Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


Remember the good ol’ days when the news was delivered to your door by a snot-nosed Beaver Cleaver punk? Remember the times when we leisurely digested the day’s headlines with a mug of Sanka in our grubby ink-stained fingers?

Nah, me neither.

Then again, I’m not sure if I remembered to put on pants today.

[looks down] Oops.

These days, I don’t get my news from those silly 24/7 cable news channels, or even from my Facebook feed.

Come on over to my newest post on The Nudge Wink Report to find out my top secret source of the latest breaking headlines…

I’ve Got News for You, Millennials!


And this concludes the regularly scheduled programming of She’s a Maineiac.

I will be on hiatus for the summer. My goal is to ignore all social media completely for 3 months before my brain atrophies into oatmeal.

[looks up] Too late.

But before I go, thanks for reading my blog. I’m fast approaching my 6th anniversary (what?!) and it’s been tons-0-fun all these years. 

Peace out, dudes and dudettes!


23 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

    1. I’m excited to go on a long break. I think it’s time to allow myself to truly live in the moment and enjoy the simple things in life. I suppose in a way I’m a little scared I might not come back.

        1. Funny, I was just saying to my husband how things in life come and go, ebbs and flows like the tide. All things must pass. (George Harrison knew what he was talking about) Man, I’m getting too deep too early in the morning.

          1. I don’t think it’ll be hard for me. I’ve got way too much going on in my personal life. And it’s been getting harder for me to cough up posts. Maybe I’ll get my writing spark back again after a long break. Have a good summer, Mark.

  1. I was one of those snot-nosed delivery boys. I was just telling my sons that being a paperboy was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I got plenty of fresh air, exercise, and got to meet lots of neighborhood dogs. Sometimes I wonder if they still have any openings.

    1. I loved my paper route I had when I was 12. I got to listen to my Walkman, exercise in the frigid cold air, and earn enough change to stop at the store and buy a bag of Big League Chew. What’s not to love?

    1. Exactly, it’s the peace I crave. I need to be free of the addiction. I deleted all the social media apps from my phone and I’m slowly trying to remove myself from Facebook. It feels damn good — and the world doesn’t stop turning! Who knew?

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