All Blogs Must Pass

The standard life and death and rebirth of a typical blog.


Bloggers Gone (Mildly) Wild

I've been lucky to have met several bloggers over the years. As lovely as all of them turned out to be, I admit that I had my doubts. What if they're really ax murderers? What if they think I'm totally uncool? What if I end up wearing a fake mustache, plaid earmuffs, and yellow yarn …

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So you want to be a blogger

Sometimes I receive emails from newbie bloggers asking me stuff like: "Hey, Darla! How in the hell did your blog get to be sort-of-but-not-really popular? Why on earth do you have as many followers as Danny Bonaduce's Twitter account*? You ain't no big thang! Please explain." As I'm sure Danny "The Dooch Man" Bonaduce would tell you -- it takes pure luck …

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Blog Review 2014

Like most of us, I'm obsessed with meaningless numbers. Sadly, I tend to let them define my self-worth. I was born in 1970. I'm 140 pounds. I need to workout for 6,000 straight minutes to burn off the 3, 786 calorie doughnut I just inhaled. Somehow I think these numbers mean something. Yet no matter how much these numbers fluctuate (and …

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Happy [insert holiday here]!

Hey guys! Whassup? It's time to get down and funky.... "It's not unusual to be loved by" I'm writing this post because: 1) I wanted to see if I forgot how to write (looks like I did) 2) I missed you guys. 3) I needed a distraction from reading online all about how 2014 …

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Bloggers Gone (Mainely) Wild

What happens when bloggers get together? Last week an amazing thing happened. I met two WordPress bloggers in person. Yes, bloggers are actually human. They exist in an alternate reality I like to call "real life". And online relationships can turn into genuine friendships. I know, crazy! Jules from Go Jules Go and Rachel from …

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A Blog by Any Other Name

I remember how challenging it was three years ago when I had to cough up a name for this blog. Mainly because both She's Menopausal and She's a Mean Mofo were already taken. I picked She's a Maineiac on a whim and just went with it. At first, I regretted it. Too many vowels, hard to spell, could've …

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Firsts and Lasts with The Good Greatsby

Have you ever wondered who invented dessert? Or who was Brad Pitt's body double in Thelma and Louise? Or pondered why Paul McCartney decided to abandon all sense of musical taste and write the song "Wonderful Christmastime"? Well, all these answers and more can be found by visiting the hilarious blog, The Good Greatsby. If you've been searching …

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Firsts and Lasts with Nicole from The Middlest Sister

It's November! This means I get the honor of spotlighting Nicole -- a warm, witty blogger and inventor of ridiculously clever comic strips she painstakingly crafts using mere scrap paper and scissors. Perhaps you've been living under a rock and haven't visited her popular blog, The Middlest Sister, where she details what it was like to grow up with four …

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Firsts and Lasts with Steve from The Brown Road Chronicles

How often do you come across a blogger who not only is a fantastic storyteller but sings and plays a mean guitar? Steve's blog, Brown Road Chronicles, is about country living, old houses, dirt roads, raising kids and a couple lively goats named Holly and Ella. I adore his writing style, which was highlighted on Freshly Pressed with the fantastic post, Old Barn Coat. …

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