Love is in the air…or is that cabbage I smell?

Valentine's Day greeting cards for that special someone in your life. For your nursing home roommate: For your celebrity spouse: For your pet human: For your cellmate at the state penitentiary: For Justin Bieber: For your newest blog follower:

She’s a Maineiac Greeting Cards: Summer Edition

Slightly insensitive cards for the ones you love:For Your Kids: The days are getting longer Boys and girls are home from school Time for one last important lesson Let's call it: Mommy's Golden Rule If you say the words, "I'm bored!" She'll have you wash your father's socks If you say it three more times You can clean the litter …

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She’s a Maineiac Greeting Cards

For your kid:   The day you were born Was the most blessed day I cherished you then In every single way But now I have to tell you Something that may sound cold Get the hell out of our basement For God's sake, you're 30 years old For your spouse:  The day we were married My heart grew …

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