Yo! Another vlog up in the hizzle!

(Sorry, I know, that is the worst title for a post ever…I’m trying to increase my readership levels for the 18 to 22 year old crowd. I may have managed to alienate a few instead.)

I haven’t done a vlog in eons. Well since here.  Elyse from FiftyFourandAHalf posted a little tagging Q&A thing so I thought I’d do another one because I am much too lazy to type it all out or write it in my little notebook.

The first video is just a little ‘hey, how’s it going?’ blurb. Enjoy.

This next one is a two-parter. A real nail-biter. You might even say a cliffhanger.

72 thoughts on “Yo! Another vlog up in the hizzle!

  1. Hey – where’s the end of this vlog? The hizzle ended with a fizzle, fo’ shizzle.

    I did not know all those fascinating things about you, Darlita, like that you can lift up just one eyebrow like Mr. Spock. I ALWAYS wanted to do that, and used to try to lift one up while holding the other down so I could train them to go that way. Didn’t work.

    It’s really bugging me that the lone, black sock out in the hallway isn’t hanging in it’s rightful place on the new, elliptical clothes hanger.

      1. … wait a minute, Peg. Do you think I’m funny? How do you think I’m funny?What do you think I am? a clown? Am I here to amuse you? Is that what I am to you? a f***ing clown?

        Because you’d be right.

    1. I do that? I never noticed. Mr. Spock is pretty cool I guess.

      And those are my shoes, not my socks. And yes they look huge on this video. I wear a size 9. But now that is all I can see.

      I would have posted the next part of the video but it’s just loading now on youtube. I know it’s riveting. I’m sorry I left you hanging. Who was on the phone? Will they tell me to move the shoes or the webcam over? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out.

      1. Hey Darla, Tag, you’re stalked! (BTW, I’ve never seen Goodfellas because I am like a little 5-year-old girlie when it comes to anything violent, creepy or horror-filled. I only watch movies about rainbows and unicorns. Kidding, but not by much.)

      2. No, I’m working. Pretty soon I’ll clock out for lunch, so I have to do all my comments quickly before I’m on my own time.

        It’s funny you should mention Reese’s (at least in other comments). On Sunday I had a munchie-meltdown, after being good for so long. I stopped and got a bag of chips, a bag of cheap chocolate eggs (yuck), and 2 Reese’s eggs. I had them finished before I got home.

        That may have been a tactical error, because now all I can think of is buying more, more, MORE Reese’s eggs.

      3. Huh?….(lips smacking) Wha?….(more slobbering and chewing)

        Sorry, but this peanut butter egg I’m eating right now is so ginormous and sinfully delicious. I just may have to sign off wordpress so I can eat the rest of the 10 pound bag I have sitting on my lap.

  2. Loved seeing you and hearing you talk. Blogs are such fun. I have an iPad with a good camera and easy recording, and it’s supposed to a cinch to upload the video to YouTube, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    1. Do it, Susan. It really is easy. I do get impatient waiting for a short little video to upload to youtube, but if I can do it, anyone can. I have a few more vlog gems ready for tomorrow (just thought I’d warn you) This is further proof that I will do anything to get out of actually writing something.

  3. Cliff hanger indeed. I forgot Jason Bateman was on Little House! And I have no idea on the other show you mentioned, but thanks for having faith in me. I loved him as Ricky’s jerky best friend (Derek?) on Silver Spoons.

    Aw, this video only leaves me sad that we can’t go grab a beer together (I think I originally said coffee, but today I need a beer). My husband just told me yesterday that I need to read a story on video at least once but I think I’d be terrified that it’d feel too much like public speaking and I’d wet myself. Although, you all wouldn’t know it if I did.

    1. We all watch Little House all the time (my husband is a bigger fan than even me) so I remember the young Jason. I loved Silver Spoons! Oh, if only I could have one of those giant trains to transport me around the house now.

      Yes, we should go out and grab a beer. Sounds perfect. Half a beer into it and I just may twirl a baton for Peg and videotape it.

      You really, REALLY should read a story out loud–at least do a little podcast of your voice. Or–invest in a discreet little catheter and do a vlog.

