How Blogging Has Changed My Life. Really.


Maybe it’s because my fourth blogaversary is coming up, but I’m getting sentimental. I’m looking back over the years and thinking about what this blog means to me.

I’ve debated for days how to write this post without coming off as sappy or narcissistic and I’ve realized it’s impossible. Those are the two things I’m good at.

I don’t know about you, but my blog has been an important part of my life. It came at the perfect time. Four years ago I was spending my days posting stupid facebook status updates about the toast I had that morning, feeling like I had no creative outlet.

I was a stay-at-home mom feeling like I had lost touch with the world. Like I had lost my identity along the way. I needed to make connections with others.  I wrote my first post, the mind-blowing “What’s a widget?” received one comment from my cousin in Florida and I was hopelessly hooked

Blogging is like opening up your house for strangers to come in and sift through your medicine cabinet and underwear drawer. It’s very scary to let people in, to be so intimate and vulnerable. What if people judge my granny panties? What if people find out about the prescription strength hemorrhoid cream? (not mine)

Life is all about pushing through those roadblocks of fear. Testing your limits, seeing what you’re made of. Hiding the hemorrhoid cream in a better place next time.

I wasn’t popular as a kid. I wasn’t outgoing. I was painfully shy. And by that I mean other kids would take turns giving me atomic wedgies on the playground.

Oh I was always observing everyone else for sure, because you can pick up a lot about human nature that way. Like figuring out how fast I had to run to avoid being put in a headlock and given a noogie. Thankfully this knack for observing others helps with my writing a little. Except for this paragraph. Oh god I hate it. Just bad bad writing overall. Oh well, too late.

So — surprise, surprise — I had huge insecurities most of my life. I’m in my forties and feel like I’m finally letting most of those go, letting them fall away. I’ve told that negative inner voice to shut the hell up already.

And you know, it feels good. More than good. It feels like I’ve given myself permission to be the true me — the good, the bad, the ugly. I feel FREE.

Here’s a sampling of my inner dialogue/conflict now:

Darla, you are such an idiot.

Shut the hell up.

Darla, your face resembles a Shar Pei. A very old, very wrinkled Shar Pei. Not the good end.

Shut the hell up.

Darla, your ass is droopy. So droopy it’s morphed with your jiggly thighs to become one giant mass of ass. Really, I can’t even tell where one body part ends or begins now.

Shut the hell up.

Darla, your writing sucks. It sucks bad.

Shut the hell up.

See? Seems easy to do, but it took me a long time to get to this point. Go on, try it — tell yourself to shut the hell up for me. You’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted.

How has blogging helped me reach this point? It all comes down to you guys. Every time you take the time out of your busy day at work playing Candy Crush Saga to leave a nice comment, it gives me a positive boost. To be honest, I still can’t believe anyone wants to read my writing at all.

But maybe you don’t want to read my blog.

Maybe you were moving a heavy bookcase by yourself, it tipped over and now you’re lying on the floor trapped underneath a mountain of books. Your smartphone flew out of your pocket and it’s just inches out of your reach. Your pet parrot Mr. Pickles unlatched his cage and swooped down to help because you had spent months teaching him how to call 911. But then he realized you had forgotten to feed him again that morning so instead he angrily pecked at your phone, inadvertently typing the URL address for this blog and now all you can do to pass the time is read this drivel from a distance as the weight of the bookcase slowly crushes your spine into dust while a squawking Mr.Pickles digs his talons deeper into your face and poops on your forehead.

If so, I’m sorry. Next time get a dog.

It’s been four years of blogging and I still don’t really know what I’m doing. But I don’t care anymore, I just go with it. What — you say you could tell by the quality of my posts? Shut up.

So you know how sometimes you feel a little trepidation the moment before you hit ‘publish’ on a post? I used to get anxious posting some things. I’m not sure why.

