Bloggers of the Month


Welcome to a new feature where I showcase one blogger for the month.

It’s super cool and totally unoriginal!

Called First and Last With…., I ask a poor unsuspecting blogger to fill in the blanks about various firsts and lasts in their lives. It ain’t rocket science.

For example:

First Time You Really Embarrassed Yourself In Public…

Last Time You Watched a Terrible Reality TV Show, But Kept On Watching Because You Have Zero Sense of Shame So You Figured Why The Hell Not Eat This Entire Bucket Of Kentucky Fried Chicken While Watching It, Who’s Gonna Know?


March: Elyse from FiftyFourAndAHalf

April: The Byronic Man

May: Go Jules Go

June: Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings

July: Rachel’s Table

August: Angie from Childhood Relived

September: Charles from Mostly Bright Ideas

October: Steve from The Brown Road Chronicles

November: Nicole from The Middlest Sister

December: The Good Greatsby


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