The One About Sex That Should Have Been Freshly Pressed

Hey, gang!

I know you all love some good blogging tips. Here’s one:

Just put the words SEX and FRESHLY PRESSED in the title, sit back and watch the stats soar!

Sure, you might attract the wrong kind of hits, but such is life in this crazy mixed-up bloggy shizz-bizz we all groove in, ya dig? (I have no idea what I just said.)

All of this sexy and Freshly Pressed excitement is due to one person; a certain Wordsmith/Bloggess Extraordinaire over at one of the funniest blogs on WordPress:
Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings. She is so good at the writing craft, (her own blog Freshly Pressed more times than I can count) I’m busting out semicolons to impress her; I don’t think I’m succeeding.

Peg is currently running a brilliant guest blogger series, a spin-off on Freshly Pressed, called THIS One Should Have Been Freshly Pressed. It spotlights those posts some of us thought were blog gold the FP Gods would smile down on–only to be cruelly ignored by the O Mighty Smiters of WordPress. Well, you guys can smote me no more, my post is now featured as Freshly Pegged!


My post was all about sex. Yeah, I actually wrote about my own personal, sometimes pathetic, always hilarious sexual experiences.  I know. Why it wasn’t Freshly Pressed, I’ve no idea. (I suspect my husband bribed them.)

So click here —-> on Peg’s Freshly Pegged–She’s A Maineiac post and read “A Brief History of Sex (According to Me)” and leave a comment.Please, keep it PG-13 tops. Thanks!  And I do believe I’ve broken a world record for mentioning the words Freshly Pressed the most times in one post.

49 thoughts on “The One About Sex That Should Have Been Freshly Pressed

    1. Pegolegisciousness, no YOU are the bomb-diggidy-giggidy-doo. Thanks for coming up with such a brilliant idea. And we really do have an epic bloggy friendship. To think it all started at Greatsby’s caption contest! The one he totally abandoned. (shaking head) Well, I certainly hope your blog doesn’t attract TOO many freaky-deaky search engine terms although it’s inevitable.

  1. How can something so basic be SO complicated? Theoretically, everything beyond “Insert Tab A into Slot B” should just be bonus, but instead that’s where it turns into advanced engineering.

  2. I personally think being Freshly Pegged is the greater honor (says the blogger who gave up on dreams of being Freshly Pressed ages ago–I’m not bitter). Heading over to read about sex now. 😉

  3. I remember this one so well — and not simply because I just retread it over at Peg’s!

    Congratulations on being Freshly PEGGED. A greater honor indeed!

  4. Another brave post! So often, I think bloggers are afraid to broach this subject. And yet, we can all relate to trying to find our groove again after having kids. A few years back, a pastor from Florida issued a 30-day sex challenge to all married couples. My husband keeps asking me when I’ll be ready to play along? 🙂

      1. Sounds like a good time! I’m guessing after that sermon, church attendance dropped dramatically. Most of the couples were probably at home frantically working on the 30-day challenge!

  5. singleworkingmomswm

    Oh, gosh, I LOVED that sex post! Sex post? What the heck is that?! LOL! Congrats on being Freshly Pegged! Love it! XOXO-SWM

  6. How do they even decide what deserves to be Freshly Pressed? The one of mine that they picked isn’t really one of my favorites. I don’t get it. Off to read about your sex life… 😉

  7. I remember this one! Definitely FP-worthy. Anything that crosses my personal “never talk about this topic online” boundary is worthy of accolades. 🙂

  8. It’s a wonder that humans have survived. If the cavemen and women had as much angst about sex as we did, it might not have happened. BTW – I think all of your posts are FP worthy – just saying.

  9. I really believe that someday there will be an award named after you. Movies will still have the Oscar, television will have the Emmy, and blogging will have the Darla.

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