Now I feel a level of confidence when I write. I’ll never be completely satisfied and that’s not the point for me anymore. When I post I think, Hey, guys! Whassup? Here I am, this is me. And what about you? It’s that basic human connection, that someone out there might “get me”. This is the only reason I blog now. (I’m not sure there was ever any other reason.)

This confidence has spilled over into other areas of my life. I went back to college full time and I’ll graduate as a medical assistant next week. I made the Dean’s List every semester, high honors. Yes, I think I have permission to brag because I studied my giant mass of thigh/ass off.  I start my externship soon at an OB/GYN office and hope to train to become an ultrasound tech.  I’ve done things this year I never thought possible at this stage in my life.

Yes, this is me. Shut up.
Yes, this is me. Shut up.

Was I scared the first day of class when I realized I could be my lab partner’s mother? Hell yeah!

Was I shaking like a leaf the first time I had to draw my lab partner’s blood? Of course! But then, so was my lab partner.

I wanted to quit school so many times, to just give up. Fear was this heavy weight bearing down on me (much like your bookcase and again, I’m sorry) Every semester I wanted to run and hide underneath the covers.

Instead I made a choice to face my fears head on, to allow myself to make mistakes and to be okay with it. I know you might not believe me, but blogging has been a catalyst in this transformation.

By writing again, I’ve found the true me again. She was there all along, buried underneath choking fears and insecurities. (again, poor choice of words but I told you not to buy that large-print copy of War and Peace)

And I really like this new me. She’s all right.

Blogging has changed my life. It’s opened up a door I thought was closed forever.  My creative side is back, I’m writing again.  I’m starting to do things in my life that make me happy.


After all, I believe it was the great Shakespeare who once said, this life sure as hell ain’t gonna be lived by anyone else. You’re right, it was Oprah.

So thank you.

Thank you for reading all these years.

Thank you to all the other bloggers for constantly writing entertaining posts so I have zero time to write my own freaking posts, you big jerks.

I’ve met some amazing people in the past four years, some I’ve gotten to know online and some in real life. I feel truly lucky and blessed to have ridden this wackadoodle WordPress rollercoaster with you guys. (ridden’s a word right? ah, who cares)

I’ll be posting on my blog much less this year due to my new career sticking people with needles and all, but I’ll still be around now and then. Writing is like breathing for me, without it I’m as good as dead.

And hopefully I won’t ever write another post about writing or blogging again. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Okay, that’s all from here. (too much from here by the looks of my word count, damn!)

Have a great summer guys! See you around. Take care of yourselves. Stop sending me Candy Crush Saga requests on Facebook.

(And I sincerely hope Mr. Pickles finds forgiveness in his tiny heart and dials 911 for you. In the meantime, read War and Peace while you lie there waiting for my next post. I hear it’s a good story.)


145 thoughts on “How Blogging Has Changed My Life. Really.

  1. Wow! Congratulations on the anniversary and the graduation! Woo!! (I don’t just woo for anyone, you know.Very selective woo-er.)

    Have a great summer poking needles in people, but please do write. I don’t want to have to start playing Candy Crush Whatever to pass the time. Happy everything!

    P.S. Oprah might have said it first, but Shakespeare probably did, too. He’s been known to “borrow” things.

  2. Oh, DP, you make me laugh my own ass/thigh mass off, you know that? I can’t really relate to this whole blogging changed my life thing, but hey, good for you!

    Seriously, though, you are an inspiration and the first person I’d want to stick me with a needle. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

    1. I know how much you hate needles, so I’d be honored. I’m very good, I swear you won’t feel a thing (except for brief stinging pain). To think I spent almost an ENTIRE YEAR having both my arms stuck by needles once a week! It’s amazing how quickly you get used to it. (I bet right now you’d like me to stop talking about needles huh. Sorry.)

  3. You’re graduating already? Go you! SUPER CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    This was awesomely inspiring and sweet and barely corny at all…just kidding. Highly entertaining as usual. (The Mr. Pickles scenario, still laughing my ass off!) I’m glad you have no plans to leave this lovely blogging world. I only hope that you DON’T leave us hanging for too long before your next post. I don’t care how busy you are sticking needles in people. Blog first, work later.

