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This was me four years ago when I was a naïve 39-year-old. Pre-blogging.


This is me today. Let this be a lesson to you kids. Blogging fries your brain.
And this is me today. Let this be a lesson to you kids. Blogging kills brain cells.

Once upon a time I was a seven year old rocking plaid outfits and bad haircuts.


Then I grew up to be an 11 year old rocking plaid outfits and bad haircuts.

Behold! The curling iron Farrah Fawcett wings disaster of 1982.
Behold! The curling iron Farrah Fawcett wings disaster of 1982.

Today not only do I still rock plaid and bad haircuts, I’m a world-renowned blogger, (according to my WordPress stats anyway) I’ve also dabbled in movies as a stand-in for some rather bratty Hollywood stars. Read about it here in My Secret Movie Star Life. Maybe you recognize some of these iconic gems?


I lied. I was never a stand-in for any blockbuster movie. Although as you can see by that gorgeous mug of mine, I should have been.

So if you’d like to stick around anyway, my name is Darla and this is my blog. And my therapy.  Enjoy!

This is me while I'm writing or reading blogs. The excitement is palpable.
This is me while I’m writing or reading blogs. The excitement is palpable.

My Life in a quick blurb, for all you short-attention-span people out there:

I love humor, my family, anything plaid and large amounts of hot coffee. In that order. (sorry, family) I live here in this frozen tundra full of fleece-covered cranky people with my husband and our two kids. I like to sleep. I like to eat chocolate. I love to blog. I hate politics. I hate writing blurbs about myself. Read on if you need to know more…

backyard view
[View from my backyard]

15 Things About Me That You Might Regret Knowing After You Read This:

  1. I am allergic to every group of antibiotics out there. My doctor tells me I am down to one rarely prescribed antibiotic that I can safely take, so if I contract pneumonia and you don’t hear from me, it’s probably because I’m dead.
  2. I love football. I grew up with five brothers so it was mandatory. Before kids, I would sit there and watch it all day long, flipping between two games at a time. I used to know every single player, coach on every team. My husband hates football. God has a great sense of humor.
  3. I do celebrity impressions. Back in high school, I was the hit of any party. My favorites: Katherine Hepburn, Rosie Perez, Jimmy Stewart, Cartman from South Park. I can do basically anyone if I study their voice enough. My teachers didn’t appreciate my talent much.
  4. I am deathly afraid of spiders, any size. Also afraid of killing them. I have been known to trap one under a cup and leave the cup on the floor until someone else comes along and is brave enough to scoop it up. Once I held my breath and picked up the cup only to find no spider. Finding no spider is almost as panic-inducing as seeing one.
  5. I once tried out for a solo in chorus in sixth grade and didn’t get it. The song was ‘What a Feeling!’ from Flashdance.
  6. I started writing when I was 10 years old. I wrote and illustrated mysteries starring me and my best friend. The first mystery: The Case of the Missing Legwarmer
  7. I have been thinking about concepts like death and eternity since I was a child. Sometimes I try to grasp what the edge of the universe is, or what this all means, or if we’re really alive or just a figment of one person’s imagination, and my brain short circuits and I sit down and watch a marathon of The Golden Girls to bring myself back down from that ledge of panic. That Sophia sure cracks me up!
  8. I was obsessed with Lost. Still am. Still can’t believe it’s over.
  9. I am very blunt. I’m straight-forward and honest. I will blurt anything out at the most inappropriate times. Usually at the dinner table at holiday family get-togethers. It’s a curse and a blessing. Mostly a curse to everyone else but me.
  10. My earliest memory is riding my Big Wheel down the driveway at four years old eating peanut butter toast with one hand and steering with the other. I crashed and my older brother laughed. My driving skills have improved since then, although I did hit a moose once while I was zipping down a back road going 55 mph in the dark of night.  I hit it from behind so I suppose you could say it was an “ass-on” collision. The car (a tiny Ford Festiva) was totaled, the moose died and I survived with a sore neck and a story of a lifetime. My co-workers made me a cake with a matchbox car and a tiny moose laying on it’s side.  This is Maine, where tragedy can be humorous. It’s how we cope.
  11. I love to be alone. I lived alone for years in my early 20s. I had a little apartment off campus out in Olympia, Washington. I wasn’t scared of being alone at all, after growing up with five brothers, I relished it.  I spent lots of time meditating, reading and talking to my cat. I think of those days fondly even though I am grateful for the family I have now. Still, I can easily see myself as a future crazy old cat lady. (It’s a secret goal of mine.)My husband has never been alone for even one night in his entire life. This mystifies me.
  12. I used to twirl baton for years in middle school. I was the leader once in our Fourth of July parade and dreaded it because we went after the horses, which meant I was the first one in line to have to step over the giant piles of poop. Once I missed and had to keep on marching, horse crap all over my white sneaker the entire parade. I quit baton that year.
  13. The library was my favorite place to go as a child. I would ride my bike there after school to read and read. I loved the smell of the books, the quiet; the feeling that everything that had ever happened in the world was somehow magically there, and every author that came before me was whispering–urging me to open up those books and discover them all.
  14. Sleep is everything to me. I cherish it, I treasure it, I covet it. I look forward to it every single day (usually by 3 pm). I need at least 9 hours of sleep to feel fully rested.  Last night I had about 4 and a half total. Getting old sucks.
  15. I once had a vivid dream where an orchestra was playing the most exquisite, never before heard classical music piece. I woke up, rushed over to write down the notes when suddenly the melodies had been replaced by the theme to Three’s Company.

