Think You’re Thankful Enough? Take this quiz!


Hey, gang!

It’s time once again to overdose on gravy! Yes, Thanksgiving is almost here!

And it’s my turn over at The Nudge Wink Report. So slap on a feedbag and help me explore burning questions like:

–What makes Aunt Ethel cry into her creamed corn?
–Can turkeys fly?
–What is tofurky really made of?
–What would it take for Al Roker to shut his piehole for once? Hint: Not pie.
–What did former President George W. Bush say to this turkey?
So, are you thankful enough?

Go take my quiz now and find out! —> How Thankful Are You? 



9 thoughts on “Think You’re Thankful Enough? Take this quiz!”

  1. I’m just thankful that some stores are starting to set aside Thanksgiving again and close their doors until the next day. Thanks for the sanity.

  2. Darla! You had me at the title alone, and the featured image. 🙂 I will go take the quiz. Also, I wanted to let you know that I’m back to blogging, on a new blog (again):

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