    1. I do like cats, I do. I’ve had three and they were all wonderful. Dogs are just infinitely better, that’s all.

      I still have my treadmill. It came crawling back and I banished it to the dark hallway next to the utility room. Maybe it’ll learn its lesson there.

  4. Hi,
    It was great to see you in the video, talking to all of us, good on you for doing this. Who was the person that interrupted, making that phone call, bad timing indeed. 🙂
    Oh and nice shoes. 🙂

  5. I never stopped laughing through this and got told off as I ruined the end of Super 8 or something, and my cat’s giving the laptop a dirty look, she’s not said anything in defence her species though, maybe she does know….

  6. Point of clarification … your husband looks like Will and not Grace. Thanks for that.
    I cannot believe you have not seen M*AS*H OR Mary Tyler Moore. Crazy.
    Priceless ending. Price.Less. (Who called? Was it your publishing agent perhaps?)

    The first video was hysterical if only for your slow-pace and mono-tone. I loved it. You would have been a ringer for the movie Airplane! A ringer, Darla. For certain.

    1. Well Grace was kinda manly. So it really could’ve gone either way. (that was another show I have never seen)

      Slow pace and monotone? That was me at my most animated, too. Damn. I blame it on the lingering nyquil effects. Or and it is hard to talk to yourself for five straight minutes. Ad libbing ain’t my bag, baby.

      1. Aw – Will & Grace wa one of my favorite shows! Karen and Jack are rediculous funny 😀 Never can find it now, though. Sadness…

        Don’t you know I get caught up in a few projects and crafts, miss my blog post updates, and miss all of these Vlogs and posts of yours? HuRumph. That shoe definitely does deserve it’s own blog – or at least a Facebook page. Then I have to wonder, what ads will it have specially selected for it ?

      1. Oh my god, your lines make me laugh so hard, Christy! Size 10 canoes ARE NOT where it’s at…I will have you know that my size 9 narrows are totally where it’s at…well, not really. But we all know where my shoes are at, like a big giant blackhole up at the top of the screen, sucking eveyone’s attention away from my vlog that I suffered blood, sweat and tears to bring to you all. sniff sniff

  7. If I hold my breath until I turn blue, will you finish this?

    I am not sure you are quite human having never seen either M*A*S*H or Mary Tyler Moore. Or maybe you are just waaaaaaay younger than I am. Sigh.

    But seriously, you chose a kid over a dog?

    Perhaps the most important question is to ask if you have a thing about catheters. After all you made this recommendation to Angie: “Or–invest in a discreet little catheter and do a vlog.” Sounds painful and intrusive. Please don’t let the Virginia State Legislator know the details because they might just make those of us NOT looking for abortions undergo catheter insertions if we happen to have webcams on our computers.

    Thanks for answering my questions in such an amusing way. Well, some of them anyw–

    1. Yeah, you know, whenever things get crazy or stressful, my husband always looks at me, shrugs and says, hey–I wanted a dog.

      Now are you saying I only answered some of them amusingly or that I only answered some of them, period. Both would be true, I guess.

      1. No, you got interrupted, it wasn’t a commentary.

        My husband is horribly allergic to dogs. I had one when we started dating, and it was too bad then, and it remains too bad. I’ve only lived without a dog for about 1 year total in my life. I can’t do it. John sniffles a lot. It’s a sign of love. Of course if it were my kid, it would be different.

  8. Hi Darla, I just caught up on your vlogs — this one and the one from back in some earlier month (don’t make me think, it’s past 8pm), and they are great! What fun. It’s like we’re getting together over coffee or something, only, I don’t drink coffee, and you’d be pretty rude for doing all the talking. 🙂

    What a treat to see shoe — I mean, you — on the video. (Sorry, I read the other comments and couldn’t resist.)

    And that was a great piano song! Though since you didn’t move the camera, I have to wonder if that was you, or maybe you had someone else stand in. Hmmm. I took piano lessons right through high school. Though today, you’d never know it. I worked so hard! And now it’s all gone to the nether reaches of my mind. Why is it that we forget things we’ve learned? A teacher once told me that if you forget something, it means you never really learned it in the first place.

    Yikes. I must have the IQ of a gnat.