235 thoughts on “About

    1. Sure, I think I picked it for a few reasons, I tend to believe in miracles, it’s a miracle I get through the day sane most days and the main reason is I think it’s a miracle I’m a mom. (lots of issues getting and staying pregnant)

      1. My best friend Hadley Roberts is from Maine. She went to The University of Maine in Orono, ME and is a journalist with a degree from there. Her sister was in a personal plane on Sept. 11th (piloting it) and was hit by a terrorist and killed. Hadley has a way like you…that she is easy to listen to and kind and down to earth. She lives with her husband and kids now in Clinton, MA where she home schools. That is another reason that I like your blog so much as well because you are from ME.

      2. Thanks jessicaber for your kind comments. I am so sorry about your friend’s loss of her sister. I like to think I’m down to earth too…being from Maine kind of brings that out of a person I guess. My blog tends to be simple and to the point (course, I’m usually writing it and typing it out while my 4 year old is climbing on me). Wish I had more time to write!

  1. I like you profile. 🙂

    I am a teacher, mum, bookaholic, foodaholic, perfumista, and writer. Yes, I write so I call myself a writer.
    Notice: Still not over being defensive about it though.

    1. kathleen tackett

      Hi, I am Kathleen (Irish) my grandmother came to the states from Ireland & homesteaded in Kansas. She & my grandfather use to gather eggs on the
      prairie. They built a little hut to live in until they could afford to build. They
      came to america from Ireland in a boat & met on the boat.Granddad came
      Gauaway Bay & grandmother came from Cork. I Have enjoyed their experiences.
      I loved them very much & they say I take after my grandmother. Thanks for
      listening to my story & experience withmy Irish grandmother

  2. Yesterday I was having a crazy “mom moment,” and took to blog-surfing for some comfort. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, and it is extremely trying sometimes. I’d like to say thanks for writing your blog…it’s nice to read something relatable and so comfortingly honest.

    1. Thank you. I think no one can truly comment on what it’s like to be a SAHM unless they’ve actually done it. In my case, for years. No question, I am very lucky to be home, I love my children more than the moon and stars, but every parent deserves a bit of a break sometimes from the daily stress. This is why I choose to laugh at it. Helps keep me sane!

  3. Glad to have found your blog. I, too, am a mom. Used to live and work on boats on the coast of Maine. I need to post more “mom stuff” on my blog- more light hearted, funny stories. Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Oh, I forgot to ask if you have some of your photos posted somewhere. I’d love to see some, as I am an aspiring photographer, shutterbug, picture taker, can’t leave home without my little camera in my purse.

    2. Thank you for visiting and your comments. Some of my blog can be a bit more heavy, but I like to add the light-hearted side of things to balance it out. I will have to check out your blog. 🙂 I absolutely love to take pictures, always have since I was little. I doubt I’ll ever be a professional, I’m a newbie, but it’s fun to experiment. The coast of Maine is the perfect backdrop for lots of photos. I am trying to get a little photo blog going but haven’t posted much on there yet. All of my blog headers here are photos I’ve taken and I’m sure most of them need serious editing in Photoshop.

