It’s all in your mind

Blast from the past post…because we truly are all in this together.

She's A Maineiac

Blooming lotus in peaceful mind...

What is love? What is life? What is time? Please tell me. What are the words you choose? Are there words that can accurately convey these concepts? Well, we try to come up with them. But in my experience words are so limiting and often fail miserably at communicating such subjective and powerful ideas.

It’s like trying to describe to someone what it feels like to jump out of an airplane.  You could say, “It was awesome, dude!” Or you could be more specific and say, “All I could hear was the wind rushing and my heart pounding.” In any case, I’d be willing to bet the only surefire way I’d understand what it was like was if I took the plunge myself. And that experience would no doubt leave me with different impressions than others. Maybe I’d see a glimpse of heaven. Maybe I’d squeeze my eyes shut and cry “I want…

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6 thoughts on “It’s all in your mind

  1. Wow, Darla. That’s an old one from the vault! Beautiful.

    Iain McGilchrist wrote a fabulous (crunchy) book about the two hemispheres. If you have an hour, this podcast simplifies his thesis quite well.

    We should all strive to balance out our right brain activities — writing, music, poetry, art — better with our left. I’m no artist or writer, but I see the extraordinary value in them, how they help us to be a stronger community of kinder, more tolerant people. We need more right-brains in the US right now.

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