Funny Blogs

Go Jules Go

She loves chipmunks, bacon, mustache glasses and has an epic crush on Uncle Jesse from Full House. She’s my blogging bestie. And I hate using the word ‘bestie’ but I’ll do anything for Jules.

Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings

Her writing’s always brilliant, often hilarious, and she’s got mad Paint skillz to boot. I love Pegoliciousness with all my heart.


She claims she’s speaking to the masses that don’t read her blog. Oh, but I do. And I love every word she writes. Never fails to make me spew coffee all over my keyboard.

The Good Greatsby

Self-described Brad Pitt body double and inventor of dessert. I think his claims must be true as I’ll believe anything he writes. He’s witty, funny, blatantly arrogant, and devastatingly handsome. What more could you want in a blogger?

Mostly Bright Ideas

Charles is one of the most genuine, charming, intelligent bloggers on wordpress. He crafts his posts to not only make you think, but to make you laugh at how he thinks. How does he come up with this stuff? I wish I knew.

The Byronic Man

One of The Funniest Blogs on the Internet. He’s a former stand-up, and now a new dad. I think both lines of work are pretty similar. He’s smart, funny and more attractive in a red dress and heels than I could ever dream to be.

Misty’s Laws

Misty writes about all the crazy, ridiculous things in life. Like how some women go out in public wearing leggings (gasp!) She’s clever, funny and worships at the altar of Justin Bieber. I guess I’ll forgive her for that last one.

London Survival

Joe lives in England, my guess is London. His humor always makes me giggle. I’m a dry humorist myself so he cracks me up big time. Plus, he once got a huge tattoo in an exotic country.

Thoughts Appear

She’s the world’s biggest Pop-Tart fan, she’s hilarious, and she’s currently pregnant. I bet pickle-flavored Pop-Tarts are her new craving. Go to her blog to offer her support to get her through the next 35 years of her life with the new wee one.

Fear No Weebles

Madame Weebles, (or Weebs as we love to call her), is the real deal. Her blog is always interesting, well-written, sometimes dark, but always hilarious — my kind of combo. What can I say, she’s the bomb diggity, baby.

Boomer Haiku

Roxanne sails through mid-life with her sense of humor intact. She’s from Maine, writes haikus and values chardonnay. What more do you need to know?

Family Blogs

Writing for Daisies

Mom in the Muddle

JM–Accidental Stepmom

The Middlest Sister

The Brown Road Chronicles

Musings etc. (a little bit of everything)

Fifty Four and a Half

Snoring Dog Studio

Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride

renee a. schuls-jacobson’s blog

Rachel’s Table

On the Homefront


Life is a Journey, Not a Guided Tour

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