    Best of luck!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lily! “Barely corny” was exactly what I was shooting for. And I totally agree with you, blogging should always come first. Well, after family. And work. And paying bills. And eating chocolate. But yeah, blogging’s important and always will be to me. Have a good summer!

  4. The whole time I was reading this post, I was actually picturing you on a podium, delivering this as a speech, that wasn’t a deliberate choice, it’s just how it came across (and I mean that in a good way!). Congrats, I totally get how blogging can do all that!

    No doubt we can expect some hilarious (with identifying details changed to protect the innocent) medical-related blog posts in the future!

    1. Thanks, V! What’s weird is I’m taking public speaking right now (I was supposed to take it last summer but chickened out). Last week was my last speech and I was at a podium in front of the entire class and gave a speech on my late father. It was the best speech I’ve ever given, the class was in tears. And even more strange — I actually enjoyed talking in front of people! It was a rush. Blogging really has given me so much confidence in life.

      Hope you have a great summer!

      1. That is actually quite weird that I said the speech on a podium thing then! Maybe your head is in that zone at the moment so everything you write sounds like a speech, hehe. Congrats on breaking through the fear of public speaking barrier! Hope you have a great summer too D.

  5. Graduating? ALREADY? I swear, someone sped up the clock. It seems like just a couple of months ago you went back to school. Heart felt congrats, Darla. You have found your groove, not only in blogging but also in career. And we already knew you were a rockin’ person, just right, just as you were. Cheers.

    1. Ha! Well, it may have flown for you Shan but for me it felt like I lived a couple lifetimes to get this degree. Thanks so much for always being so positive and supportive. I hope you and the family have a sweet and lazy summer.

  6. Sappy? No, this is awesome and huge and you are inspirational. Congratulations, on everything…4 years, keeping us all here and reading, school, Deans List… just everything. It is all huge, inspiring and I want to grow up to be just like you in this world at the very least.

    1. I can see you! You’re wearing beautiful bright colors (and a fashionable purse too.) Thanks for your support over the years, Kathy. It means a lot to me. Have a fantastic summer.

  7. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Kinda short on words right now, so I’ll stick with the tried and true:

    (Also, congrats. On many fronts!)

  8. Darla, you know I am your biggest fan, right? And by biggest I mean my ass/thigh mass has its own zip code. I cannot believe you graduate already. I am enormously proud of your accomplishments. Keep writing every now and then. Seeing a notice in my in-box letting me know you have posted always makes my day.

    And, be glad you and your lab partner didn’t have to shove nasogastric tubes down each other’s noses…aaaah, good times. Good. Times.

    1. Katy, I can’t thank you enough for all the support. And I never told you this but the interview I did of you for my class was a huge hit! I read most of your comments to them during my powerpoint presentation and had the class laughing (especially your answer about the negatives of the job: bodily fluids and doctors who think they’re God). Because of you I got an A.

      Now that I’ve gotten a taste of the medical field, I think YOU are an absolute goddess. Yes, all nurses should be bowed down to and worshipped. And THANK GOD I didn’t have to do an NG tube. I have another friend who’s an RN and she said, “Oh, so you have to draw blood? Try doing a catheter.” This is why I could never be a nurse. We have to do a catheter on fake body parts for my final exam next week and that is enough for me.

      1. You didn’t need me for an A, sweetie. Nursing has changed so much over the last 20 year…so much paperwork, so little time. I think you made a good choice. The catheters are a real trip…I have a couple of hilarious stories…an elderly gentleman with a UTI and sepsis got me in a headlock with his legs once when I was trying to put in a catheter. Another time, I needed 4 helpers, a flashlight, and had to hold my breath for quite a while for a patient who weighed about 500 pounds and obviously hadn’t been able to reach her nether region for a veryyyyyy long time.

        Good times….I tell ya. Good. Times.

