All Blogs Must Pass

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To every post (churn, churn, churn)
There is a season (churn, churn, churn)
And a time to every bloggy purpose, under heaven
A time to be write, a time to cry
A time to edit,  a time to die, words, die!
A time to be wracked with self-doubt, a time to heal
A time to alienate your entire family so you can waste precious time to write a post no one will ever read

Hey gang! There is still a gang out there, right? Hellllllllllloooooooooooo?

This year was my blog’s seventh anniversary. I was a spirited 39-year-old when I started She’s a Maineiac and now I’m still 39 so shut the hell up.

It’s been seven frigging years and I still, STILL! feel compelled to post crap at least once a month, much to my own chagrin. I feel like my blog has pretty much died a long slow death.  Or maybe it’s just in a coma and waiting for someone to wake it up so it will have amnesia and start over again with a new personality.  I like that idea! Hey, it worked for Sandra Bullock!
Image result for sandra bullock while you were sleeping
C’mon, Darla! Wake the f*** up! Also, you look like shit.
Let’s take a groovy-graphy trip down my so-called bloggy life’s past to see how things evolved over time….


As we all know, everything has a purpose and a season under heaven.  I think it was George Harrison who once said, all things must pass. Or maybe it was Dr. Oz talking about constipation. We all know that life is an endless cycle of life, death, rebirth, and more life and more death and you get the picture.

The cool thing about a cycle is it can start fresh again, it can be reborn! Like my snazzy graph below illustrates….


So, it appears I’m back to writing for only me again. Yikes. My blog readers have pretty much vanished. Blogs are dead. Disco is dead. Elvis is alive and well in an underground bunker in Albuquerque. This is good and bad. Lately, it seems I have forgotten how to write. I have that thing you get when you….what’s that called again?

But I do love to write for myself. Sure, I’ve started to rehash ideas and tend to do the same post over and over again and maybe I won’t ever get the level of readership I once had years ago. And maybe the grammar police will always be lurking around every dangling particle. And yes, I have no clue what that even means. I don’t care! I’m too old to care anymore! This is my place! I get to do whatever the heck I want here, gosh darnit! If you don’t like my blog, good riddance!


But you’ll stick around, right?

If you’re still here, tell me in the comments below about your blogging career. Did you make oodles of money and gain boundless fame? Or just a bigger ass like me?

97 thoughts on “All Blogs Must Pass

  1. I hear you. I’m three years in with Boomer Haiku, and have transitioned from weekly to whenever-inspiration-strikes posts. I love your voice, and will take whatever you’re willing to put out there! Reinvent, rededicate, re-whatever so it makes sense for you.

  2. Four blogging years old, and not doing bad. Stats took a dive last year when WP changed the way views were counted. Learned not to become obsessed with stats.
    Love to interact with comments, participate in challenges, write poems, short stories, post about the dog, general rubbish. Grateful for my readers sticking with me. Love it actually.

    1. Oh, I didn’t know that stats/views changed! So maybe that’s why it seems even the crickets have deserted me? I agree, it’s really about the actual readers who stick around. Otherwise, what would be the point of this?

  3. I’m here! Largely for the graphs.

    Still in my first year over year so verdict is still out, but let’s just say I haven’t gotten a call from the bank questioning incredibly large and out of character deposits yet.

  4. If it helps boost your ego stats, your blog was one of the first ones I looked for when I came back to blogging after a few year hiatus. I’ve been at this new blog for less than a year but I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through your blogging cycle at least three times already.

  5. Once again, you got me laughing. And I really needed it today. My blog started almost seven and a half years ago, and it was and still is mostly a public diary. When my son was younger, and being a mother meant constantly pulling out my hair, I went back to something that’s always helped me sort out the “stuff” in my life: writing. Now that I’m bald and half crazy, writing is still how I process and deal with so much in my life. That said, one thing I didn’t anticipate when I started my blog, was having a spiritual awakening the next year – and the crazy road it’s taken me down. Along the way, I actually began and ended a completely anonymous blog, where I vented a lot of very old and very painful stuff, while I worked on healing it. And after three years, coming to a very different place of inner peace, that blog’s purpose was done, so I created a sister blog to my main blog, that is 100% focused on spirituality and healing. This past year, I have been going through another type of spiritual awakening that is extremely physically and mentally demanding, so all writing has slowed to a creep. But the pull to write has never gone away, and the blogging platform is one that still calls to me. I need the little community that still comes by and comments, because I live in the freaking boonies, and my husband is more in to guns and beer than spirituality and healing.