  4. Hello. I’m newly into photography. Just got my first digital SLR. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it. I grew up in NH, now I live in California. My mom lives in Maine, I love it there. Congrats of being freshly pressed! What kind of a camera do you have? Maybe we can share tips…I’ve got a Canon T1i.

    1. Hi there and welcome. I have a Canon Rebel XSi, my first and only camera. But I have a sweet nifty fifty lens I bought separate from the kit lens for all those great bokeh shots. (I love photography jargon, makes me laugh…) I dream of saving up enough money for a better camera. I suppose there will always be a “better” one out there though. I am still learning how to use my camera. It can be a little too complicated with the shutter speed, ISO…blah blah etc etc. I just fiddle around with it and experiment, take TONS of bad shots. Maybe once in 100 shots I get a good one.

  5. You sound just like my friend Hadley. She used to do yard work by the way for Stephan King, because he was her neighbor. She is a writer too and is very into family and always has kids climbing all over her.

  6. Hi there, what area of Maine are you in? Your blog probably says that somewhere… My wife and I are both Colby College grads (Waterville) and obviously have fond memories of the state, and my grandparents ran a summer camp their for years back in the 50’s. I wrote a little bit about that here: http://brownroadchronicles.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/youre-so-handsome-i-hope-you-never-die/
    I have always loved Maine with its farms and forests and lobster shacks and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream! And Portland is a totally fun place for a small city! Unfortunately we rarely get back there now. Have been to a couple of Colby reunions but that is all. Thanks for reminding me what a great place it is!!

    1. Hello! I grew up in Freeport (lived in a house right next to Bean’s) now I live near Lewiston. It is a pretty cool state. Hell, we were even voted Number One on the Most Peaceful States list today (poor Louisiana, on the bottom yet again). It definitely has a calm, laid-back kinda vibe (or maybe we’re just too damn cold to commit crimes) I agree that Ben and Jerry’s is sweet but I could pass on the lobster. By the way, I just visited your blog and it is hysterical, right down to your “copyright”. Good stuff. LOVED your post on what it takes to be FP. Also your April Fools’ post about quitting blogging. Brilliant. Oh the things we bloggers do to get more traffic and “hits”. But, really, “We all just wanna be loved, is that so wrong?” (old SNL skit) Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed our fair state in college(and hope you don’t currently live in Louisiana)

      1. Nope I’m in Michigan now, very similar to Maine, very beautiful and scenic, some wealthy urban and resort areas, some very poor rural areas. Not sure where we fall on the most peaceful list?? Ahh.. LL Bean, can’t remember how many times we stopped at that place! Glad you liked the BR Chronicles and that it made you laugh. Although I tend to crack myself up, it’s nice to hear from somebody else 🙂

      2. Yes, Michigan. Know it well! My husband is from Dearborn Heights. He’s a Red Wings fanatic. We drove the 18 hours there last summer with our two kids, stayed at a hotel in which I was in fear for my life, ate at the Mongolian Grill and drove home.

  7. nickyp

    Hi! I’m very new to blogging and you are one of the first I’ve stumbled on and I love it! Love how there is this big world out there for me to explore, relate and share all things wonderful and maybe not so much. Im not a SAHM but a SAHW and hope to soon to be a SAHM and doing this is definitely going to help me stay normal! Thanks again and I’ll keep reading.

  8. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Hello Darla! So nice to meet you. I love the description you give of yourself and your blog. I’m in the same boat….except of course you can substitute “house husband” (and Idiot) into my description…… I’ll pop back often. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Have a great day and send a little of that Maine weather down this way will ya? 🙂

  9. singleworkingmomswm

    I so enjoy your humor! I try to live my life the same way…and also enjoy reading about being a SAHM since I am not one. It is always easy to believe the grass is greener (and it probably is in Maine compared to Cali), but every mother faces struggles in her own way, eh? SWM’s run on a different side of the road, but in parenting there are always places to join together for coffee. If you wanna glimpse of the “other side”, LOL, come on by to my blog and have a visit. Not to mention I’m on the other side of the country
    too! I love this blogging thing, absolutely love it…:-)

  10. pattisj

    Hi, I’ve been noticing your posts on recently found blogs, and came to “meet” you. I love your sense of humor, and wonder if we’re related–I’ve been told it’s a family characteristic. Please do not listen to TheIdiotSpeaketh, and keep that weather UP THERE. Thank you very much. My daughter has had a longing to see Maine for several years. I hope one day she gets there. She’s a mom of six, and homeschools.