        1. haha! Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s you have to keep your sense of humor dealing with all these (ahem) odoriferous patients. I have heard SO many stories from my classmates (most of them are CNAs).

          At the end of my RN presentation, the teacher asked me if I would pursue this career and I said, Hell no. High pay, but too much stress. He said I made a wise decision. I think going back to school for another year to be an u/s tech is a much better career track for me.

  9. Darla, this is SOOOOOOO fantastic!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on so many fronts! You rock! Which OB practice will you be working at? Just…wondering…so that I…stay aw… I mean, good for you!!!!!! 🙂

  10. I’ve just now started reading your blog, and I’m already sad to hear that you will be blogging less! At least I have four years of posts to go back and discover.

  11. I feel the same way about rediscovering cooking through blogging and writing. Finding a lost creative outlet IS life-changing, but more importantly, life-giving.

    Let’s celebrate your graduation by dancing our thasses off!

  12. But, see, this is really well written, so you’ve got extra “shut the hell up” ammunition. It even has callbacks!

    Well, congratulations on the externship, and the 4-years of maineiacal mama miracles.

    1. Thanks, B-man. Y’know, I do believe I said “shut up” at least a few times to you guys in this post too. Must have some repressed anger I wasn’t aware of. This is what I’ll miss about blogging: it’s therapy.

  13. Awesome news on graduating…the things we can achieve giving ourselves a kick up the arse/butt (delete as your nationality dictates). You’re spot on recognising the power blogging can do. (I read that as power blogging, like power napping), I probably need to work on punctuation for that to make sense)

    Now you can legally jab people with needles, you can join the realms of dentists and the Tax office who enjoy inflicting pain on people ;-D

    I hope your words encourage more of us to mix it up…or in my case in the very least motivate me to go to the gym instead of the pub (I keep trying but the pub is geographically located before the gym – sometimes there are greater powers at work denying us fulfilling our ambitions)

    1. ha! You always make me laugh, Joe. That damn pub! I’m sure you’re getting plenty of exercise planting your arse on the bar stool and lifting those heavy beers, though.

      I have to say thank you for being one of my earliest readers and commenters. You’ve always been so supportive. Isn’t blogging weird? I feel like I know you and you live so far away. This is why I can’t give wordpress up completely. I hope you have a fantastic summer, Joe.

      1. It’s always a pleasure, and likewise!

        This is why blogging is truer than other forms of internet social stuff, people are honest and are themselves.

        Summer came and went here, it was great yesterday but raining today. So I went to pub last night and am at the gym tonight, it just takes better planning 😀

      2. It’s true, blogging really brings out the genuine personalities in people. And I do believe the online relationships we form over time are real and not to be discounted.

        Good for you for going to the gym tonight. I’m heading out for an hour long walk, I should be huffing and puffing like Darth Vader in no time. And I have a big fat glass of wine to look forward to later so it’s all good.

  14. Darla you are wonderful — and likely always were! Congratulations on all your accomplishments, the most important of all is the happiness you’ve given yourself with all of them.

    You seriously rock!!!!!!

    But you ain’t gettin in my vagina. Sorry. You know all my other secrets; I have to draw the line somewhere.

      1. I really is hard to change that habit, it’s a process. It took me what, almost 44 years. I’m starting to be kinder to myself. I look in the mirror like Stuart Smalley each day and say: “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”

  15. Wow! Four years! Where has the time gone? I think I discovered you about 3 years ago on a fateful day that you were FP. I can’t believe you are going to graduate- it seems like you just barely started back to school. Well, a huge congrats on that one. Oh crap! You just reminded me that my niece is about to graduate from college and I have no idea what to get her for a graduation present. Yikes! Oh yeah, back to you. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, and as soon as I get this book shelf off my back I’m going to go buy a dog.

    1. I know, four years! That’s like 400 years in blog time. You’ve been with me through so much, Sue. Thanks for sticking around and for enlightening me about Reiki etc with your posts. (I really really need to practice that more now!)