    1. Yes, this! —-> “This past year, I have been going through another type of spiritual awakening that is extremely physically and mentally demanding, so all writing has slowed to a creep. But the pull to write has never gone away, and the blogging platform is one that still calls to me.”

      Exactly. I also had a brief “other blog” where I poured my heart out about deeply painful spiritual things and felt it was almost too truthful, too vulnerable, so I deleted it. Now I’m thinking I would rather get back to writing stuff that is heavy again but use this blog. This blog kind of morphed into a “funny” blog and now I’m not feeling the funny as much when I write. I think it’s time to take this blog into a whole new direction. And just write what I feel like writing, what I need to purge myself of at the moment. Sometimes I do feel like being funny, other times, sappy and sentimental. Writing is my way of coping and I love doing it.

      I just need more TIME in the day, dammit. I am honestly pretty overwhelmed lately. I have two jobs, two kids, an elderly mother, I’m a hospice volunteer. I barely have time to sleep. If only I could win the lottery and blog from a beach in Hawaii!

      1. ❤️❤️❤️ Write what you feel and want. It’s your platform. What’s going on with me has been so intense at times that I didn’t feel physically/mentally coordinated enough to drive. Other than the chronic sheer physical exhaustion, the mental stuff is hardest to deal with. And my kid has been having a very rough ride too. Hang in there.

        1. I’m sorry you’re going through so much. I understand. I’ve also had a kind of “awakening” this year with my own spirituality and what I truly believe in. Sorry the little man is also dealing with stuff. My kids are doing okay, it’s my mom that’s really draining my mental energy. We have healed a lot about our relationship though and that is huge progress.

    Your title made me think you were abandoning me. Ditto, ditto, ditto to all. My ego has been body slammed to the hard, unforgiving floor by reader abandonment.

    Remember the giddy days of Caption Contest tomfoolery over at whats-his-name’s blog ? How can somebody my age remember details from that long ago?

    Remember the aw-shucks-folks false modesty that attended every single Freshly Pressed triumph?

    Gone, all gone, along with readers. Although I still get new subscribers – just the other day I signed up 10 variations on a similar dry cleaner’s email address, don’t ask me why. Apparently they’re not much for actually reading and commenting, though.

    It’s all rather depressing and I go back and forth on the why do I persevere track, but still: I like to write. I like you. I think I’d like to stick around.

    And those graphs? Mad, mad skills. Just sayin’.

    1. Oh, you’re preachin’ to the choir, sistah! Yes, I miss the ol’ glory days of bloggy yore.

      Remember when we’d spend our time doing the witty banter hijacks in the comments sections? Oh how we squandered those golden days! It seems like WordPress has become this barren wasteland littered with past blogs that were abandoned and left for dead. I think only you and I are the ones left from those early days!

      I kinda figured blogging would disappear from the hip & happening scene, much like the meteoric rise and fall of Honey Boo Boo. But it still hurts to feel like you’re only writing for ColonClenzNow! and SEXXXXYViagraPillz.

      As long as I know you’re around, I will still at least TRY to write something every once in awhile. I can’t promise anything more than crap on a stick, but I’ll try. For you, Peggles.

      1. I remember those days! I’ve also hit 7 years on WordPress this year, although I think it took me about a year and a half to figure out that there might be other entertaining blogs on WP besides mine, which was about when I found your and Peg’s blogs.

        1. Hi, Lex and X (waves madly from the comment section.) How nice to see your smiling avatars! I feel a bit like one of the Whos down in Whoville yelling, “we are here! We are here!”