    1. Could be related, you never know. Do you also suffer from near-sightedness and high arches? I will not listen to the Idiot Speaketh, well, only when it comes to weather. Otherwise, the man is hysterical! Your daughter sounds like my hero. I have a close friend who homeschools seven, she is amazing. Welcome to my blog and hope you stick around.

  11. Although I was a stay at home mother back in the olden days of the 1980’s, I think we may be related because I’m also short-sighted and have high arches.
    There’s nothing better than being able to stay home and bring up your own children. Those days with my kids though exhausting at times, were the happiest of my life. No one can ever take away the beautiful memories.

  12. Great blog – I also remember how things were, growing up in the 70s. When I think of the technology we have access to today, it is truly amazing. I do a lot of hillwalking and hiking, but love to use a map and compass. GPS takes the wonder out of it, and also dulls your navigation skills. I laughed at your comments re records jumping, but think that they _did_ sound better than cd or mp3, at least until your brother used a cheese grater on the vinyl… 🙂

    Maine sounds lovely – closest I have been is Quincy and Boston, MA.

    Take care and keep writing,


    1. David, there is something to be said about the sound of music coming from a vinyl record. More natural and raw-sounding. I miss my turntable, wish I had kept it all these years. I miss getting a record and looking at the sleeve it came in and the pictures of the band etc. Buying an iTune takes a lot of the joy out of it I think.

      My kids and I love to hike around Maine. I do bring my cell though as it makes me feel a little safer just in case. Technology is a good thing sometimes.

      Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting. If you ever do get to Maine, come during the summer. Right now it’s pretty cold and we’re getting 3 inches of snow this weekend!

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  15. I’ve read this blog a few times and finally decided to buck up and say “Hi” so, Hi. And…I also wanted you to know I think your ‘voice’ is amazing and I bet you are twice as funny in person…The people who comment regularly on this blog are nothing to shake a stick at either.
    Me? I ain’t no writer….But you people who can?… Well, to me it’s as impressive as building power plants out of ants and sand. {FYI: The ants and sand thing? Not mine. It’s a copy-righted saying of my brother-in-laws.}
    Okay, so that’s it.
    Don’t stop doing what you do.
    It’s great.

    1. Thank you so much and judging by your comment here, I’d say you write very well! I often wonder what my voice is and if it’s too loud and whiny, but comments like yours keeps me going and I appreciate that a lot, truly.

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    1. Thanks! I couldn’t take seeing my old header with the snow anymore. I can’t wait until some pretty flowers start popping up here so I can some good pictures. Next week it will hit 75. That is crazy for Maine this time of year!

  17. Curly Carly

    Hi Darla! I tagged you in a blog question-and-answer game! If you want to play, visit my blog to see what to do! (but don’t feel obligated!)

    1. I just read your post, loved your answers, Carly. Thanks for the tag. Like you, I am stuck with the posts lately…they’re all half-written and writer’s block is looming so this gives me something to write about. (by the way, nothing beats Reese’s peanut butter eggs, not even Cadbury cream eggs…)

    1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jeannette. I’ve never received an ‘awesome’ award before. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week. It will hit 80 here today, so I plan on spending it outside, can’t wait.. In March, that is crazy!

  18. I am completely with you on #15 and #20. I love being alone but I equally love being with people. Some things are much better shared. I think it’s important to achieve a balance between the two.

    And I’m the same about shopping. I can’t understand how some people take eons grocery shopping. And clothes shopping too. For some people, shopping for clothes is an actual hobby. Don’t get wrong, I ain’t judging but a day spent in hustling, bustling crowds in overheated stores playing crappy music so loud it makes your head ache is not my idea of fun!

    1. You are so right–balance is key to most everything in life, isn’t it? Unfortunately, right now my alone time is lacking but I know that will change once the kids move out in about 20 years or so.

      I also hate clothes shopping. I was just in Target yesterday and had some money to buy myself clothes (my current wardrobe is about 15 years old) And I kept trying stuff on and saying, nope, hate it. Hate everything. I ended up buying nothing but clothes for my kids. sigh!