      This is a big year, I graduate and my 11 year old son graduates from elementary school (sniff, sniff). I cannot believe he’ll be a big middle schooler this fall!

      1. Wow! Middle school! Our elementary schools go through sixth grade, so Little Man has one more year there before he goes to the big time (7 elementary schools feed into our middle school and high school). Hang in there, mom. Before we know it, they’ll be in high school and then graduating! (bawl!)

      2. Aw, you still have one extra year with the little man. Lucky you. Sigh. I am a big mess of emotions seeing my son grow taller and his voice is getting deeper. He was my little best buddy, we were always together and now he’s leaving me! Don’t go, Babu, don’t go!!! (sobbing) Wow, he would really be embarrassed to know I called him by his nickname on this blog.

  16. You wrote:

    “Go on, try it – tell yourself to shut the hell up for me. You’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted.”

    The question is, will I feel like the weight of my THASS has been lifted? 😉

    Great post, Darla, and congrats! You deserve it (if only for learning how to outrun a noogie).

    1. Well, did you tell yourself to shut up yet today? This is how I start every morning now. Yet my thass is still there. (shrugs)

      And I never really figured out how to outrun a hail of noogies. My legs are too short I guess.

  17. You had me at, “I was a stay-at-home mom feeling like I had lost touch with the world.”

    I still feel that way most days . . . disconnected. But after reading about your journey, I have a renewed sense of passion . . . for writing . . . for doing something that makes ME happy. It’s not easy, especially amidst a pile of laundry and dirty diapers. But there’s hope. There’s always hope. And, there’s a season for everything. My season may not be now, as I am still in the thick of child rearing, but my season will come.

    That said, I want to thank you for your transparency and vulnerability. I will tuck your words of inspiration into my heart. I know you will continue to touch others in your professional life and by “touch” I don’t mean sticking people with needles.

    Congratulations and all the best, Darla!

    1. Exactly, your time will come. It comes for everyone eventually. I spent 12 years raising my kids and now I’m going about the business of raising myself. I’m starting all over again, it’s really strange but thrilling. By finding myself again I am now ready to help others in my career.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, Anka. I hope you and your family have a great summer.

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Georgette! I can’t wait to hear that music playing. What’s funny is I didn’t attend my last college graduation when I was in my 20s (they mailed me my diploma because I had gone back home after my dad died)

      I hope you have a terrific summer.

  18. Awesome Darla! Congrats on finishing school. And with honors to boot! Do you get to do the whole cap and gown thing? I would like to see a photo of you tossing the hat in the air Mary Tyler Moore style.

    So happy for you (even though the part about sticking a needle in your lab partner’s arm nearly made me faint at my keyboard)!

    1. Yes! I get to wear the cap and gown and walk across the stage. I am giddy about this because my last college graduation when I was 21 years old I didn’t attend. This will be a new thing for me. I will definitely post a photo of me throwing my hat in the air.

      Thanks, Jackie. and to think I can stick needles in people now without batting an eye. I actually ended up having good phlebotomy skills. I was the only one in class to get blood out of my lab partner all year (she has super tiny veins).

  19. First things first:
    Congratulations on your graduation!! Not an easy feat to start from scrap in your forties. I know that too well – just did it myself – just not from scrap – I just changed into another administration.
    No worries if you post less over the time coming – we will love you still!

    1. Oh yes, you get it. I can’t stress enough to people how much fear I had taking medical classes at the age of 43. My first anatomy/physiology class I had a panic attack halfway through and came very close to running out of class crying. Thanks for the comments and I will blog again, I just need to give myself a break for the summer mostly.

  20. No. Nuh uh. I refuse to believe that I have known you so long that you started out as a stay at home mom, went back to school, and are already graduating from said school in that amount of time. That would say something about my age that I am not prepared to face. So, nope. Not happening. La la la la la.

    And also . . . it was Ghandi. Not Oprah. Pretty common mistake.