  7. I have been blogging about four years. I have some followers and for a little while that was very excited, getting a new follower. But I don’t think too much about it any more. Unfortunately the real world keeps torturing me with things like cooking and cleaning and making money (Which I think answers your question about whether I make any money at this!!) But I mostly come here for the writing, and I like yours alot. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you for coming around here! I don’t get any new followers hardly at all anymore and that is fine. I just sometimes wonder if I’m talking to myself here. I do that enough at home (and to my cat!)
      And too bad I couldn’t spend all my time blogging and zero time working, paying bills and doing chores.

  8. Oh, jeesh, I was nervous you were leaving me here alone in the Maine blogosphere. Thanks for hanging in there, and the heck with what your family and friends say. Your true friends are here in the cloud, right?

    I have been blogging for a lot of years, had to go look it up, but it was 7 last April. I too went from “oh my god, a comment! A follower!’ to “huh. I wonder who is still reading?” but I have never figured out how to make a living at this. Not really into ads or promoting products for cash.

    I just have fun writing about what I am doing or thinking or thinking about doing. And I take great pride in not having ever (I don’t think) ranted about our governor on my blog. That ain’t easy. He wants me to do it, he pokes at me most every day.

    1. Ooh, you are good! I have written about LePuke once here, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve also written a few Trump posts too and got my fair share of “hate mail” from people who think I shouldn’t write about politics. Ah, well, it’s my blog not theirs!

  9. I have kept a personal journal since 1969. I began keeping an online journal in 1999, blogs did not exist, I coded my own pages. I like to write. Sometimes people read, sometimes they don’t read. My personal journal isn’t about them, it is about me. Sometimes I have a whole community around me, when people read and comment and we have meaningful interchanges, and sometimes I don’t. I’ve been writing since 1964, and I will continue to write until someone or something prevents me from doing so.

    1. That is admirable! I’ve kept personal journals/diaries my entire life and it’s fascinating to go back and read things and realize how much I’ve changed. I guess writing is very important to me and always will be.

  10. Five years of blogging, know the ups and downs. To get more exposure and content, I joined a blog-hop – or two – or three – one is about eating (oh, you have to cook what you eat, there is always a downside) – one is about books (oh, you have to read them before you can trash them) – and one is about miscellania. Or was it Melania? Never mind ..l

  11. Still here, same bitter soul, rehashing many of the same topics, but in a slightly different way. Luckily, the old followers die off, so you can totally reuse ideas in just a little different way and no one knows any different! There is definitely a cycle though.

  12. I first followed you years ago, when I had an old blog about losing my Dad. Now I’m about one year in to putting serious energy into this new blog, and loving it. I do it because I love to write, to press the Publish button without needing permission from anyone else like an editor, and because I’m an artist, so I crave the creativity. I also have the most awesome connections with my readers, and fab comments, bless them. I’m glad you ‘may’ be back- you’re funny, and your graph skills are to die for! I would love to make a steady income here SOMEHOW, and not get a fatter arse please. Cheers from Australia, G

    1. Good point, there is a freedom to blogging. It costs nothing and there’s no one to please but yourself in the end. I am going to have to check out your new blog later. Thanks for reading and sticking around.

  13. I guess there are many reasons why people blog, and for me, it is to let others know the truth about obsessive-compulsive disorder, to let them know what the correct (and usually elusive) treatment is, and to give hope to all those whose lives have been touched by the disorder. It has been seven years and I’m still going strong, most likely because people are still suffering :(. If your goal has been to put a smile on people’s faces then your blog has been a roaring success. I know I always smile when I receive a post from you in my Inbox – even before reading what you write (and then I’m usually laughing out loud)! Forget the stats. Write for me!!