  19. Hi, enjoyed reading your “about” page… know that’s a lame way to start but I’m cutting to the chase, wink. Yep, a few things in common (totally don’t like to shop AND my husband loves it) and simply looking to grow my following group. Going to read some of your archived posts now. See ya.

    1. Hey, not a lame way to start at all! I just went over to your blog and read yours. I am training to become a Reiki volunteer at the local cancer center here, so we have that in common as well!

  20. Hi, Maniac! Still trying to navigate all of the techie stuff, so hope you see my comment! I am also a Maniac in exile in the flatlands of Michigan! http://www.soulpoetry.org is my site for my book, Sanctuary of the Soul (meaning of course, Maine/Heaven)..coming home in June….I am 65 and a Freshman at a University, because of what I wrote about my life, I won a scholarship. E-mail me if you can: wacalice@aol.com (I joined the army right out of high school–from Old Town to San Francisco at the height of the Vietnam war, peace, drugs, hippies, etc…major culture shock a s you can imagine.

    Smiles, Alice (over comer and wounded healer)

    Working so hard to make a difference in the world.

    Without my faith and wicked wit and sense of humor, I would be drooling in a corner, LOL!

  21. I’m from Seattle and went to college in Maine, so we must’ve passed each other in the air at some point! And sister, I despise shopping too. Congrats on getting freshly pressed!

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  23. I came over here from joehoover’s site — I’m glad I did! You sound like my kind of gal. I had the same feeling about the library when I was a kid, and probably started contemplating the subject of death and afterlife since I was about 8. And anyone who can do a good Katharine Hepburn imitation is aces in my book.

    1. Oh, yes, love Katherine Hepburn. I just saw a show narrated by her about her many movie roles and I was mesmerized. And I miss libraries. We have a tiny one here in town that my kids love to go to, but no more bookstores anywhere to be found. Glad you dropped by from Joe’s blog!

  24. YAY MAINE! I love your facts… that is really cool you had a dream before you met your husband! How awesome! =D Nice to meet another fellow maineiac! :p

      1. I know! I am super excited… unfortunately not so much fun to hay in it… ah the joys of country living. :p if only the waters around here didn’t take 3 months to warm up…

        1. Exactly. My kids want me to go in their kiddie pool today. I’m thinking…well, it may be 95 degrees, but the water is probably more like 55. No thanks! And I won’t even go into the ocean until summer’s almost over…

          1. A couple weekends ago, we went to Sand Beach… and it was pretty crazy how many kids were swimming! They have a much higher tolerance… I could barely put my feet in without crying.

  25. Wow! ‘Maineiac’ sent me on lane dyslexia in trying to figure out if the ‘i’ came first or ‘e’! Well, that’s beside the point—you have a great blog, and I find you effortlessly funny!

    1. oh, I know, it’s such a pain to spell! I stole it from a now-defunct ice hockey team here. And thanks for your comment–I think the funny comes from living here in frozen tundra Maine. We find things to laugh at to stay sane.

  26. Hey, Darla, just wanted you to know that I thought your essay on Lust was the best and I voted for it several times. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you didn’t get more votes…

    For the record, I’m not competing any more. I love writing these essays, but I really don’t like the competition part.

    1. Thank you so much, Lorna! It’s such stiff competition. I truly love to read your writing and I’m sad you won’t be entering anymore. I understand though. I wish I had more time to devote to writing. It’s hard enough keeping up with this blog! Have a wonderful rest of the summer (only a few weeks and my kids are back in school, it’s going fast)

      1. I’ll still be writing essays for the last of the sins, I just will bow out of the contest part. When you make semi-finalist again (and I’m sure you will), I’ll use every vote I have to get you the recognition you deserve. You’re one hell of a writer!

  27. I had to subscribe to your blog because the title makes me smile every time I read it. And everything else I’ve read here is so funny.

    I used to work with a really heavy guy who was also the office clown. He came in one morning, put a CD in the boombox (it’s been a few years) and started doing the Flashdance Maniac dance. Your blog title makes me think of him, and Maine, and both make me happy.

    Thanks for the smiles.