    Congrats to all of it!! You are amazing and wonderful, but you know that because you’ve already told yourself that a bunch of times today, right? If not, I know of a young punk boy who thinks of you as his baby baby baby oh baby that would definitely agree with that assessment! 😉

    1. Don’t worry, Misty. You can always say to yourself: “well, at least I’m not as old as DARLA.” To me, you’re still a spring chick.

      And you’re right it was Ghandi. My bad.

      (and curse you for putting that infernal song in my head now…) ❤

  21. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! I’m hoping that when you go to work you’ll still have time to write. Parrot or no, I do enjoy a laugh and your honesty and wit hit the right spot.

  22. What a great post. I am new to blogging and can totally relate to this. I was the shy girl in high school too and am very private. Opening up here and feeling the thrill of receiving a like or a comment has been so validating to me. Thanks for such a relatable, inspiring post! 🙂

  23. Graduating already?? Where the eff have I been? Congratulations on the anniversary and on the graduation, but not in that order. (Seriously. Mad props on the graduation front!)

  24. ermigal

    Funny, funny, funny post, Darla! You have such a fluid way with humor and so glad to have “ridden” (yes, it’s a word but it does sound funny) with you for awhile. Laughter keeps us going in this crazy world, no? How exciting to be graduating–I can relate, went back to school at 40 also. I know you’ll make the patients feel comfortable and relaxed, making them easier to poke, prick and prod.
    Someone, please enter the word “thass” in the online dictionary for new words (in one of the comments)–I heard it here first! (I entered “thongage” for thong underwear that shows, but nothing came of it. No fame and fortune.)
    Hope you’ll squeeze in a post once in awhile! All the best in your new career. 🙂

    1. Without humor I would die. It’s really all I have lately to get me through. And good for you for going back to school at 40!

      I cannot believe the word “thass” doesn’t exist. I will use it all day now with the hopes it’ll catch on.

  25. singleworkingmomswm

    OMG! The time has flown (since I’m not the one in school), and you are ALREADY graduating???!!!! That is awesomeness in it’s purest form. Awesome because you went back and conquered. Awesome because you made the Dean’s List. Awesome because you did it while take care of a family and home, which is hard enough all by itself. Awesome because you still found time to make us all giggle, twitch, and laugh our own thigh/ass masses off! You rock, Darla-bear, and you are my blogging hero. One who has a gazillion followers and still takes time for us little ones, responding to each and every comment. There are not many like YOU! Love you, hugs to you, and big time congrats on becoming a needle-poking specialist. I think you’ll like ultrasounding better-I know I would, so great choice. I’ll be here to read and laugh whenever you post. XOXO-Kasey

    1. Aw, thank you! I knew you’d get what it’s like to be a mom and doing everything else that’s expected of us at home plus other responsibilities. I was so overwhelmed so many times. I would have a good cry, panic a little, tell my husband I was quitting school. Then suck it up and start again the next day.

      I just remember how blessed I am in so many ways in my life. I have two amazing beautiful kids, I have a family. I have friends who support me. I can do anything really, I just have to break through my fears. Your posts are always so positive and uplifting, so thank YOU for that.

  26. i love that you feel as comfortable telling yourself to shut up as you do telling us. Congrats on everything – the degree, the blogging, the you. i agree with so much. i still don’t know exactly what i’m doing with blogging but it’s given me so much – confidence, creativity, purpose. i’m feeling all warm and fuzzy now. oh, shut up. 🙂

    1. Yes, after four years of blogging I feel like you can never tell yourself or everyone else to shut up enough times. God it feels good!! So liberating.

      It’s amazing how much more confident I am now and I do contribute that to rediscovering my creative side through writing and interacting with all of you guys.

  27. Congratulations Darla! What an achievement!
    We’ll miss you around these hallowed halls. Don’t be a stranger.
    I gotta believe you’ll have all kinds of blog fodder in your line of work! “No ma’am. You’re not constipated. Your 8 months pregnant…”

  28. I feel much the same way. I remember when I first started this blog on a whim because of things that were happening around the office. I remember how fun it was to actual publish things on the internet that you wrote. And when I finally figured out how to get on reader and follow other bloggers, when I finally got some readership. Regardless of how many readers I ultimately have, it is just about the writing.