  14. Sophia Robbins

    Heya! My mom just introduced me to your blog about a month ago, and i laughed through all the back log. When i saw this post i thought you were about to quit right when i got here and i was very upset. i hope you keep blogging forever and ever no matter who is reading it. Sorry i am typing with lowercase i ‘s but I️ have that I️ Phone glitch. i have never blogged but have always wanted to. i look forward to seeing what your write next!
    On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 11:45 AM She’s a Maineiac wrote:
    > She’s a Maineiac posted: ” To every post (churn, churn, churn) There is a > season (churn, churn, churn) And a time to every bloggy purpose, under > heaven A time to be write, a time to cry A time to edit, a time to die, > words, die! A time to be wracked with self-doubt, a time to” >

  15. I keep saying to myself every year, this is it. But then I get an award every year and it brings me back again. The award: ‘Worst Blog on WordPress”. I’ve won it six years running and if I get it again this year, which I fully expect, they will retire the plaque and put it permanently and prominently in their Hall of Shame. I already have several individual posts in there, but nothing says “master of drivel” like a commemorative plaque

  16. I am still here and I also have an online journal that no one reads or knows how to find in my family different from my blog its a place I can write whatever I like and not worry about upsetting anyone

    1. Good idea. I do like to write in my private journal sometimes. Funny, when I first started blogging here at wordpress, that’s what I thought it was, just a bunch of personal diaries no one will read.

  17. I just hit 2 years on WP and wonder the same things you do. When I run out of ideas, I’ll just drop off the edge of the blogosphere, I guess. My wallet hasn’t benefitted but my ass is definitely bigger. I followed your blog because I loved the name. Although I don’t live there, I’m a big fan of Maine, especially anywhere north of Bangor where it’s deserted and perfect for hermits. 🙂

  18. Margy

    No oodles of fame. No money. A bigger ass for sure…
    I just had my 8th blogging anniversary. I have lots of ‘followers’ but most don’t actually ever read my posts (according to my blog stats). I’m content with blogging because I like to research, write and post relatively good photos. My blog is my online scrapbook, and that’s more than enough for me!
    Hope you find the balance you need to keep your blog up and running!

    1. Thanks, Margy, sounds like you have found that balance. It’s true, hardly any “views” on my posts anymore either, but as long as I know there are some people still out there from time to time, that should be enough.

  19. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I’ll keep reading as long as you’re writing (and I have not kicked the bucket, a caveat I must add due to lawyerly training, ahem).

    Imma keep writing, too, even if/when readership gets down to that of my original blog, which measured in the single digits per month. 🙂

    1. So good to see you, Deb! My stats are getting down to just a few a day lately, (sigh) which I have to admit is disheartening, but maybe that’s because WordPress stopped counting cats walking on keyboards as “views”.

  20. You and me both, sister. I’ve had it. Except I never experienced the 10,000+ followers you have. Now, many of those followers are cats and manufacturers of dietary supplements, but still. I’ve been at it for 9+ years and it has gotten me exactly nowhere. I’m pretty sure if there were any monies to be had, they’d have been had by now.

    We go back. Who could forget Le Clown, the original Harvey Weinstein of blogging? Or the cute blond girl from New Jersey who visited you. What was her name? I don’t see her in your comment section anymore. I’d love a bigger audience. Anyone who does maintains a blog and says audience size is irrelevant should check their pants because they’re ablaze. Why go on? It’s time consuming. Underappreciated. Difficult. And sometimes, my particle dangles.

      1. Okay, I will swear under oath that I had an icky feeling about Le Creep from the very start. How he blasted onto the scene, then pretty much snowed the WP Editor Gods into doing whatever he wanted, they were at his beck and call.

    1. First of all, your comments alone are funnier than my posts. And you’re always so truthful, which I love. Yeah, who DOESN’T want tons of readers and social interaction?! If I didn’t want that, I’d just talk to my cat (or my kids).

      What kills me is how much time goes into a single post. I feel like I have to shut down my entire life for a few hours just to form one complete sentence. Time, I ain’t got.

      And Le Clown! (shuddering) ICK! He really was the original Harvey Weinstein. Good god. What a frigging disaster that was. Can I blame him for the death of blogging?