    1. Oh, thank you! it’s always so great to know people think my blog is funny. (My own family isn’t too keen on my jokes most of the time.) My blog title always puts the Flashdance song in my head and it’s really a curse now more than anything, but I’m stuck with it. At least it triggers happy memories for you! Hope you stick around.

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      1. Le Clown

        The Maineiac,
        Le Clown is an extremely disorganized fellow, this should be a post in itself… He enjoyed your comments on The Byronic Man, and Elyse. And wanted to head over your way for awhile now. But Le Clown’s ADHD makes it difficult for him to find the breadcrumbs he leaves all over the blogosphere which technically should lead him back to bloggers he wants to read. He also writes interminable sentences the way Marcel Proust did, without their beauty.

        Nonetheless, he did find his way more than once to beautiful Kennebunk, like so many of his fellow French Quebecers…
        I didn’t answer any of your questions, didn’t I?
        Le Clown

      2. You answered my questions and more. My kind of blogger! I aim to check out your site again soon, but I’m afraid with your huge following and the millions of comments you get, you’ll forget about me again. I’ll try to leave you some really stupid and lame comments so I’ll stand out more from the crowd. (won’t be hard, this comes to me easily) I do notice we run in the same bloggy circles and you keep company with the brilliant weebles and speaker…so I assume you can’t be all that bad….?Or am I wrong here?

  29. I know this isn’t a new experience for you, but I’m nominating you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Love your work!

    This “plaid wearin’, java sippin’” woman will make you laugh out loud, but she’ll touch your heart, too. Her recent post on Halloween just keep replaying in my head!

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  33. OMG, I could be the long lost sister you never had. Your blog is awesome and this “about” was too, too familiar. I’ve never been to Maine, but I do love blueberries. So, there’s that.

    1. Ha! maybe someday you can come to Maine. It’s really quite a lovely place (especially during the summer months). I just read your post over at Black Box Warnings and your writing really drew me in. I’ve written about my dad’s death and its impact on me many times. I can’t wait to check out your blog now!

      1. Maine is definitely on our list of places to visit. I have ex-in-laws somewhere near Rockport.
        ***on my blog*** my writing has been a bit on the angry side since before the holidays, but most of the time I do try to keep it light, sort of. You’ll be welcome there anytime.

      2. I love Rockport! It’s very beautiful on the coast.
        I understand wanting to write angry sometimes. It’s very good to get things out. I really do think blogging is therapy. You’re welcome here anytime as well, Honie.

      1. My car got stuck in our driveway yesterday and our snowblower died so I ended up shoveling. Just what my bad back needed! But the extra cursing I did while I was shoveling gave me the strength I needed to power through…..Today, I skidded all over the road just trying to get the kids off to school. Only what…one more month of this crap?? hopefully?

  34. Wow I enjoyed reading this especially because at least 7-8 of these things relate to the person I am. I like your blog and I am sure I’ll love it more and more as I get to read loads of it… I have just started reading but I’ll be back for sure 😉

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  36. I wanted a Big Wheel sooooo bad when I was a kid, but we lived on a gravel road…so what’s the point? One morning, I went into the kitchen and there sat a giant Big Wheel box!!! Filled with empty canning jars for my mother to put up vegetables. I think that was the moment, in 1977, when I became a blogger.

    1. Oh that is tragic! My Big Wheel got me into trouble though. Once my brothers dared me to drive it down a steep hill, then as I gained speed, the stupid plastic brake didn’t work and I spun out and landed in a ditch. So, see? that box full of canning jars probably saved your life.

  37. Hi Darla, I tried emailing you but it bounced back. Would you be interested in participating in something we are doing for Susie on Friday morning – the day of her surgery? I am contacting as many of her followers as possible to see if all of us would post a post on friday titled, “Susie Strong” and the content could just be a simple message saying, “Thinking of you today”. She is such an amazing woman and is always facilitating blog parties for her followers, etc. I thought it would be so cool to show our unity in supporting her through this difficult time. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks!

      1. I was thinking we all do our own blogs saying the same thing, “Susie Strong” We are thinking about you. That way when she looks at her emails she will see everyone’s posts saying the same thing. 🙂 What do you think?

  38. proudsinglemama

    Just want to stop by and say that just in reading your “About Me” section I was entertained and I loved it. Look forward to reading more.

