1. Yikes! There is nothing worse, is there?

        We celebrated Christmas with my entire family in Michigan with that scourge. It was like The Mask Of The Red Death the way we fell, one by one. I was just thankful that the hubs and I had decided to stay at a hotel so I had a bathroom all to myself when it got me.

        Hope you are all germ-free soon.

      2. Thanks, we are (barely) hanging in there today. The kids have camped out in the living room on their mattresses and I am sitting here in my bathrobe passing the time by reworking my entire blog’s theme (for the millionth time)

  1. Darla, thanks for sharing your outlook on life, as well as this wonderful post by Peg. Like you, I believe the world needs more hunmor than anything else right now. In a time where we are constantly rushng faster and always thinking af where we need or want to be, laughter is the one thing that keeps people in the moment — even if only briefly. We need more moments like that. Thanks for being one of those people who offers those moments 😉

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