Mom For Hire

The following post I wrote over three years ago and I’m reposting it because I have little time to write lately. In case you’re wondering the snow in Maine finally melted so I’m spending every waking moment outside.  Plus I’m tired. So damn tired. Happy Mother’s Day! OBJECTIVE            To prove that when you notice the huge 10… More Mom For Hire

Mishmash Monday

Hello there! How the hell are you? Just a friendly message letting you all know I can’t write anymore. No, wait! Don’t leave me! Come back! This is serious! I got nuthin’! My bloggy well ran dry. My bloggy liquor cabinet has been emptied. My bloggy fridge has nothing but a half-drunk bottle of PBR and my bloggy pantry is… More Mishmash Monday

Why I Should Be On Survivor

Originally posted on The Nudge Wink Report:
Survivor kicked off it’s 30th season last month with Worlds Apart set off the coast of Nicaragua. Once again I was glued to the TV like a contestant’s soggy underwear to their nether regions in the sweltering tropical heat. A few Mainers have competed on the show over the years, with one actually winning the…