Bloggers Gone (Mildly) Wild

I’ve been lucky to have met several bloggers over the years. As lovely as all of them turned out to be, I admit that I had my doubts.

What if they’re really ax murderers?
What if they think I’m totally uncool?
What if I end up wearing a fake mustache, plaid earmuffs, and yellow yarn on my head in public?

Preparing to blow the hipster restaurant crowd away with our epic dorkiness.
Preparing to blow Portland away with our epic dorkiness.

Ayuh, that’s right. I met up with Jules from Go Jules Go AND Peg from
Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings! I know!! INSANE!! I was delirious from the pure excitement and adrenaline. Or maybe that was because I pounded down a Blueberry Ale in ten seconds.

The Three Amigos: Three Blondes Make Everything Right
Three Wrong Blondes Make Everything Right

The best part was we didn’t even really plan (much) for this to happen — it was like fate, destiny, or pure coincidence. Jules is from New Jersey and just happened to be up here in Maine for Labor Day weekend. Peg is from Illinois and she and her family just happened to be up here in Maine for Labor Day weekend. And it was my birthday! I’m 29 for the 18th time. What a gift it was to chill with some bloggy peeps!!!!! (extra exclamation points absolutely justified)

After bribing Peg’s visiting family with lobster rolls, they graciously allowed me to hobnob with WordPress celebs Peg and Jules (and her adorable dog) on the Portland waterfront.


Chillin’ with Uncle Jesse.

I tell you I have never been so giddy. Peg is exactly like you’d imagine from her blog times 100. She’s beautiful, bubbly, and hilarious. I’ve already met with Jules a few times, so it goes without saying she’s gorgeous, witty and totally rocks. The three of us had lunch, gabbed about stupid blog stuff, and played with vibrating lobsters

What? The restaurant handed them out to us so we’d know when our lunch was ready! Sheesh!

Hello, Portland Press Herald? Breaking news — Darla, a born-n-raised Mainah, actually hates lobster.

I’d love to end this post by bragging about how after lunch we jetted off to party on a rented lobster boat while we toured lighthouses and Stephen King’s estate, but that’ll have to wait until next year.


Bonus footage: Jim Gaffigan tells you exactly why I don’t like “lobstah”

Have you ever met a blogger in real life? Did you get as nervous as I did? Did you also make a complete fool of yourself in public? (Not hard for me to do…) Do tell!

71 thoughts on “Bloggers Gone (Mildly) Wild

  1. Uncle Jesse won’t stop pestering me for his own earmuff-wig. They really are magical. I have too much to say. Can someone please explain to my boss why I can’t make the 8am conference call?

    1. Peg’s earmuff creation was beyond my wildest dreams. I’m thinking of wearing them with my new Snooki shirt.

      And, I’m SUPPOSED to be writing about pediatric brain anatomy right now. Too bad this is more important.

    1. Hooray! It is amazing how much we can get to know a person online, then when we meet them, they’re exactly how you imagined. I can say with all honesty, Jules and Peggles are both some of my closest friends. The three of us together, my head almost exploded from happiness.

  2. Ive been fortunate to meet a few, a couple here in Virginia, one in Colorado and just recently five blog friends in England. It’s always a treat and a validation of how cool blogging can be.

  3. Bex

    I also met an online friend in real life, after knowing each other thru WebTV (back a ways) we were going to the UK on holiday and I asked her to go with us. She flew from Iowa to Mass. and the 3 of us went to England together for 2 weeks. She’d always wanted to go there. We’d been there 7 times and that was our last trip. WE are still BESTEST friends ever… She is almost 80 and I am almost 70.

    And one more thing. I am married to a Massachusetts lobsterman. How can you possibly be from Maine and not love lobster, I ask you? My latest blog is here:
    all about why my husband named his lobster boat “Bollocks!”

    1. Wow, that is so great you have made such a good bloggy friend. It’s pretty cool when you finally meet up and discover they really are as you imagined.

      Oh about lobster….see above updated post where I added a hilarious stand-up video about why I don’t like lobster.

  4. Once again I am comforted by the fact that I feel so close to some of my blogging friends. I thought there was something wrong with me–but you have convinced me that I am “normal”, at least in the blogging world. I would love to meet you–maybe someday. I will be celebrating my 29th for the 35th time next year–perhaps then–ha ha! Happy Birthday btw!

    1. Well….normal? I don’t think I’d go THAT far. But who wants to be normal anyway? Too boring!
      I would love to meet you too someday! You never know I might have to throw a big bloggy party up heyah in Maine one day.

  5. I’m still coming down from the high of spending quality time with the three of you. The only thing missing was the lighthouse tour of the harbor on Stephen King’s boat, which SOMEbody led me to believe was going to happen. Hmmmph.