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  40. I was laughing really hard reading an entry of yours and this wonderful “About.” My son, who never sleeps late, got up late and wanted to know why I was laughing when he came into our dining area. I read him some of your blog. He asked for a playdate with your kids. Hahahahaha! I told him that you are a 4-hr plane ride from us. But, my 7-year-old approves your blog.

    1. If your seven year old approves my blog, I take that as a high compliment. My daughter is six and a half and also approves this blog. But I’m not sure what that says about my sense of humor….but thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around!

  41. Ms. Roberts

    I was born and bred in Maine too. Freeport actually isn’t that too far away from where I live. Awesome blog, btw!

  42. I cannot wait to read more, you are so real and I love it! Just so you know, you are not the only one who are deathly afraid of spiders my husband goes to me when there out I have to TAKE CARE OF THEM if you know what I mean. I love libraries and passed along my passion for books and writing to my daughter.
    I will enjoy following you, have an awesome day!

  43. Hi Darla,

    Pleased to meet you. :).

    My name is Kevin Gillespie, I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev though. :).

    I live in Wales, & I am now Following your Blog. :).

    Best Wishes. :).
    Kev. 🙂

    1. I live very close to Lisbon Falls and the Moxie festival was just a few weeks ago. We make sure to avoid it like the plague because I still think it tastes like battery acid mixed with cough syrup.

      1. You don’t like Moxie!

        I completely understand. I got addicted to it while working in a convenience store in Old Orchard Beach. I saw the old timers drinking it all the time and thought about trying it. Eventually, everything else just seemed too sweet.

  44. This is great:

    “Welcome and hope you stick around even after you read the crappy posts.”


    Pleasure to meet oyou. :0) We have too much in common to list (but to name a few, I’m from the same era- born in ’69, and I too remember when Pong was introduced- let’s not forget Night Driver and Gunslinger! And right. Sean Cassidy but hey, let’s not leave out Greg Evigan and the introduction of the microwave!) See what I mean?


  45. I can totally relate to the “being alone” part. It is refreshing from time to time. Especially in these overcrowded frantic times we live in. I find sanity in solitude. Also in writing. Especially when the content is of the darker scarier variety. Feel free to check out my blog anytime if that peaks your curiosity at all. Thanks for your blog. I will be following and am sure I will be thoroughly entertained.
    Keep Writing.


  46. Hi! I can totally relate to teachers not appreciating celebrity impressions…no one ever told me that French class and a good old Jack Nicholson impression didn’t mix 🙂 Anywho, I love this blog and I look forward to reading more!

  47. Saw the name of your blog and had to come over to see who you are. Hubby and I lived in downeast ME for three years and when we moved I left something in that glorious state…. my heart. Like your writing, it is fun and easy to read. DAF

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  49. Entertaining and fun to read. I’m a stay at home mom that works from home, so not sure what that makes me. Someone that does a ton of work and makes hardly any pay, I’m sure there’s a title for it. Anyway, you had me at “bread tie”, now I just feel annoyed in a haha kind of way. I hit the follow button cause you seem funny.

  50. You are terribly amusing…someone like you might appreciate the insight that our blog has to offer into all things strange, unsual, fantastic, odd and extraordinary and perhaps you may think it to be amusing as well. Looking forward to reading more.

  51. Ha! I have a feeling we might be twins separated at birth. I rant like you do. My blog is pretty new, so you wouldn’t be able to tell it yet, but trust me. . . I can rant. Or maybe you can tell. Anyway, I don’t like spiders either, but I will kill those suckers any chance I get. Unless they jump. Or land on me. And that has happened. And I don’t like it. Ever. I once caught a spider in a jar (actually, I’ve caught several, to make a point) and kept it there, sealed, certain it was a BROWN RECLUSE, and left him (or her) in the jar for like, forever, because they can live without oxygen and food for six months (information I am certain you did NOT want to know), and then we had our wood floors in the entry way finished and my son had an asthmatic reaction because they tented the front half of our house and the fumes got in his room, so he had to go stay at my mom and dad’s and then the spider died. I guess they can’t stand wood stain. Or sealer. Or it wasn’t a brown recluse. My son is fine, by the way, and the floors are finished. For the most part. . .