    1. That’s exactly it, Ben. In some ways, I’m the same exact person I was when I wrote my first post and had two followers. I just wanna write because I love it and have fun doing it. It makes me happy. The rest is gravy.

  29. “maybe someone out there gets me.” There’s the magic. Now if they don’t get you, you can jab them in a vein. Go get ’em, Darla, then come back to gloat.

  30. Reading your blog, I always got the impression that you had your act together. You may not feel that way, but that’s how it comes across.

    And they gave you atomic wedgies? I almost admire the little a-holes. Those are tough to manage.

    1. say what?? Act together? Me? Wow, I must be a damn good writer to pull off that illusion. No, seriously, I’m actually FINALLY getting my shit together and it’s a long time coming. I’ve always been a late bloomer.

  31. Congratulations on your blogaversary and your graduation. I’m so, so proud of you for taking life by the balls and twisting, hard. I have no idea what that means, but it’s a compliment.

    Darla, you were born to write. It makes my heart sad and sorry to think of NOT having your java-sipping self showing up in my Reader all the time, heralding another great post. But I know you better than you know yourself. Even though you’re busier than a one-armed paper-hanger, you’ll be back. Because you need this.

    I am honored to have gotten to know you through the years; you are a true friend who makes my day just a bit brighter.

    Have to go because I can’t see the screen through the tears streaming down my face…mixed with parrot shit.

    1. And I will twist those balls until my dying day, Pegoliciousness (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type out)

      Don’t be sad! Oh no, I will not have that at all. First of all, I will write for sure. I’m going to be working on my breakthrough award-winning screenplay this summer.

      Secondly, I do need this, dammit. So I will just have to blog much less. I’m sure most readers will be thrilled with that. One less thing to read in between their YouTube videos of babies and cats.

      Thirdly, I love you. You are a true friend. Getting to know stellar peeps like yourself is what makes blogging worthwhile.

      Fourthly, call me. Or I’ll call you. And we’ll play phone tag again. I will have weekends off so if you’re bored and drinking wine and would love to chat it up, (like Billy Crystal sang in When Harry Met Sally) “just call me…don’t be afraid to just phone moi….call meee and I’ll be aro-ounnnnnnd…”

      1. Does it mean anything that as soon as I read the first 4 words, “like Billy Crystal sang..” my brain started singing that “just call moi” bit automatically? It’s what my husband calls “the joys of recognition.”

  32. Congratulations, Darla. I am following your blog since the day I started blogging. And I have seen you making your readers both laugh and emotional with your words and thoughts. I am not sure how many times, I have used the word “Awesome” to comment on your posts. 🙂 And honestly, I have no doubt that the writing journey for you holds plenty of achievements and moments of success.

  33. I’ve been absent from my blog (and yours) lately. As another semester comes to an end (THANK GOD) I will hopefully find my way back around. All the best to you on your internship.

  34. You are AMAZING! The way you write is so natural and funny and you deserve all this love and encouragement 🙂 Congratulations on your graduation and on doing the impossible and overcoming your insecurities. You rockkk!

  35. You’re welcome! I mean, I’ve only read your blog like twice now, but you’re very welcome for that support. 🙂 Good luck on your next venture. That’s truly something!

  36. Congratulations, Darla, on your accomplishments: graduating as a medical assistant and on your 4th blog-o-versary in entertaining your readers. I’ve enjoyed your posts and look forward to more. 😉

  37. Congrats on your blog-aversary and your graduation! *sending cyberhugs* 😀 Have fun sticking people with needles… wait, that sounds wrong… 😛

  38. post by post and the years seem to have ticked away productively for you! what i found most inspiring was that your blog gave you confidence in other areas of your life. becoming an ultrasound tech is amazing! i briefly thought of that once, got all excited, until i looked up how many years of study it would take…and it all stopped there.
    i feel like blogging is doing something when you don’t know what else to do and i’m still waiting for it to lead to some great epiphany about the direction i should take!