  21. I could have written this same blog and meant every word… except I don’t know how to do the graphs! I’ve been blogging since around 1999 or so, I can’t remember what year it was, but I had a WebTV device and no computer at all… I did it all using HTML coding and using the WebTV. It was archaic at best. Using arrows to bring the cursor up and down and sideways… OMG, the hours I spent making web pages from scratch (and they looked it, too!). But it was fun and different. Being a professional typist (medical) I got to use my main skill… typing… so I persevered. Now my blog is languishing at wordpress ( ) and hardly anyone comments if/when I ever get the energy to post anything. But that is almost never. My creative writing juices have dried up, along with my almost 70-year-old body. Oh woe is us! But I keep it open anyway… just in case the spirit returns.

    1. Well, you never know! Never say never I never say.

      Your story about the good ol’ prehistoric blogging days made me laugh. You were determined! We take so much for granted now with technology. I remember the first Apple computer my dad got when I was around 10. It took about 3 hours of entering code to make a straight line on the screen.

  22. Lil

    I blogged for years then I just couldn’t face it anymore. Now and again I feel the urge to start up again because holy hell, I loved blogging. But yeah, every time I think of the effort I put into it, I sag back into the couch with a glass of wine. I keep hoping that one day I’ll pick it up again.

  23. it depends on whether i count the 2010 start date when i made my wordpress blog, or the 2007 date which represents the posts i back-date inserted from when i was writing on myspace. i don’t really feel like i started working very hard at writing well until a few years into it, because at first it was just a way to show baby pictures to my mom, but it became a lot more than that. i think my 3 followers (2 friends and aforementioned maternal unit) stick around because i’m just me and they know me already. i think using my actual name in my blog title, which happened because i couldn’t think of a name until later, was actually a happy accident because it means i’m not just writing one kind of thing or covering one topic. at first it was my baby but babies are impermanent situations. i’m just always showing up as myself, and if i feel like writing about one topic for a year and then switching topics, no one cares. mostly because no one is really reading it. definitely not a money maker. definitely not writing tutorials or doing any product promotion. it’s therapy, it’s how i keep my life straight and try to combat the early onset of memory loss. i encourage you to go ahead and write some vulnerable stuff here, i have always found that baring my soul is warmly received (by my 3 readers) and sometimes inspires something funny to happen next. though not quite as funny as your graphs. doubt and coffee seem to be pretty good fuel for your writing passion. thanks for making me think about the process of blogging (also hilariously well illustrated by your flow chart). i want to be optimistic and think that blogging is only mostly dead, not all dead.

    1. Agreed, it’s therapeutic. I like to change things up every so often, try new things, write poems, maybe serious stuff. I started this blog not having a clue what I was doing and was originally a “family” blog because I wrote about my kids. Now they are too old and can sue me for content, so I stick to other subjects.

  24. Hey, I’m still here! Been going through just about the same “to blog or not to blog” thing as you. Let’s bring it back, both of us, how bout that? Glad to find you out here again!

  25. I’ve been blogging for about 8 years – and it was amazing to read this post. The in depth statistical analysis was fascinating, and reflects very much my journey. I started blogging – just so show my art – in my late 30’s and like you – today I’m still in my late 30’s

    Just to put it into perspective for you. I have about 750 followers after 8 years of blogging. This year I’ve done very little blogging. But for some reason – beyond explanation, I keep coming back.

    This year is a little different though. Taking the break has helped me to re-evaluate purpose of the blog, and what I really want to do. And for me – it’s to create art – and to make information accessible and simple.

    Do keep blogging cause I really enjoy reading your posts

    1. Thanks for your comments, Dina. I think it’s good for me to take a break now and then to try and discover why I blog in the first place. I suppose for me, it all boils down to the fact that I love to write and it’s fun to interact with readers like you.

  26. Well clearly we’re writing about the same thing, and clearly your blog has not been deserted… and if it has, then I’m twice as depressed now, since I don’t get this many likes and comments, even on my best day! Not that it’s a contest, but if we’re talking about dead blogs, I win. But here I am, still reading, nodding, and being blown away by your badass graphs and graphics! No wonder your still alive and I’m dead. 😉

    1. Well, thank you, Dawn! I feel like my blog’s partly dead most of the time now. Sometimes it springs back to life when I have the urge. And I think the only reason there were so many comments to this post was I tagged it “blog” and “writing” and “dead blog” and people relate. Sigh…..