  52. Hi there Darla,
    I love the colored word bubbles and your colorful banter as well. I too find myself drawn to chocolate, sleep, chatting extensively and riding big wheels (except I was too fat and bent mine). It would appear we have much in common. My 13-year-old son and I adored Lost and miss it. We often lament by plinking its theme music on my out-of-tune piano. I’ve been through Maine but vacationed in New Hampshire, Vermont…I get confused by all the trees as I’m originally from New Jersey but now reside in New York (the cow part not the city part).
    Well it’s nice meeting you. I like your spunk!
    You’ve got a a terrific blog. 🙂

  53. Hi there. Glad I found this blog. You have built a very impressive site! I blog on everything from politics to film review. Would be lovely if you can follow back. Thank you!

  54. Oddly enough my husband and I were thinking of vacationing in Maine next summer (we don’t get out enough).
    If everyone is as witty as you then I think it’ll be worth it. If not, there’s always the lighthouses.

  55. Hi Darla! Love your blog and your sense of humor. I am introvert and getting used to writing my own blog which is dedicated to the movie goddesses…like you! Hope you get at least 9 hours of sleep tonight:-)

  56. Oh,God, you’ve saved me. I’m so glad to finally find out the voices in my head are actually IN THE BOOKS. Who’d a thunk it! But why do books want me to dig up the roses and bury my neighbors mailbox?

  57. I loved reading your page. It was too funny and I laughed out loud about you being blunt, giving up the Baton, a perfectly legitimate reason as I far as I can tell, and your love of being alone. Great post and wonderful blog.

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  59. bindmoggled

    What a great photo from your back yard. My wife is a former Mainer, too, and I’m a lifelong (though no more) Masshole. Now we’re just Yankee transplant southerners…

  60. I have just reinvented myself and I am on the prowl….following! I did it for the booze and snacks. Love your work, even bigger fan of your style of humour. You got it going on here. Cheers

  61. Words Of A Christian Wife

    I love your about me section especially the “15 things about me”… brilliant. You made me laugh! Thanks 🙂 Excited to read more!

  62. I’m a new fan. I love your posts and love reading the comments. First let me say that I think I made too many comments but that’s me. I enjoy reading the comments to your posts and your comments to their comments. Unfortunately for me, there are so many that I finally have to quit about half way through. What a compliment to your writing. Thanks for the laughs and the thoughts and memories they provoke.

  63. I absolutely love this about page. I think it’s the plaid (also the humor and the honesty.) On my blog I often feature a picture of me from 7th grade wearing an unironic black bowtie and a red and gray striped sweater. Also, over the shoulder fish-tail braid. Because something about picture day in middle school captures the true soul of a person, unfortunately. I love that kooky plaid picture so much (also Maine, I love Maine) that now I’m going to have to peruse the whole ding dang site. Pleased to meet you…

  64. Pingback: Are blogs art? | The Daily Epic

  65. Hi! I actually just started blogging on WordPress. (I only have one post thus far) eek! Anyway….once upon a time I had a blog over at blogger. Wont mention the name since it’s still out in web-a-sphere and trying to stay anonymous for now…. I am currently known as The Messy Sister just because I want to stay a little private for now (at least). Sometimes….I just need a place to vent and share my true struggles. Happy to have found your blog! 🙂 and I love Blue Moon beer! My fave! oh and Love Lost! Yeah….I’m sad it ended too 😦

  66. Love, love, love your about page! 3 loves so it must be real, right? Just the way to start my Christmas Eve: hot cup of coffee and great writing. Thank you my friend, and I look forward to spending time on your page reading through your blogs. Have a wonderful day.

  67. You had me at ” what if we are just a figment of someone’s imagination”. Something I have thought about often, and then usually follow up with , what if this is purgatory- we are all running around trying to chase happiness and the american dream, when this is HELL and the devil just sits back and laughs his ass off.

  68. Oh my gosh. You’re speaking about me on a host of these. I’ll focus on the mind whirring about life and death and the mystery of us being. And what to do with all this existence we have. And the part about you twirling batons. Me toooo. Small world. I’ve been writing since I was a little thing and still do. Twirling batons now? Not so much. Only enough to prove to my kids and their friends I did indeed used to be a majorette and I did indeed twirl a fire baton. Gotta use whatever you can to impress the younger generation. They watched in shock and awe. I love the blog. Hope you find your spider that got away.

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