    1. Haha! Yes, I looked into getting my degree in radiology but it was a long program with a 2 year wait. But there is another program specifically for sonography that is still intense, but only 18 months long. Hell, I already have a bachelor’s and associate’s, might as well, go back for more. (I must be insane)

      As for blogging, yeah, I have no clue what I’m doing or where it will all lead. I’m hoping it leads to big bucks as a reality TV star.

  39. “I was a stay-at-home mom feeling like I had lost touch with the world. Like I had lost my identity along the way.” Ah, yes … Me too. Only, I first started the blogging thing ten years ago, just after child number 1.

    Kept going till last year, when I wiped the lot and started again afresh, after child number 2.

    Nobody told me you can lose touch with the world and lose your identity TWICE, for goodness sake! Universe, I’m putting in a complaint!

    1. Ah! Yeah, I might lose my identity a few more times in my life, who knows? Just gotta keep trying to find myself over and over again. That is great you got to start fresh with the blog again. I toyed with the idea of starting a completely new blog under a different name. I still might do that.

      1. I actually kept my original blog name and identity from way back. I was deliberating for WEEKS whether to go for a different name but I ended up sticking with my old name. Out of sheer laziness. I mean, how lovely and short is my URL, It’s kind of hard to find six letter domain names (and accompanying gmail address) nowadays, but mine date back to 2004. Lazy? Never! Just efficient 😉

  40. Darla, I still hear people who dismiss blogging as something real writers would never do. You’ve been proving for four years that those people have no idea what they’re talking about. It’s been fun — and inspiring — to watch your growth, and to read your incredible writing. Thank you for opening up your home. We’re not strangers anymore.

    But what’s a Shar Pei?

    1. Thank you! And you have always been so encouraging with your sincere and positive comments, Charles.

      As for Shar Pei, I thought it was one of those permanent markers my daughter likes to use to write her name all over my good kitchen table, but after googling it to figure out the correct spelling, now I’m still not sure what it is. But I do know my face is basically a road map now.

  41. about100percent

    Ah, I’m sad that you’re taking a break – you are truly hilarious and a bright spot in my day. Good luck in your new adventure.

  42. Ah just came across your blog today and read a couple of your posts on gender stereotypes and blogging and wanted to say I found them so so funny! I love the bit about hating clothes and shops and hair haha I wish I could be more like that sometimes! (It all feels like a bit of a waste of time..) (I read once that “androgynous” people have the healthiest minds.. Or something along those lines..)
    Also love your complete honesty in the blogging post, very refreshing! Sorry what a long comment haha

  43. Darla, many congratulations on your 4 year blogging anniversary — and even more SUPER congratulations on graduating with high honors! I am so happy for you! You did it!!! 🙂

    I’m glad to have gotten to know you through our blogs these past few years. Every time I took a blogging break (or left my blog and started a new one entirely), you were always there to welcome me back. Many of your posts are lodged in my brain, and I think about them from time to time. Many made me laugh, a few brought tears — and to me, those two things are the mark of a great writer. I’m glad you’re here, and I’m so excited for you as you begin this next phase of your life!

  44. Wow, congrats! I love how blogging has changed things in your life. Also I love your style of writing. Blogging has opened a few doors for me as well and helped feed a creative need I had due to a lack of time to pursue acting. It’s truly the best, and scariest thing I’ve done in a while! And yea, the trepidation? And then the confidence in posting? I feel both, sometimes about the same post!

  45. Your post was very good and sound so much like me in some ways. Thank you for posting this post it help me have confidence. Since I too really have no idea what I am writing about on here. Good luck and hope all goes well and you many great blessings.

  46. Weird Guy With The Dog

    Yes, yes..I’m a little late to the party. But OMG! LMAO! Atomic wedgies! I remember those days, tucking them down so low to avoid the grab. Talk about carpenter crack!

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