    Next time I’m having a full lobster and a quart of that blueberry ale for sure.

    1. Every time I talk about our meeting, I get all gushy. I mean, look at those pictures! I’m star-struck!

      Speaking of those disgusting ocean bugs….watch the video I added to my post just now that my brother sent me.

      1. That was great. I hate to even admit this, but I thought my lobstah roll was rather tasteless. I think Jim Gaffigan has a point – it needed a big ‘ol bathtub full of buttah to dunk it in.

  6. I haven’t met any yet. One day, perhaps. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Little Man and I are at our cottage there in Maine for a visit. He’s having fun flying his drone around local lighthouses, getting videos of them.

    1. Ooh! NIce! Hope you’re enjoying the weatha. Man how I wish I had a cottage in Maine. I’d settle for a small dilapidated shack by the river. Funny how people that live here rarely go to the ocean to see lighthouses or eat lobster, but it’s all tourists seem to wanna do.

      1. I learned too late. Then again, I have my introverted husband who is getting worse. And worse. I need to get up by myself …

        I suggested she go to the place where the car boo-boo happened…

  7. Ruby Ribbon Chick

    Reblogged this on Chick Chat and commented:
    When I think back to my favorite times, it’s the moments like these ladies shared— make that effort to meet up with your friends and family! Love and laughter are cornerstones to enriching and empowering each other…. and here’s 3 bloggers you may want to follow if you enjoy a good laugh:

  8. Sounds like a LOT of fun! Though I was surprised (disappointed) by the lack of alcoholic beverages. I’m also super excited that Uncle Jesse was there.

    PS – still working on my moose in Maine story. Say, have you ever run into a moose in the wild? (This is purely for research purposes of course.)

    1. Uncle Jesse was amazing. People were constantly gawking at him, trying to pet him, etc. And I was the only one drinking alcohol and I had exactly one blueberry ale. I figure YOLO and I like to live on the edge.

      I have run into a moose in the wild. Did you ever read about my Ford Fiesta Meets Moose story?

  9. I am in favor of blog meet-ups. I’ve had a few and they always go well. No long, uncomfortable silences. No knives sticking out of my neck. No lawsuits. And do you know what’s awesome? The more you drink, the better the meet-up! It’s a fact.

    I was on the threshold of emailing you a nasty missive. You said you were taking the summer off and we are well into fall. Don’t go breakin’ my heart.

    1. Yes, it was interesting how I found even the annoying crowds of obnoxious tourists around me bearable after only a few sips of beer. And I don’t think we ever had a single moment of awkward silence either…probably because I was too busy giggling like an idiot. Ah, well, it was a hoot and a half, what can I say? They are both hysterical.

  10. I know you have my address. You sent me Jim’s Eddie. You could have sent an invite, too. Is this because I didn’t send anything Beiberific to you for this bday? I can rectify that if you want. Although, the toddler will probably rip it, throw it, or eat it (or all 3) before I get it sent out. So there’s that.

  11. I have met exactly one WP blogger… and OMG, my phone is reading my mind, because after I typed the word “met” the predictive text row actually displayed her name!!
    Anyway, it was pretty cool, and I’d be giddy too to meet with two at once. Especially with any two out of you three. (All three of you at once might have been too much :).

    1. So cool you met a blogger, too! And no doubt, the three of us would be waaaaay too much obnoxiousness for one person to handle. I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out of the restaurant with all that “squeeing” and hugging going on.

  12. Love, love, love. So very jealous. Thank you for giving me a reason to log on and read about all the fun. The three of you look/ed awesome. You guys made memories that will last a life time. Good on ya!

  13. I’ve met 3 bloggers in real life person and it’s been awesome! We didn’t have lobster together but we had shrimp! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I’d love to meet you guys someday! xoxo

    1. Shrimp? I’d much rather have that than lobster. So great you got to meet some bloggers! Isn’t it fun to finally meet the person and hear them talk and see their mannerisms? Now when I read Peg’s blog or her comments I can vividly picture her facial expression and hear her laugh.

  14. Oh wow you met Peg!!! I mean Jules too, but I knew you’d met her before so that was no special news, but Peg!!! And Peg looks so much lovelier and more gorgeous and glamorous than she would have us believe from her blog.

    I’ve met a few other bloggers, not as many as I would like, but a few!

    1. Hey, V! So good to see you! How the heck are you?

      Peg really is the bomb diggity. And she’s hysterical. She was dropping zingers left and right. I just sat there in awed silence most of the time. It was like I was meeting a celebrity.

      I think this was my third or fourth time meeting Jules. She’s one of my best buddies. We talk on the phone often (and usually for hours on end). If only she would move up to Maine so we could hang out all the time! I’d even offer to doggie-sit Uncle Jesse.

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