    1. God, y’know, I really should have been drinking coffee the entire vlog. Whenever I paused to take a sip, it would have added just the right amount of drama.
      That was not me on the piano, I had a piano player on standby ready to jump in with a song at the right moment. Okay, that was me on the piano. I taught myself how to play when I was around 10. I never took a lesson (my mom and my gram both played piano) The great thing about playing piano is I quickly learned the second I sat down at the keys, my brothers would run away screaming. That was the extra incentive I needed to keep practicing.

      1. Wow, you are amazing. I can’t teach myself anything. I like to think that I have a passable amount of intelligence, but then too often I find myself in the grocery store asking, “Where’s the mayonnaise?”

        I never get an answer. Why? Because it’s always right behind me and the salse clerk thinks I’m being obnoxious.

        I am super impressed.

      2. Ha ha! I do the same thing with the mayo.

        Thanks, but don’t be too impressed. I spent years banging out crappy-sounding little tunes. Trying to figure out the notes. I knew how to read music from singing in chorus all throughout school so that helped. I did try to take actual lessons once I reached college and started playing more difficult classical music, but they were taught by this tiny Japanese woman who used to hit my fingers with her rolled-up sheet music. “MORE FEELING!” she’d yell at me. So I quit. Oh well! I can play Mozart and Chopin in the privacy of my own home. Wish I still had my mom’s real piano though.

        I bet you still can play piano! It really never leave you. My fingers aren’t as young and can get stiff but I need to practice more.

  9. Wow, it has been a very long time since I’ve heard anyone mention H.R. Pufnstuf… How cool to see you and hear you. Brave too. I’m not sure I’d want to do a vlog, even if I could figure out how. I saw the shoes, by the way, but decided to ignore them in favor of your riveting commentary. 🙂 Funny, as always.

    1. Thanks, Jeannette. I’m not sure I want to do a vlog again. It’s just a little bit too much exposure of my teeth and shoes. My husband looked exactly like Jimmy on HR Pufnstuf. And, strangely enough, my husband’s name is Jimmy.

  10. You tried one more new thing with your blog. You are an really innovative person Darla. Keep on changing the blogging trends. We will all follow you. I hope before anyone else, you must add such a video to your about me page. Because I am sure after going through this post, lots of people must be planning to add such a video clip to their about me page.
    Darla one more thing, I need to thank you for something. I do not know why, but today when I visited your Fav blogs page, I saw mine in that list. I never told you that, but few week’s earlier when I first time visited that page; I saw mine is not their among so much wonderful blogs. I was little bit sad, as I could not be part of that list; But now I am having a feeling I achieved something. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure many people will do a vlog. Actually, I think after watching mine, they will definitely never do one.

      Yes, my blogroll needed some serious updating. I am so lazy with the linking so I finally got around to adding lots more people.

  11. Ah shucks how nice to finally meet you Darla, you’re so comfortable in front of the camera, and as Melissa said, it feels as though we’re in the room with you.
    The shoe – I thought it was part of the gag and you were going to get up and trip on it and the car on the carpet behind you.
    Nice piano music. Mr F’s sitting in the room with me and he also complements you.

    1. I wish you guys were in the room with me so you could have kicked the shoes out of view. Yes, the pink car behind me was a close call. I am quite the klutz on a good day, Rosie. I’m happy Mr. F enjoyed my quick little piano ditty. One of the few pieces I can play by memory.

  12. “…I looked down and my thighs were still there,” HAHAHAHA I died. And your review of Les Mis was perfect. I saw that on Broadway in 7th grade and was bored to tears (I WISH my crush was two rows ahead)! Can’t wait to check out the conclusion!! 🙂

    1. I don’t remember anything from the show. Also, the boy I liked never turned around even once even though my eyes were practically boring holes into the back of his skull with the intense lazer beams.

  13. After your cats-and-dogs verdict, I was sure you were going to say Cats was your favorite Broadway show. Very brave of you to trash Les Miserables, by the way, and even braver of you to pronounce the title on video. I love these vlogs, Darla. Keep them coming.

    1. I was so close to calling it LeS MiserableS. Guess those four years of French paid off? (or did I not pronounce it correctly? I can’t remember…hehe) By the way, good to see you, Charles. Your latest cat/spaghetti post had me actually wanting to make sauce from scratch. You are good!

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