  27. I can’t relate to this at all. I also can’t understand why my favorite bloggers’ “new post alerts” don’t come via email anymore. Is this what happens when we reach the end of of the circular graph?! Wait. That just means we’re at the beginning, right? Hi. I’m Jules! I have a feeling we’re going to be great friends!!

  28. Five years in, and I can relate to the circle of “blog death” all too much… except my blog feels like it dies all the time. But! Now, I’m relying on photography to make my blog. Not much writing needed for that! 🙂 Also: I’m lazy. And crazy. Tired.. Craisins.

    Upon (re-)discovering your blog, I clicked the follow button. Just in time for its (possible) renewal! 🙂

    1. Hey! I’m also lazy, crazy and Craisins! It’s minus 20 outside right now and my kids are home for Xmas vacation. HELP MEEEEE!
      Thanks for re-following. Now if I could just find a way to renew this damned blog I’d be all set.

  29. Hey!!! Love your graph of the cycle of blogging. So true. Though I never gained as many readers as you–there is this pressure to write crap. Well, mine was, your wasn’t. I remember following and reading your blog before you were “freshly pressed” all those years ago! You’ll always be funny and a good writer no matter what happens in the blogging world. I have obviously been out of it for a while. I kinda hate blogging, but I love writing. I am thinking of getting back into it–in a little bit of a different way. Anyway, wanted to say HI! And I only stopped reading your blog because I stopped reading them all together! Wahoo! 🙂 So Hi and good luck and keep writing, whether it’s here, there or anywhere! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I completely agree with your comment “I kinda hate blogging, but I love writing.” That is me in a nutshell. Sadly, there are no pending book deals for me lately, so blogging is all I have. It’s pathetic but oh well…..

  30. Weeeelll, as it happens, I haven’t posted anything in months, and basically I’m at the same point as you are (only I never had as many followers). I tend to go through periods when I’m super busy and don’t have time to post, and then once things slow down I crash, and only once I’ve recovered from *that* do I actually look back and go, “Do I have anything to blog about?” This past year was probably the worst I’ve had in quite a while in that respect. I have pics from July that I still haven’t posted (I did post them on Facebook, but almost none of my readers here are FB friends with me so they still haven’t seen them). And then I took almost no pictures until recently, mainly due to work, general blah-ness, and freak stomach bugs. I’m finally on vacation now, though, so hopefully I’ll manage to get some blogging done in the near future.

      1. I did! In fact, I was having so much fun doing stuff that I hardly took any pictures. 😛 I did get a few very nice ones of my best friend’s kitty; I’ll try to get those edited and posted soon. She’s so fluffy!
        Anyway, hope you’re feeling less ‘blah’ these days! 🙂

  31. Hey Darla! Followed a bread crumb back here to find that I never commented. You and Angie and MuddledMom were the first bloggers I ever followed, and another from the early days of 2012, Steve, is the only one I still regularly interact with (me with his blog, he with mine), probably because we have much in common and we’re both in Texas. So many bloggers have come and gone in between in these last seven years (gah!), and my own contributions have ebbed and flowed with the tide of life. Current following of DirtNKids resembles nothing of the early days when fellow bloggers were a more chatty lot; I even enjoyed the falling out of a blog-relationship-turned-real .. that was a zinger. I’ve never been one for ‘likes,’ except that it lets me know which content I should hone into more, and I certainly never made money at it!

    You should definitely write for yourself and not regret when the ‘audience’ doesn’t receive it like you want. You have a gift .. always have. Like you, I love to write, but there just isn’t enough time in the days anymore; with kids the same ages as mine, I’m sure you can relate.

    Your creative (and sarcastic) posts always crack me up; thanks for the many years of superb content. Please don’t quit blogging .. though judging from the last post, maybe you have already. Cheers from here! ~ Shannon

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